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How Are You Doing? No Really.

How are you doing?

The phrase how are you doing often comes with a quick: I’m fine, thanks, how are you. There are very people we trust to go into detail when we are “not doing fine.”

How many people can you trust with a complete mind dump: I’m not doing great?

Or heck trust to say more than an “I’m fine thanks.”

To be transparent, I’ve been stewing on this post for a while. I’ve written bits and pieces of blog posts, but they haven’t come together. I can’t quite say this blog post is “much better.”

The post itself can be categorized into different parts: 

  1. It’s ok not to be doing ok.
  2. I’m not doing ok, but I’m working on it. me walking

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Oigo Suitcase Review
Cross Country Move

Oigo Suitcase Review

While moving across the country, I needed new suitcases. I’ve had most of my bigger suitcases since college nearly a decade ago.  None of my suitcases were high quality, but somehow they made it through the years.

I wasn’t too familiar with suitcases in general. I knew I needed something that would last as well as fit into my two-door sedan, and hold two months’ worth of clothes. After doing some research, I stumbled upon Oigo Suitcases.

Oigo Suitcase Review

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Taking a Risk

It seems perfect to do a Throwback Thursday post today.  I admit I do participate on instagram several weeks and occasionally facebook

One year ago I left Oswego, NY.  I didn’t really have a plan.  I left my friends, my job, my comfort zone and my life.  I knew I wanted to follow my heart but past that I didn’t really know. 

Celebrating one last meal with Laura A.
Celebrating one last meal with Laura A.


I knew eventually I would want to live with Tim.  I knew I would want to work doing something I enjoyed and I knew I wanted to be independent.  I cannot say I haven’t had my ups and downs since leaving.  I can’t say that about any aspect of my life though.

Did I expect to be living in NJ, not doing anything related to the public health major?  No.  Of course not.

In a perfect world I would have left my job in Oswego, to have found a job several days later in VA Beach.  The plethora of jobs would come flocking to me.  People would want to hire me.  I had a college degree after all!  (isn’t that what they teach you in college?) I would blog about how well life went.  I wouldn’t have blogged about how lucky I was my parents took me in during a time I needed to really find myself.

But they did and for that I can never be more grateful.

Post graduation 2 years ago.  My parents are the best.
Post graduation 2 years ago. My parents are the best.

Then we Tim graduated flight school, we would live together in Texas and it would be fun! Beautiful sun, lots of fun Texas things to do and cheap steak.  I wouldn’t move to the middle of Texas, where it was 100 degrees and 150 miles to the nearest big town.  (jobs…lolz…).

All of this steak (1.1 lbs) for 4 dollars!
All of this steak (1.1 lbs) for 4 dollars!  I miss you Texas Steak. 

Anyways I wouldn’t move  in early September only to find out we would be moving to NJ, 6 weeks later.  I love driving 1800 miles…twice…right before my first marathon!


YAY marathon...
YAY marathon…

All of that being said I enjoyed everything.  It gave me an opportunity to see friends I normally wouldn’t. 

I miss you Stephanie!
I miss you Stephanie!
Like Laura S
Like Laura S


Over the past year I’ve been to 20 states, I’ve ran in 14 and I have been to dozens of new towns and cities.  I’ve learned more about myself this year then ever before.  It’s been a journey but a journey I’m proud of.  While I miss my friends in NY, I don’t regret leaving.  I love where I am in life now and I’m not as far away.

Out of all 23 years of my life, I’ve learned the most about myself this past year. Some of which I probably wouldn’t have learned if I had not taken a risk not knowing the outcome.


Questions for you:

What was the last risk you took?

Where were you this time last year?


I Really Like Moving

I know there are a lot of posts titled “if we got coffee…” ect.  For someone who drinks a lot of coffee, I barely ever go and just get coffee.  I will get coffee with a meal but I don’t normally go to a fru fru place and order a coffee and just chat.  I would rather eat and chat honestly.  (My fru fru daily staple of coffee is gas station coffee, splenda, whatever cream they have and whip cream).  I spend roughly 40 dollars on coffee a month incase you wondered.  This includes the occasional homemade coffee as well.  My coffee budget has nothing to do with this post though.

I just went on a long ramble about getting coffee but I was going to tell you if we went out to eat today (which I seemed to have done for nearly every meal to catch up with people) I would tell you I am finally moving.




I know I am dedicating an entire post to moving (again) but I cannot tell you how excited I am to have a house that I know I’ll be for at least four years. After a year of moving (4 times!) it will be nice to settle down for real.  I am excited to decorate, to celebrate holidays, to live, to explore the area, to find a job, to make friends and just to simmer down in New Jersey.

The last year has obviously been a bit more crazy than any other but I am finally excited to simmer down.   As always this blog has chronicled my journey whether I’m running, (remember when I swam?) going to school, working and moving across the country and this is another chapter.  I hope you will continue to read!

Questions for you:

What is your favorite way to drink coffee? Or tea?

What is your indulgence?  We all have something that is not necessary that we will spent extra money on.  For me it’s gas station coffees or going out to eat.  😉