Training from January and February Thoughts

I’m a little late since it’s already February 5th but better late then never.  Last month’s training was pretty decent.  After running my first and only marathon (NYC) in November, I finally feel as though I have had a training month that I’m proud of.  January was a good month for me.  I posted that I was going to do a series of 5 dollar 5ks last month and sadly that did not happen.  I did a total of one of those 5ks.  Due to snow, getting the flu, snow and then just choosing a different race, I ended up doing one.  In short, January wasn’t the month I planned for but it wasn’t a bad month either.  I did log quality base building miles.

Despite all of that and getting sick for a few days in mid January I had a great month of training.

Total miles: 288

Total rest days: 7 (a few more then I would have liked)

Total races: 2 (New Year’s Hangover and the Freehold 5k)

Longest run: 15.81

Shortest run: 5k race

Range of pace for runs: 6:18-9:34 (with a bunch of untimed runs too)

Most proud run: Last week’s fast finish 12 miler.  The last 4 miles were at a 6:51 or below pace (overall pace 7:43)

It feels good to finally get in some solid training.  I’ve missed running high mileage and I’ve missed feeling good when I run.   I know I’m not 100% there yet but it feels good to be getting closer.  My goals for February are to do more speed work and prepare for the Shamrock half marathon in March (I’ll be using it at an early base line for a later Spring half, the NJ half…Napa Valley?)

Goals for February:

I hope to run a 300 mile month but since the month is shorter so this will be a bit harder of a task.  I’ll probably take less rest days though (I hope to take 1 a week).  I would like to get in more quality miles and some solid speed work in (in the form of races).  I’ll actually be traveling a bit for two races this month too.   I decided not to even look for a race on Februrary 8th since I didn’t want to race every weekend.

February 2nd (I’m late): I did the Super Hero 4 Miler

Februrary 15th: VA is for Lovers 14k 

February 23rd: Lake Effect Half Marathon 

As you know the Lake Effect half marathon is a huge deal for me!  On Monday we did it.  We raised 2,000 dollars for Ophelia’s Place and Eating Disorder Awareness.  I am overwhelmed and excited.  A single sentence cannot express how I’m feeling.

I enjoy doing monthly recaps because I can see how my training was and where it is going.  I know it’s headed in the right direction, I just wish it was a little bit quicker. 

Please vote for me to go to Napa Valley!  Thank you again for keeping with me and still voting.  We are nearly half way done and holding strong.  One of my good friends said (about life in general) “it’s not over until it’s over”.  Either way I’m enjoying sharing daily memes on my facebook page.  I think that is a positive mentality to have.

Question for you:  How was your training in January?  What are your goals for February?


  1. My training wasn’t really where I wanted it to be but there’s nothing I can do about that now that January is over so I’m just staying positive about February and spending this month focused on loving each run rather than getting all worked up over mileage and pace because I find I eventually settle into speed I’m proud of anyway but stressing over it just delays me and makes me less positive about individual runs in the process. I think a month of optimistic running will restore me before I start my spring half marathons 🙂

  2. Great month Hollie. I would say this was a perfect start to your year coming back after that marathon. Congrats on hitting your goal and I promise I already voted today!

  3. My training was good until I got the flu which really sidelined me for two weeks! Crazy. I signed up for a 100k in March thought so I’ve got to get back on track! Congrats on reaching your fundraising goal – can’t wait to see how the half goes!

  4. awesome job in January! Especially with all the snow! ( I should say I didnt run outside once haha. Im a baby when it comes to the cold though) Here’s to a great Feb!

  5. January is always a bad month for me…I’m suffering the effects of SAD in a bad way and all of my runs tend to be at a really lacklustre pace. Couple that with injury issues and a truly crappy-to-the-point-of-embarassing race and January is a month I’d rather forget.

    All the best for the Lake Effect half – I know how much this means to you and you should be so proud for meeting your goal and raising $2000 😀


    1. I think this winter has been worse then most as far as weather goes too. It wouldn’t be as bad if it was a “normal” weather…in my opinion.

      Thank you Jess for all your support!

  6. ha, this is funny because I just did a training update on my blog today 😛 twinsies…only you ran A LOT more than I did. Going into February, I hope keep laying done some good base miles and then at the end of the month I’m starting my training for my next “goal” half marathon.

  7. What a great month – especially as you weren’t well. I’m so in awe!! My January was a bit ‘bla’ with work travel and a cold, but I’m very optimistic about February!

    I love the idea of the VA race too. What better way to celebrate Valentines Day? My hubs and I did a 10k race on our anniversary cos that’s what all the cool kids do.

    Hope your Feb is off to a great start!

  8. You had a great month and even though February is shorter, I know it will be awesome. Mainly because I get to see you, maybe I’m being selfish but that matters. My goal for Feb is really just to continue ramping up my miles.

  9. Congrats on the successful lake effect campaign hun!! That’s absolutely wonderful 🙂 I wish I was still heading to Shamrock ha, but I’ll hopefully be there next year. January was all about getting my body back on track and then starting again. I’m happy with being able to run 3-4 days a week again and can start building more mileage from here. I’m hoping for a PR at Pittsburgh in the half, but we shall see

  10. Your memes crack me up! I love them! 300 miles a month is crazy. I think you should run across the US! I hope you make it to Napa Valley!!!

  11. Your training is awesome. I think I ran a total of 20 miles in January, haha. That’s ok though. My body needed the break.

  12. Ah, speedwork. We brought it back for the first time this season today. Also, in regard to your training: “I know it’s headed in the right direction, I just wish it was a little bit quicker.” <– This is exactly where I am now too. We know what needs to get done, but this base-building phase is tough!

  13. Geez that’s a lot of miles! My January training was good, my best January ever! Though, it was only slightly more than half the miles you ran. Sheesh!

  14. Yay Hollie! Things are moving in the right direction, you are gonna get there! You are building up the miles, and being as consistent as the weather will let you. That is key for running well. You will be fine, those paces are pretty damn good, and I am excited to see how some of these later races turn out!

    My feburary went good, I had over 300 for Jan, and I am now back up to my usual mileage, my training is finally coming together, ran 5:41 pace for my 6 mile tempo yesterday, feeling good about that! Excited to race soon 🙂 Maybe we can race together sometime this year!

  15. January was not a good running month, but I’m hoping to make Feb better! Holy crap you are FAST! And I’ll be sure to vote for you! 🙂

  16. Excellent training Hollie!!! Soooo you are a 1x 26.2er too eh’ … sweet! January for me was all about getting back to consistent day in, day out training after an up and down summer and fall. My February goals are all about racing with joy and getting my speed back after spending the last year focusing on the marathon and building endurance. I’ll be running my first race after a years abscence from racing Feb. 22nd hoping to put a respectible 5k time and build on things from there. Happy training Hollie, you speedy chica!!! 🙂 RUN FAST!!! RUN FREE!!!

  17. Nice to see you back in the swing of things! I’m still voting daily!
    Good luck with your upcoming races!

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