2013: January through June

The end of December only means one thing for blogging.  Time to reflect upon the year and see how you have changed (or not) and the excitement of your life.  I can honestly say 2013 was the most crazy year of my life.  Pictures seem to be more interesting then random musings so where we go. Like last year I broke this up into two posts since I need more content and long posts are boring. 


I began my New Years running the Hair of the Dog 5k in a prom dress.  YAY!  (you are supposed to wear last night’s outfit)


I worked in Oswego.  (It was cold and snowy)


Awe I miss you Danielle!
Awe I miss you Danielle!


I ran 18 miles with Laura.

I ran the Lake Effect half marathon and met Heather. (and froze!)



I had my first half marathon of the year, Shamrock!

This is from last year when I realized I was about to PR.
This is from last year when I realized I was about to PR.
This is probably the reason my legs locked up post race.
This is probably the reason my legs locked up post race.


I had my current half marathon PR: Nike Women’s half!


Was this the month I ran 20 with you Laura?  I feel like it was my first 20 miler in my life too.

I think this was from that day.  I remember wearing this dingy jacket and complaining about it a lot.
I think this was from that day. I remember wearing this dingy jacket and complaining about it a lot.


I had one last ho-rah with Heather and Laura at a 5k.


I moved home with my parents.

I broke my first tape in a race.



I worked anywhere from 50-75 hours weekly.  It was awful but I needed to save a good amount of money because of my unsuspecting future.  (Which I needed for sure!).  Sadly I’m not one to take selfies at work.   This was the boring month.  The first half of my year seems pretty tame compared to the second half.

Questions for you: Tell me something about your first 6 months of 2013. 

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  1. Congrats on having so many great running accomplishments in the first half of 2013! This year was the first time that I ran two half marathons in one year – March and May. I also PR’d in both of them and it felt great to finally have my hard work pay off.

  2. Crazy to think that some of this was almost a year ago already–it all goes so fast!
    2013 was incredibly uneventful…my highlight was getting my knee all injured. if you can count 30 stitches and crutches a highlight 😉

  3. All your pics are so cute! You always look like you are enjoying them, sometimes I don’t do that enough and get too serious! I need to take a lesson from you 🙂

  4. What an awesome first half of the year for you!
    I was able to set new PRs in the 10-miler and half in first half of the year.

  5. Great to see those fun pics again. Your 2013 has been a pretty eventful one! For me, my job dominates the first 5 months of the year, although running certainly provides a balancing effect. The first half of this year was about a course correction on what running means to me. Four years ago, I was just about to run my first marathon (Rock ‘N’ Roll Arizona), and it has been a pretty wild ride ever since. April and May 2013 presented me with opportunities that running is not about PR’s and adherence to training programs. I’m not a professional runner. Instead, I was reminded that running is about living and experience new places, other people, and their experiences. The Boston Marathon bombing was reminder #1 (http://wp.me/s27cF0-stronger) and a friend’s no-quit attitude as he takes on brain cancer was reminder #2 (http://wp.me/p27cF0-ai). It was good medicine for a guy like me who can sometimes take himself a bit too seriously.

  6. 2013 was both the fastest year and slowest year to date. The first half of the year though was full of good stuff including Joe finally coming home for good, running my first half in dc, and then getting a PR on my home turf in the burgh six weeks later. Good times for sure 🙂

  7. love love love this. I miss our wintery runs. and our long runs. okay just our runs and talks and breakfasts and all of it. You have surely had a crazy year but you pushed through it all and had some amazing races, and are now settling into a new place and routine. I couldn’t be happier for you!

  8. Is it weird that I can’t remember the first half of 2013? I know it’s weird. OH! I got a new job and got away from my hell job. Since then, life has been a little bit better every day. 🙂

  9. I did a similar post, and I had so much fun writing it. I kind of forget about some of the things I did the first half of the year, and I had a blast looking back on it.

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

  10. Look at all those racing accomplishments–and pictures! 2013 was definitely the craziest year for me to-date too in terms of life changes and really becoming an adult.

  11. Good job on the running year. The first part of 2013 was shaky for me, thank goodness for running. The second part was better. I finished a marathon and realized I was beyond that shakiness. Here’s to 2014.

  12. Congrats on all that running excitement! I did my first half last April at the Nike Women’s Half 🙂 annnnddd my second in November, I was hooked.

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