A Short Stay in Texas

When you pick up and move somewhere without any plan or job it’s a big risk. Before moving to Texas, I had been a mix of excitement and nervousness the entire summer.  While working two jobs I pretended to pack and get ready to move down.  Now that I am a little over a week living in Texas I know I made the right choice.  Though maybe I’m still in the “honeymoon” of moving stage but so far so good.  Though my stay in Texas will only be a honeymoon period.

My biggest worry all summer about moving down was not being able to afford things.  I’m not working right now at all.   I am also not dependent on my parents.

Since I have a better idea of how long I’ll be down here now I can start to look for a job that will keep me occupied.   After assimilating into Texas on Friday I realized that it was not in the cards for me to stay.  Tim found out last Friday which plane he would be flying and where we would be going next.  I knew driving down here that there was a very high possibility we would probably not stay.  I also wanted to be there for  the night he found out.

That being said I will be moving again to just outside of Trenton, NJ.

My best guess is we will be moving in early 2014.  If it’s before 2014 I can successfully say I’ll have lived in four different states this year (read: I’ll have moved four times this year).   I’m rather excited for NJ because it’s exactly where I wanted to go as well as I can finally start looking for a full time job again.  Where we will be living will be less then 2 hours from New York City, an hour from Philadelphia, three from his parents and five from VA Beach.

My thoughts on job hunting now:

Though I don’t have a job right at this very second I will have one sometime soon.  I worked my butt off this summer so that I would be able to support myself while I look for a job for a few months.  That obviously won’t hold me for life…. Like training for a race, I need to constantly remind myself of all these factors so that I don’t get too upset and stressed right now looking around.   As easy as it is for me to type that out, I can assure you I still stressed about finding a job.   I have applied to a few places so hopefully I hear back soon but knowing my luck I will hear back the week before I move.

Thoughts about funemployment:

Yes being unemployed seems like a great gig and I’ve had countless people say they are jealous, please don’t be.  I would prefer to work.  It is highly unlikely that I will find something temporary in my field down in boondocks, Texas (in the middle of fall) but it doesn’t mean I can’t try.  If I cannot locate anything I’ll be looking for something remotely interesting to produce some sort of income for the next few months.  There is a diner down the road that I am sure they could use pancake chefs or coffee brewers.   Once we move to NJ (for four years) I’ll be able to finally settle down and get a full time job again.  That much I’m excited for.

If anything the last year has taught me to be extremely flexible as I have the possibility to live in four locations (and states) in a year.

Questions for you:

How many times have you moved?

Does anyone have any connection to NJ? 

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  1. I hate moving so, so much. I am so happy for you and Tim, it sounds like this next move will be a great opportunity. Enjoy the time you have here!

  2. I’ve moved quite a bit so I understand the tediouslness of packing and unpacking. Granted mine were never across state lines (or in your case, across the country) but the packign and unpacking and moving thing I still get. I’m so excited you got NJ, that’s 6 hours from me….I hope you don’t mind but I am already planning our trips to meet halfway for a weekend of eating and running and fun.

    1. I told Tim I should just stay funemployed forever so I can hang out with all my friends and spend his money…somehow that didn’t end up well LOL.

  3. Life is interesting, no? Sometimes what we think is the next path in life is actually just a step towards where we ultimately need to be. I haven’t had a chance yet to congratulate you on your amazing move out west, so first off congrats on that end! Now, I get to congratulate you on moving back east…and so close to NY too 😉

  4. Awesome that you will be close to Philly. Actually best part is you will have access to real public transportation. Trains to get to Philly, NY and so forth. Because NJ traffic sucks!

  5. My sister lives in NJ. She is across the state from Trenton but that means not far. NJ is not a “wide” state. I love the area around Trenton.

  6. If you’re an hour away from Philadelphia, we could meet up!! And if you ever want to do a race in Philly you’re welcome to stay at my apartment! I’m excited now haha. Sorry you have to do so much moving around, but I hope you’re able to find a job to occupy your time soon. And I look forward to hopefully meeting you IRL in 2014 🙂

  7. Hmmm, I was surprised to hear you’re excited to move to NJ. I suppose I only hear bad things, with that in mind—-YAY!!! Now, the decision to pack or unpack that thing…hmmm.

  8. Oh, it frustrates me when people say that they’re jealous. Yes, it has some perks, but I feel like I’m much more productive when working! Have you thought about using Care.com or something to find some babysitting jobs? That’s what I’m doing right now to pass the time, and it’s actually working out pretty well, since it’s nothing permanent.

  9. Holy.snap, lady… I can’t even imagine moving that many times. Big props to ya. I’ve lived in the same city all my life and only had to relocate homes a couple of times. I hate the whole process of moving, so I can imagine what you’re going through must be a bit of a pain in the butt, but at the same time it makes life kind of more exciting and interesting, no? Plus I think it’s super sweet that you and Tim are making it work 🙂

  10. Moving 4 times in a year definitely doesn’t sound ideal but moving to NJ sounds like a great opportunity! Yay for being closer to his fam and lots of fun destinations. Maybe you can find some sort of menial job to keep you occupied until you move.

  11. Moving stinks but at least you can say that you used to live in TX. I have never moved very far aside from going to college. I lived in 4 different apartments from my junior year up until the time I bought my house 5 years ago. They were all in close proximity to one another which is probably worse because you move your stuff slowly when you have the time. I’d rather just get it all done with. I have vowed never to move again, especially now with a house and big stuff like grown up furniture.

