I Really Like Moving

I know there are a lot of posts titled “if we got coffee…” ect.  For someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I barely ever go and just get coffee.  I will get coffee with a meal but I don’t normally go to a fru fru place and order a coffee and just chat.  I would rather eat and chat honestly.  (My fru fru daily staple of coffee is gas station coffee, splenda, whatever cream they have and whip cream).  I spend roughly 40 dollars on coffee a month incase you wondered.  This includes the occasional homemade coffee as well.  My coffee budget has nothing to do with this post though.

I just went on a long ramble about getting coffee but I was going to tell you if we went out to eat today (which I seemed to have done for nearly every meal to catch up with people) I would tell you I am finally moving.




I know I am dedicating an entire post to moving (again) but I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a house that I know I’ll be for at least four years. After a year of moving (4 times!) it will be nice to settle down for real.  I am excited to decorate, to celebrate holidays, to live, to explore the area, to find a job, to make friends and just to simmer down in New Jersey.

The last year has obviously been a bit more crazy than any other but I am finally excited to simmer down.   As always this blog has chronicled my journey whether I’m running, (remember when I swam?) going to school, working and moving across the country and this is another chapter.  I hope you will continue to read!

Questions for you:

What is your favorite way to drink coffee? Or tea?

What is your indulgence?  We all have something that is not necessary that we will spent extra money on.  For me it’s gas station coffees or going out to eat.  😉 

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  1. Congrats on the move! Although not the same, we just bought a house in May and it’s so nice to decorate and start projects and care about them when you know you’re going to be there for a bit.

  2. I usually just drink coffee black but sometimes ill put in a little soymilk or almond milk if I’m feeling crazy 😉 have fun moving!!!

  3. I’m glad you get to settle in somewhere finally! And four years of staying in the same place, too! That’s even better. I’ve moved into 4-5 places over the past two years (all within an hour of each other) but I can’t imagine all the states you’ve been living in, too. Actually, the apartment I’m in now is the longest place I’ve lived in since I moved out for college… I never want to think about packing/moving again but I know I will within a year.

    I drink my coffee flavored from the Keurig (because buying coffee is too expensive for me lately). And I just started buying grounds & using the refillable thing for it to save even more money. Usually I’ll use just vanilla soy milk in it, but I’ve recently started buying flavored creamer again (because I tried almond milk in it and it made it taste so rancid that I’m afraid to go back).

  4. As a complete homebody, I definitely understand your excitement over being able to settle down for a few years and do things like celebrate the holidays and decorate. I’ve lived in the same city for my whole life, so it’s hard for me to imagine moving that much.

    And coffee? Right now I usually make it in my Keurig at home, but I love the occasional dry cappuccino from Starbucks.

  5. I love my Keurig coffee!!! I drink pumpkin spice or cinnamon roll coffee every day. At work, I keep french vanilla cappuccino K cups cause they don’t need cream. I still stop for Dunkin Donuts at times, but mostly if I’m on the road. I go to Starbuck’s almost never (they ACTUALLY have good pumpkin spice coffee though)… But I do like getting together for coffee, although it hasn’t happened lately! Sometimes if I eat dinner at home, I go for coffee after. Cheaper 🙂

  6. Yea (hopefully) the final move for you for the next four years! My guilty pleasure would be starbucks. I never get it unless I worked extra hard. I have been working a lot lately, so this morning I got a skinny vanilla latte. DELCIOUS!

  7. Oh, and clothes are my indulgence. I also LOVE Dick’s. I like workout clothes way too much but I’m really picky about them.

  8. Good to know you will finally get to settle down somewhere soon. You should be so proud of how you’ve coped with all of this – I can’t imagine many people could run a marathon in the middle of such a huge amount of chaos and upheaval.

    I’m boring and just like coffee with almond milk. I wish I liked it black though!

    My indulgence is and always will be running shoes…I mean, I suppose they’re an essential, but the sheer number I get through in a year means that they definitely qualify as ‘splurges’.


