Training With a Significant Other

Tim and I met through running at a college cross country race.  We went to neighboring schools and both ran cross country.  Our first date was going on a run together and we have since run off and on together. 

From the half last weekend
From the half last weekend


That brings me to the question of the hour.

Do you train with a significant other? 

When we lived apart Tim and I obviously didn’t run together.  I have always run the majority of my miles by myself even before I met Tim.  This is partly because I’ve always had a schedule that didn’t work for others.  In college I ran in the morning before class or in the middle of the day when others had class.  Tim would occasionally join me in the middle of the day depending on his schedule.  (He didn’t go to my school but a neighboring school).  We never ran more than once or twice a week together.

When I would visit him and in the summer, we would run every single run together.  You go from not seeing each other to seeing each other for a week at most…of course you are going to want to spend the most time together.  Tim was (and still is) a good sport about slowing down for my pace.  A reason I do enjoy running with him is that he isn’t going to push the pace to something that is uncomfortable and frustrating for me.  It’s hard for me to run with someone who is constantly checking their garmin or saying oh my god this five seconds too slow/fast, ect.

I’m a very grassroots, carefree and could care less about the overall pace kind of person.  When I stop improving from not caring, I might care more but right now I’m continuing to improve without aggressively keeping tabs on my pace.

Now that Tim is about done with flight school he can start running more consistently again.  He has taken the last year or so off of any serious running because it’s next to impossible to with his schedule.  You can say wake up at 3 am go for a run and then go to work for 12 hours…but let’s be honest it’s a lot easier to say that then do it.

Since I’ve moved down here to Texas we have been doing the majority of runs together.  He is currently  getting back into running shape.  Right now our paces are pretty similar so it’s nice for me to not feel guilty about slowing him down.  In another month, I won’t be able to say that.  My pace won’t be as good for him as a 7 minute pace he would be training at.

Will we still run together occasionally?  Yes.  We both love running and spending time together. Will we be that twinnerz couple running and training together every second?  No and I can’t imagine doing that.  Both of us are really type A runners and we both know what we need to do to get better.

I can’t imagine running 80 miles weekly with anyone let alone a boyfriend or significant other.  I think that would get terribly tiresome and strain even the strongest relationships.  No two people are the same athlete or have the same methodology for improvement.

Questions for you:

Do you prefer to train alone or with others?

I like to run a lot of miles by myself so I can go the pace I want.  That being said, I do enjoy running with others a few times a week to change things up.  Being alone for that long gets really boring quickly (and it’s also part of the reason I enjoy racing so often).

Do you train with a significant other?