Base Building Week 2 (76 miles)

This became another week of quality training.  I haven’t gone 2 for 2 since the summer. 

Monday: 11 outdoor, easy recovery  
Tuesday: 12.3 outdoor easy recovery  
Wednesday: 11.55 Treadmill Progressive (8:14 pace overall) Nike Training club Abs
Thursday: OFF NTC Abs+Arms
Friday: 12.4 miles (8:34 pace) with Tim NTC abs
Saturday: 16.5 miles 7:50 pace with Greta and Meghan  
Sunday: 12 miles recovery P90x
Total: 76 miles  


It started off with recovery runs after my race last week.  I wasn’t unusually sore but I was sore and I definitely knew that it worked muscles my legs were not used too.

I was able to get outdoors Monday and Tuesday and for the most part both runs were uneventful.  They were just east recovery runs.

On Wednesday, the weather prevented me from going outdoors.  When I first got on the treadmill I decided I was going to do a hill workout.  Around 8 minutes into the run I was not feeling it so I went to a normal (for me) 1.0% incline.  Around 15 minutes the treadmill shut off randomly.  Within the first 15 minutes I had lost all motivation to run.  After restarting the treadmill, I realized I felt pretty good so ended up doing a progressive run.

Thursday I decided to rest.  I wasn’t feeling as if I desperately needed a rest day but wanted a day for myself. In my training this Spring I want to take a rest day most weeks whether or not I have a race.

Friday I had the rare opportunity to run with Tim so we did a nice and easy shakeout run. Saturday I went up to Princeton to run with one of my Oiselle teammates Greta and Meghan.  I was a little bit nervous because I knew the pace would be moving (for me) but it ended up going by really quickly.  Princeton is a lot hillier then Browns Mills so I was happy to be able to get some hills in too.  It was definitely a run that put me outside my comfort zone (speed wise and with the hills) but it was a run that made me stronger.

Success. Myself, Greta, Meghan.

Sunday (today) I plan to do a nice shakeout and easy run.

Cross training/core:

I’ve been actually doing it and I’m proud of myself for that.  My core has been feeling stronger. Nike training club is still my favorite (free) app for core workouts.

Next week:

I hope to get in about the same amount of mileage.  I am running the Virginia is for Lovers 14k back in VA Beach on Sunday.  Living about 5-6 hours from VA Beach now there are a few races I will drive back down for.  The majority are run by J&A Racing (the directors of the very well known Shamrock).  I always enjoy driving down to VA and seeing my friends as well as their well put together runs so I’m rather excited.

Finally, please vote to send me to Napa Valley.  There are 2 weeks left in the contest and every vote counts. 

Questions for you:

Would you rather run hills or a speed workout?

What was your favorite/best workout of the week? 

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  1. My best workout of the week was probably my Tuesday speedwork. I would rather do speedwork than hills but we don’t really have hills here so we run in parking garages instead (sprint uphills, recover on the downhills and between garages). I’m glad you had some good workouts and hope you have a good time at your race, a 14K sounds like a fun distance to race 🙂

  2. Great week! I’d rather run hills for sure. No fantastic workouts this week due to a minor injury but hoping for some renewed energy next week after several days of cross training 🙂

      1. I’m an idiot and ran on icy roads and slipped and smacked my toe against a concrete block. Broke the pinky toe, but it’s apparently not a big deal. They said stay off it for 7-10 days and then I can run and it will heal itself. So a few more days of bike/swim left.

  3. Your quality week looks QUALITY hehe couldn’t help myself lala… but seriously that’s amazeballs… I really have to start converting kms into miles though… I think it’s double kms… Oh oh and I will be sending you a meso later as I have a question about going over there in Fall (super nervous) also now I’m confused and thought you may be able to help, your system is so different to ours! End of ramble hehe I know you missed me! 😛

  4. Great week! I love speed work! I love being challenged! I remember seeing you at Allen Stone Run-Swim-Run! I’ve always been a swimmer but training hard at running now, so inspired reading your blog! 🙂

  5. Looks like a great week of training – and good luck at your race! My week was pretty tough – I started with 20 on Monday and after taking Friday off, ran 24 yesterday. I usually don’t take two days off so close, but I think 24 yesterday might warrant it! Great interval run on Thursday made it all worthwhile!

  6. I would prefer to do hills because it’s better for trail racing, but my coach prefers me to do speed work…we’ll see how it pans out.

