1700 Mile Travel Plans (Again)

This week I’ve been hosting friends at the house and by friends I mean Tim’s family.  They are in town for his graduation (he gets his wings tonight!) so it means I have actual things to do in the day time.  Ha I kid, but it’s nice to be social in the daytime versus doing mindless errands.

Speaking of a life update I don’t really have much to tell you right now because it seems like everything I update with something life related my plans all get changed.  So with that I’ve given up (at least for now).

It still looks like I’ll be driving from Texas to VA around October 15.  My timeline looks something like this (though it’s not set in stone by any means).  If you are on the route of Texas to VA Beach, please don’t hesiste to let me know if you want to get coffee, go for a run, ect.  I don’t like driving and I like to meet people in real life.

Here is my route but in reverse...reverse...
Here is my route but in reverse…reverse…


October 15: Leave Texas 

October 18: Arrive in Atlanta, Georgia

October 19th: Race a Cross Country 5k

October 20st: Run the Athens half marathon at goal marathon pace

You might be asking why do both races?

First, I know that racing a 5k will keep me in check for a half marathon.  Though a half marathon Pr would be nice I need to keep my legs fresh.  Cross country races are my absolute favorite so running the 5k was never a question.  In fact, I would run the 5k before the half.

Then October 20-21st drive from Atlanta Georgia to VA Beach.

So that is my plan as of now.   It will probably change multiple times but I’m always interested in meeting people along the way.

Questions for you:

What is a life update from you?

Are you generally a social person?