Existing in Real Life

My 5k last Sunday was cancelled.  I was really irritated at first but then quickly realized it wasn’t a big deal.  I had found out the night before, it was icy and it was not the safest road conditions .  Though I had spent essentally the later half of Saturday resting and relaxing (ie: I literally layed on the sofa for a solid 7 hours watching TV) it wasn’t as if I had been training for any remote amount of time for it.  It was a 5 dollar Winter series 5k.   It would have been a nice and slightly dangerous speed workout but it wasn’t the end of the world.  Oh well we saved ten dollars and a diner meal (let’s be honest) by it being cancelled. 

I do realize bigger races have been cancelled, NYCM in 2012, several Texas and Southern marathons last year due to ice but we as runners must realize that there is a life outside of running.  It stinks when a road race is cancelled or the weather conditions are not optimal.  It also makes you realize that you should be able to have other aspects of life to fall back on.  I’ve always been an avid believer that you cannot put all your marbles into one category.  Whether that is running, your job, a hobby, BLOGGING, you must have other things to fall back on.

First, I cannot fathom training for a marathon only to have it be cancelled.  For that matter I couldn’t fathom training for a half marathon only for it be cancelled.  I am now lucky that there is a 5k almost every weekend somewhere around me so I have multiple options if one or more is cancelled.  I haven’t had that option except for living at home with my parents and honestly it is a great option to have.  For someone who thrives on racing most weekends, I love the opportunity to race multiple times a month (when the wallet allows).

Am I disappointed this particular race was cancelled?

Yes of course but I didn’t let it ruin my day.

This goes along with bad races.  I’ve had my fair share of bad races.  A year ago I ran the distance series and also a 5k that were point blank terrible.  I was pretty heart broken in both cases.  I had put some good training in for both races and either blew up or just had a poor race.  At the time I questioned myself as a runner.  I was upset, devastated and felt terrible for myself.  I threw myself a short lasted pity party post race.  Then I got over it and realized I am a collection of different things.

Now I look back in the last year and see how far I’ve come.  I think it’s important for us as athletes and human beings to realize: yes running is great but it shouldn’t control your every move and emotion.  I know I’ve consistently said that but it something I truly believe.  I believe everyone should have an “outside life” of running and multiple interests.

Questions for you:

Have you ever had a race cancelled?

What are you interested in outside of working out or blogging?

Some interesting things I enjoy doing: painting and sketching, tutoring and looking at high fashion or upcoming styles.  I also like to critique NJ diners but that is another story…