Hollie Jolly Christmas and Life

I cannot believe Christmas is less than a week away.  I know I have said frequently but I have been lost in the last two seasons and still think it’s summer time.  Too bad all of that time has both come and gone.  It’s no longer fall and it’s nearly winter.  Good thing for me that Tim’s birthday is on the 21st and the first day of winter.  Therefore I can remember both!

Since it’s his birthday plus we went to my house for Thanksgiving,  we are in Pennsylvania  to celebrate.  I truly enjoy spending time there with his family so I’m very excited.

In other worthy news we put up a Christmas tree in the house.  We went to good ole’ Lowes and pulled it right out of the cement.  Not that this has anything to do with the Christmas spirit but we spent 90 minutes in Lowes.  I don’t think in all of my life I have spent that much time there.  Tim needed a bunch of materials to do man things so I spent time with his mom wondering the store.  They have the most random things in Lowes that I never would have thought of.


But what do I know about home improvement? 

I got a few questions about how I like New Jersey.  Is it better then Texas?  Is it better then VA?  Do I like it more then Upstate? 

I really enjoy the area that I live in NJ.  It’s a very quiet and remote place.  In my town (yes town) there are two restaurants (an amazing diner that we go at least once a week) and a pizza place.  There is a gym, grocery store and state park (with roughly 50 miles of trails) so it has everything I want.  When I do find a job I’ll be commuting upwards of 30 miles but it’s fine because there is 95% of everything else I want.  So to answer all the questions at once: yes I like it and I’m extremely happy here.  (mostly happy to finally be settled!).

We do see these planes frequently though...so there's that
We do see these planes frequently though…so there’s that

Running has been going nicely.  I took yesterday off but I think I’ll be getting some good running in next week in Pennsylvania and it will be a nice change of scenery.  I finally feel like I’m getting some of my base back and hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll feel like I did in September and October.  Then I will be able to make a decision about a spring marathon or waiting until fall.

As seen on a run this week.  The lake is frozen over and geese like to attack.
As seen on a run this week. The lake is frozen over and geese like to attack.

Questions for you:

Where did you get your Christmas tree?

What are you doing for the Holidays?