  9. BOO! We’re getting coffee at a fru fru place and you’re going to LIKE IT. 😉 My favorite indulgence is food/drinks and nail polish. I’m all about coffee and peanut butter, so those tend to win over all things. Plus, my mom says I’m a marketer’s dream since everything labeled “limited edition” I have to try before it goes away!!!

    I can’t wait for you to move and I’m so happy you’ll be in ONE PLACE for four years. Hallelujah!

  10. I hope your move goes well! It’ll be such a relief to be over with it.
    I have a Starbucks budget. I’ll reload my card with $15 and make it last for a couple months. It’s dumb because I have an espresso machine and should learn how to use the milk frother, but I figure since I don’t drink much, buying the occasional coffee won’t kill me.
    I’ve also developed a nail polish habit recently. I justify this by reminding myself that a bottle of nail polish is cheaper than a manicure.

  11. I’m just a coffee with skim and splenda kind of girl. Nothing fancy. I had a skinny caramel macchiatto post run Saturday at SB’s and was actually longing for regular coffee. working in the city I have all options available, but normally grab mine from the lobby coffee kiosk if that says anything about my coffee palate 🙂
    I did just get a keurig for home though…enter super caffeinated at all times state.
    My splurge is massages. I buy them discounted to afford them weekly off of Lifebooker. Amazing.

  12. Congratulations on finally settling down after a whirlwind of a year!! 4 years of stability sound fantastic and you two deserve all the bliss about to come your way 🙂 Where in Jersey will you be?

    And don’t even ask me about my indulgences…I have way too many that I always find reasoning for 🙁

  13. I’m so excited for you to finally get settled (and closer to me…duh!) .

    Favorite indulgence is the same as you (which is why we get along so well)…coffee, eating out…and running stuff.

  14. I drink my coffee black and have started using a single packet of sugar to control how much I put in. If I have a spoon in my hand I just may double dip!
    I splurge on good coffee and beer. It’s cheaper to drink awesome coffee and beer at home than it is to go out for it. I never feel guilty about spending $10 on a six-pack when a glass of beer costs $5 at a bar. Oh, and on running shoes. No problem spending over $100 on a pair.

  15. My indulgence? Froyo, all the way and shamelessly so! It really is a problem the amount of money I spend on it monthly.

    As someone who has moved four times in the past two years (I don’t envy your four times in twelve months!) It has been so nice to feel like I am settled for the past three months! My company could still move me two more times, but I am happy and ready to stay 🙂

  16. It will be so nice to move one last time and then settle down for the next four years. Fortunately or unfortunately, I bet you have the process down to a science by now, right? 😉 And in terms of indulgences, gimme flavored coffee or chocolate! 🙂

  17. I remember the good old swimming days when you lived Upstate and had to be a grime girl with 2 practices a day in the FREEZING cold and your hair would freeze. I am so happy that you are happy running now and in New jersey! Are you and Time renting or did you guys buy? Jimmy and I can’t figure out what we want to do about a house/apartment/whateverrr. Anyways, I bet you are so glad to finally settle down!!

  18. Swimming–ehhh. I keep telling myself to get my butt in the pool. Then I remember why I quit in the first place.

    Anywayssss this is so excited that you’re FINALLY moving into NJ for good. I’m gonna need all your advice when it comes to all the moving the army will have in store for me and tyler next fall (shit, it better involve me! ha) The thought of finding a new job stresses me out so much, even though I hate my current job…

    Can’t wait to read more about your NJ adventures =)

  19. Oh I may be a little addicted to coffee. I’ll take it anyway–made at home with sugar and milk, at a fru-fru place like Starbucks or Java Jay, or at the cheap gas station. It’s all good 🙂

    My indulgence is definitely going out to eat. I love cooking, but I hate cleaning up afterwards, so I usually end up not cooking. If it were up to me, we would eat out every night of the week. Sad, I know.

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