    You have a degree in something health related, right? NJ is the hub for pharmaceutical companies (some in Philly, too). They are mostly located just outside of NYC. That might be a far commut but something worth looking in to.

  12. Nooooow I know why you asked me how far away I live from Philly! Well, according to Google Maps… I am an hour and 21 minutes away from Trenton. We can meet at KOP any time!!! It’s only like a half hour – 40 minute drive for me! 😀 😀 Plus, we can walk around the huge mall for hours and pretend to be real girls.

  13. I’ve moved 3 times in the last 3 years. Montreal–>NYC–>Toronto. I kind of like the excitement of new places. Funemployment is fun for about a month and then panic ensues. Hoping you have some luck finding a job!

  14. Exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! Moving is horrible so bless you for doing it 4 times in one year, mad props for that!!
    You will love NJ it’s not far from all the places you want to be! Best of luck to the two of you. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  15. Exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time! Moving is horrible so bless you for doing it 4 times in one year, mad props for that!!
    You will love NJ it’s not far from all the places you want to be! Best of luck to the two of you. Can’t wait to read all about it.

  16. Wow, moving is NOT easy, but you seem like you have a really good perspective on it. way to just be awesome about everything!! and yay for NJ!! i grew up in Montclair and lived in NYC for years before moving to boston. great state! 🙂

  17. “I’m rather excited for NJ because it’s exactly where I wanted to go”
    – Said no one ever :-p

    Just kidding, good luck with the next move. At least you’ll be able to skip one northeast winter down there.

  18. I grew up right outside of Trenton! I’m sure you’ll love it there once you’re settled.

    Have you thought about signing up for a temp agency? Maybe you could find something short term to keep yourself occupied and make a little money?

  19. Congrats to Tim and good luck to both of you! NJ sounds like a great location for you two based on what you listed being close to. I’ve never been to Trenton but I’ve vacationed in Ocean City, NJ ever since I was little. And I go to Philly on occasion to see my brother and shop at King of Prussia. Lol.
    Funemployment…I feel you. It’s anything but fun, really. Hope you can find something in the meantime.

  20. NJ seems like it will be great! & closer to home. I hate moving but at least you will be able to be with Tim and that’s what matters 🙂

  21. I cannot imagine moving that much! I have lived in the same apartment for 5 1/2 years now!
    And welcome to Jersey (soon enough!) I am born and raised and still living here (right outside NYC in Hoboken).

  22. I have moved way too many times to count, and I lived in Texas for 6 months when i was about 3-4. It just wasn’t in the cards for us to stay either. I hope you can find a job that can hold you until you move again. being unemployed sucks.

  23. Wow, exciting news! Before you move to NJ, make sure you do a bunch of touristy things in TX. 😉 Also, I’m pumped you’ll be back in the northeast; NJ is very close to NYC. Just sayin’. 🙂

      1. Oh that’s awesome! I am toying with the idea of moving to Hawaii where my BF is in school (2 more yrs). It’s really hard to live in California so far away 🙁 Would you suggest it? hahaha

      2. I just moved down about a week and a half ago so I can’t really give an accurate answer. Tim and I did long distance for 15 months which was pretty difficult. I’m happy I moved down here though and I don’t regret it 🙂

  24. I grew up right outside Trenton, so I am particularly familiar with where you’re moving. The proximity to NYC and Philly is really nice, and Princeton NJ is one of my favorite towns in the country. It has lots of great coffee shops and is a very pretty place to run. Interestingly, I moved to VA at the beginning of August and am still adapting to the city that will be my home for, coincidentally, the next four years (also due to my BF’s job). Although I was lucky enough to find a job before I moved, I feel like we are in similar situations in different places. 🙂 Enjoy the Garden State and good luck with the job search!

      1. I live in Charlottesville and the number of hills that I have to run everyday is killing what little speed I thought I had! It’s permanent hill work! I don’t know if your part of VA was anything like this, but I am open to any hill-survival secrets that you have to share.

      2. Awe I’ve actually been to Charlottesville a few times (Tim’s grandparents live there). I lived in VA Beach which is flat as a pancake.

        Ease into the hills and you will be good to go. I had to really learn to adjust my pace and slow down when first running on hills. 🙂

  25. We have no excuses now. We have to meet up and drink coffee and eat greek salads or pancakes. I’ll barely be spending any time home next year as I’m going abroad for the summer but I WILL see you. Good luck with job hunting in the mean time!!

  26. Unemployment is so stinking boring! Love being busy 🙂 My friends from Ship live in Trenton!!! I think no matter what happens, just being with Tim is pretty darn awesome 🙂

  27. Is there a running store you could work at? Might as well have fun working while you’re there!

    I’ve moved 15 times I think, and have lived in 6 states. Moving so many times in a year is rough! I probably wouldn’t even unpack everything!

    Pretty great you’ll be so close to everything in NJ! We’ll be state neighbors.

  28. I have only moved once and that was to college. They say when you grow up in St Louis, you may leave, but you always come back:)
    I see you working in a bakery or coffee shop. I mean you might as well have a fun job before the job in NJ right? (and get some new recipe ideas!)

  29. aww I am so sad you’re not staying in texas. dreams of meeting you just went out the door! but it’s exciting moving to a new place together!! can’t wait to hear all about it!

  30. It sounds like moving to NJ will be great for you because you’ll be close to NYC and a lot closer to your family. That’s always good!

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