    In an ideal week I’d like to do both!

  7. Impressive mileage for six days. What kind of mileage are you planning on peaking at during your base?

  8. Voted! Sounds like a great week. I’m working on building mileage at the moment, but also had a great Bikram yoga class yesterday!

  9. My goodness! 76 miles is your base building period? You ma’am, are a beast! 🙂 Great job.
    1.) The way I see it, hills are speed work in disguise. Out of the two, I think I would prefer hills.
    2.) My favorite workout this week was probably my brick workout followed by a bodyweight workout. I got some cycling shoes and this week I am honing in on my bike fit. So it went really well, plus it was something different than running on the treadmill.

    Keep it up and stay injury free! Happy training!
    ~Joshua @ A Runner’s Enduring Excursion

    1. Thank you! I’m generally pretty happy between 70-80 miles which is what I plan to keep out.

      What kind of body weight workout? That sounds rigorous!

      1. That is awesome. I would love to be able to do that amount of mileage per week. I think my biggest problem is that I need to slow down for that amount. Past few times I have trained for a marathon, I have found that ~45-50 is my number with my current pacing around 7:15ish pace. I am sure I would be able to also if I wasn’t doing treadmill runs 24/7. lol.

        Body weight workouts: I like to throw a quick session together whenever I can. I am pretty creative when the time comes to do such a workout. I have tried creating sessions to post on my blog on Wednesdays, but it was harder to come up with. haha. I was looking at your training and saw that you are using the NTC app. I have it on my phone and use to use it a lot. I need to start back at it. Which ones do you enjoy doing?

  10. Wow these numbers are incredible! I’m sure you’ve addressed this in the past but what do you do after your runs to avoid injury? Ice, stretch, foam roll? I always tend to get injured when I start consistently running more than 5 miles at a time. Thanks!

    1. If I can foam roll twice a week, I consider myself pretty successful. I generally stretch at night before bed. Honestly, it has taken me a while to build up to this period and my best recommendation would slowly ease up your mileage. When I first started upping my mileage, I had to definitely let go of pace. Pushing the pace on runs is something that would cause me injury in the beginning! If you have any more questions, feel free to ask away!

  11. Speed workout without a doubt, I have really come to enjoy them! My best workout of the week was an unplanned 6 mile! It I didn’t have to get to work probably would have gone longer!

  12. Amazing week of mileage! I’m happy with whatever miles I can get in these days, but definitely look forward to hitting double digits again on a more regular basis post baby. 🙂

  13. You had some really great runs this week Hollie. I’d much rather do speed workouts than hills, though the routes I run are pretty hilly where I live. I’ve never really liked “formal” speed workouts. My favorites are tempo runs on the treadmill and progressive runs. I also like to use our local weekly 5K races as “practice” runs for goal races.

    Best workout of the week is today’s. Since I’m rehabbing right now today was the first day on the elliptical. I left the gym happy. 🙂

  14. Great week of training Hollie!

    Hmmm, which form of torture do I prefer? Probably hills.

  15. Awesome job (again!) this week! The store is doing a Valentine’s Day run, but it’s definitely closer to four miles, not like your planned 14-K. 😉

  16. I love your hat!!!!! And rest days are always good. I still think they’re super important! I wish I had more people to run with! Luckily my friend’s knee is better so I’m hoping to run with her when it gets nicer! And we’re close to the same pace! I looked at the Nike app and didn’t love it but I think I need to give it another chance cause I hear so many good things about it!

  17. Ummmm Greta and I used to race each other in college! She went to a school about a mile away from mine. Go MIAC… what a small world. I love the NTC app. I need to add some free weights to my workout gear so I can use it more effectively.

  18. Hellz to the yes!!!! All double digit runs…you are my hero!!! And that’s freaking awesome that all three of you could average 7:50 for 16.5 miles. I’m amazed.

  19. I’d rather do a speed workout! I have been doing a lot of hill workouts lately and they are my weakness! I also prefer speed workouts because I can compare my pace easily across workouts – hill repeats are hard to compare since they are easily so different (and always different obviously if you pick a new hill!).

  20. Anothet solid week for Hollie!!! Ummm I’d have to say speed workouts are my favorite but then there is only about 4 hills in Florida hahaha lol 😛 my best workout for last week would have to be I’d say my 13mi long run yesterday my split mark for each mile was 8:46 and I was able to keep around 8:20 comfortably!! A sign that my fitness is starting to return woohoo!

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