Time to Move…Again…

I keep getting a lot of questions regarding where exactly I am or will be in the future.  I wish I could tell you but I really don’t know anymore these days.  As an outside or objective reader you become invested in a bloggers personal life.  I feel like I “know” every blogger outside of their blog and enjoy watching their life happen in real time (hoping for the best).  I often think because they blog they have their life figured out.  Or I figured they wouldn’t post if they didn’t.  (I don’t know why I think that because I’m pretty notorious at jumping the gun and can’t keep secrets very well).

I’ve made the mistake countless times and learned plenty of life lessons along throughout the three years I’ve been blogging.  When I publically announced I was moving to Texas a few months ago, I never thought it a million years that I would be moving to New Jersey this year too.  There was a possibility we would stay in Texas for a few years or go somewhere else in the next year.  So realistically it made sense that I would come down here for about a year or even five. When Tim found he was getting his top choice airplane to New Jersey a couple of weeks ago we were both quite ecstatic. We both thought we would still have time to move and get settled.


Most people wouldn’t’ leave until January so spending 4 months in Texas would be about the same as a semester at college.  People transfer after a semester not a big deal.

Unfortunately that is not the case at all.  We will be leaving for New Jersey at the very beginning of November.  In case I haven’t spammed my blog enough the beginning of November happens to be the only thing in my life that has been set in stone since May, the New York City Marathon.

When I first signed up for that race I didn’t quite think that I would be going through multiple moves (New York-> VA->Tx->NJ) all across that span.  Apparently when I train for marathons I like to get in as much training in each state as possible.

To make everything work with running the marathon and also moving, I’ll be driving back to the east coast in mid to late October.  (I don’t want to drive 2000 miles the week before my first marathon).  I’ll probably spend a few days in Virginia then drive up to NY to run.  Finally by the time I’m done running and semi recovered to leave New York (I do anticipate spending a few days there) I’ll drive down to New Jersey where I’ll reside.  At least I know that I’ll be there for four years.

The more I think about 2013 and the fact that I’ll have moved four times the more I realize I am a completely different person then 2012.  I have grown so much and realized that life will hand you plenty of curve balls and you must be willing to adapt and not them stress you out.

So that is where I’m at with life outside of training for a marathon.  Incase you know me in real life you know it’s just my typical hot mess and how did I get myself into these situations self.  

Questions for you:

How often do you move?

Have you ever moved by yourself?