Hollie Jollie Christmas Part 2

This year was my first Christmas spent away from my parents.  It was a big change but they are actually coming up to visit this week to see our new house so I’m excited about that. 

Since Tim’s birthday was on Saturday, we drove over (neither up nor down…just straight across) to PA on Friday afternoon.  We were lucky he had from Friday afternoon to Thursday am off.  (He has to work today).   Anyways we drove to his parent’s house and I always enjoy seeing them and his entire family.  I’m so lucky they are a part of my life as well as his whole family is so caring and welcoming!

He seemed to have a good birthday on Saturday.  We relaxed, hung out, went for a nice (hilly) run and went to a Japanese hibachi/steak house called Aki.  It was good though I was disappointed (I don’t think he was) that people didn’t come obnoxiously sing happy birthday.  They did give him a piece of cheesecake though with a candle.


We spent the next few days preparing for Christmas.  Not doing too much but wrapping presents, going for multiple hilly runs and just hanging out.

At the top of a 1000 foot climb
At the top of a 1000 foot climb

We went for some mountain and hilly runs.  I had a very productive week of running while on vacation.  All of our training runs were filled with hills.  Today is a well deserved rest day.


We sat and drank eggnog in front of the fire.

On Christmas Eve, we all decided to go to White tail mountain for some skiing.  By we, I mean Tim and his father went skiing and his mom and I watched and drank starbucks.  Lord knows I’m clumsy without two sticks attached my feet.  It was a lot of fun watching and hanging out and a great way to spend Christmas Eve.


Christmas was spent enjoying time and being together.  Tim’s sister has recently had a baby and they came over.  She is too adorable.  Speaking of awesome, look at what Tim’s sister made both Tim and I.  How cool are these coffee mugs?

I actually wrote this post in the car ride back to NJ and then posted it when I got home…look at me go using my time wisely.

Questions for you:

How has your Holiday season been?

Was Santa good to you this year?  


  1. The holidays were different this year but that’ll be our new norm, I guess.
    Santa was good to me. I was just happy to spend the time with my family.

  2. Sounds like a nice holiday, Hollie! I’m glad that you are so comfortable with Tim’s family…definitely makes things easier when you have to be away from your own. The holidays at the other end of PA were good…crazy, busy, and exhausting haha…but good. Should have taken a day off today, though…I need a nap like the boys

  3. your pictures are too cute!!!

    My holiday season was exquisite, thank you! 🙂 Friends and relatives visited our house to spend a night or two for the holidays.

    Santa? I don’t know about him but I received a lot of socks this christmas! I love socks!


  4. I’m so glad you had an enjoyable Xmas 🙂

    I nearly had a heart attack when I saw the skiing picture, since knowing your luck you’d end up with a skiing-related injury, so I’m very relieved that you weren’t out on the slopes. I used to love to ski, but I only ever got to ski on dry slopes…I’ve always wanted to have a go on snow, but I’m probably so rusty now that I’d be considered a safety hazard to everyone else. Plus I’d imagine I’d manage to fracture something or other 😛

  5. It’s great to hear Tim’s family is so welcoming. Spending the holidays away from the ‘rents sounds tough, and having another family hopefully made it a little easier. I’m finally back in NYC, but wishing I had a few more days at home–it passed by so quickly!

  6. I’m glad that you had a good Christmas, despite not being able to spend it with your parents. I’ve spent all my Christmases with my parents as well, so it’s hard to imagine being without them around the holidays. But at least you’ll get to see the soon.

    PS – The mugs are missing 😛

  7. I’m so jealous to see you running in shorts and a tank! Holidays were good, first without my brother (he was with my sister in law) so definitely a tinge of weird. Good to hear you’ll see the fam this week too!

  8. What a fun week! I can’t believe you (and I) were running in shorts in December!

    Where are these coffee mugs you speak of?

  9. I’m so glad you had a great time with Tim’s family. I love that they are so welcoming to you, Im sure that made Christmas away from your family a little easier. I miss you a ton, I hope you know that. Next time I see you we might have to sing Christmas songs so I can feel like I spent the holidays with you.

  10. Looks like so much fun! Santa was definitely good to our family this year, we had a great Christmas!

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