Flying the Coup

As most of you know I’m moving to Texas in less then two weeks.  (I start my journey September 5). I am leaving the coup of my parents house which means my things and way too much crap is also leaving. (I wouldn’t expect my parents house to be the storage of my stuff). It’s been hard to get rid of a lot of things like clothes, high school memorabilia and even college things.

I guess it’s good I am able to sort and pack considering I can’t live with my parents forever (nor would I want too).  I try to spend about 30 minutes daily packing because also in the next week I will be seeing a lot of people and I doubt they need or want to sit there while I pack.

Cleaning and throwing away things has been reflective for me.  I’ve been able to see what a great time I had in high school (I graduated in 2008) and an even better time in college.  It’s hard for me to even fathom what my life would have been like if I had not taken the plunge and risk to go to a college 700 miles from my house.

College orientation with my freshman roommate (Kierstin on the right).
College orientation with my freshman roommate (Kierstin on the right).

My top school choices in 2008 were East Carolina, Va tech (as half my high school class) and SUNY Potsdam.  (I ended up choosing Potsdam in Upstate NY because both ECU and Tech are huge schools and were too overwhelming (for me).  Plus Potsdam was far enough away I could really find myself and discover my true passions.

Now five years later I think about the big risk I’m taking now.  Moving down with a boyfriend.

I’ve had people tell me they are happy for me (thank you!).  I’ve had people question whether this is the best idea or not…I am not moving down with any sort of plan and now that I’m an Oiselle bird I can say I’m just erm “winging it”.  You always have both sides of the equation with peoples opinions and I truly enjoy hearing both sides.

Right now and as much as I hate to admit this, I think not knowing and not having a plan is what makes life so much more interesting.  Wherever I go and whatever I do, I know there will be both bad times and there will be good times.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post other than to say over the course of the last few months I’ve come to realize that you can’t live in a hole all the time and not take risks.  You have to get out of your comfort zone and accept that people will support you and not support you.  You have to do what makes you happy or what you at least think will make you happy.  Not everything can be planned out and I think I like that.  Change is good and embrace it as much as you can.  Everyone struggles at first but you will make it through.  (at least that is what I keep telling myself).

Questions for you:  What were (are) your top choices for college?

Would you say you have a lot of stuff?  (not junk, just items…).

I don’t even know why I saved so much of it..If my initials were HHH, my middle name could be hoarder.  I finally donated 61 of my 89 race t shirts so I’m making progress.


  1. Man, you graduated high school when I graduated college! #oldladystatus. I know what you mean about the big schools though – SO many people I went to high school with were looking at (and eventually went to) really big schools… I could have even gone to Rutgers for free (My dad works there) but it was just too big and overwhelming for me – I mean, the thought of taking BUSES to class? No thanks! My top choices were Marist, Loyola, Fairfield, and The University of Scranton, and I wound up in Scranton and loved every minute of it. Your move is going to be so exciting (albeit a little stressful at times), but you’re young and this is the perfect time to “just wing it” like you said! Can’t wait to follow along 🙂

    1. I couldn’t even imagine with the busses. I felt I would be much more comfortable. We all go through stressors of life so I’m hoping I’ll look back in a year at this one and be like..oh no so bad. 😉

  2. I hate “things” so I don’t think I have a lot of stuff but I also have a hard time getting rid of things like running shoes. I don’t know why I can’t throw them away after i buy a new pair. They just end up sitting in my closet until I go on a binge and reluctantly throw them away!

  3. Two weeks?! Wow, that really snuck up! Going through old stuff must be such a blast from the past. Every time I go home for a holiday or long weekend, I tell myself I need to start sorting through everything–but I have yet to do so. 😉

  4. Change is HARD, I think it’s one of the things I hate the most about life. But we can’t stay stagnant, never risking anything. When we moved to Texas, we did have family waiting for us here, but no jobs for either one of us and that was pretty damn insane now that I think about it. But if we hadn’t taken that chance, life wouldn’t be as great as it is today. Ahh…that was random and sappy.

  5. It’s so difficult to get rid of stuff from your childhood. I really have a ton of stuff at my parent’s house and I haven’t lived there in in 3 years. Luckily they’ve not thrown it away yet… My top choice for undergrad were SUNY Fredonia, Buffalo State, and SUNY at Buffalo. Grad school I was accepted at both University of Pennsylvania and SUNY at Buffalo. I think the decisions I’ve made regarding where to go for college are the most life changing decision I’ve ever made. I think you’ll do great with the move, and Texas is certainly more winter-runner friendly than your last year in upstate NY.

    1. I actually applied to Fredonia but didn’t take a tour of the campus and never set a foot there. Buffalo is worse for winters then Potsdam due to all that snow! Oswego was more miserable too because it got way more snow…cold I can take but that ice was awful!

  6. I have a ton of crap, let’s be honest.. I could clothe a third world country.twice.

    You know I am ridiculously supportive of your decision but want to make sure you have everything you need before you go. I’m going to miss your silly self like crazy but I know we will continue to talk all the time. I’m so proud of the chances you have been taking, and stepping outside comfort zone.

    1. That’s what I’m somewhat glad to move in while Tim is…uh not there…because my clothes will already be inside. LOL. Your support always means the world to me!

  7. I grew up in Boston and wanted to get as far away from it as I could, so all my schools were in Southern or Northern California (Santa Cara U. , Occidental U., Pomona, other small schools people probably haven’t heard of). Although it was rough leaving my family, I am so glad that I did because it really forced me to learn to be okay on my own and to be independent. I chose grad school in Colorado even though I had never been here bc everyone said it was gorgeous and I had never heard anything bad about it. And I love it!

  8. My top choices for college were West Chester and Shippensburg… I didn’t start looking at colleges until one month until applications were due. Oops. I have thrown out A LOT of my things but I still have boxes in our basement from college. I should probably get to those one day… As far as moving with your boyfriend, I would say, “Do you think it’s a good decision,” except for the fact YOU’LL NEVER KNOW until you try to live with him. I mean, it could end up bad but it could end up fantastic for you both! You’ll never know until you try so if you think it’s right, then go for it!

    1. Oh Shipp. I want to get up to that area again sometime soon. I do agree that I would just be sitting here wondering…was this a good idea…until I physically move and try

  9. Life is full a new and exciting choices and sometimes it’s great just to close your eyes and jump. My college choices were UVa, Va. Tech, Clemson and Tulane. I visited them all (except Tulane) and fell in love with UVa and went there. Never regretted it. Thanks for getting me in touch with your mom for the American Girl clothes. I am picking them up later today and my daughter will love them! Keep us posted on your adventures in Texas.

  10. One year after getting married, my parents are still dropping off at stuff at my house. I don’t even know what to do with a lot of it….it just goes into the storage area in our basement. Clothes are one thing I don’t have a problem getting rid of — if I don’t wear it, I get rid of it ( I usually I wear the same outfits over and over, but whatever :)).

      1. And I’m a grammatical failure so your typing will always be ten fold to mine. Tee hee.

        I’m the opposite…I always think that there will be one occasion that I could pull off an outfit. Yet that occasion never occurs.

  11. This post is amazing, Hollie! I am so happy for you and your big move and just putting yourself out there. You’re so right.. sometimes you have to do things that you think will make you happy, even if you’re not sure and even if people question you. It’s your life to live, not theirs! Way to go!!

  12. I can relate to this a lot… I’m currently in a long distance relationship with a guy who’s serving in the military for the next 2.5 years, and I’ve seriously been considering the possibility of moving in with him in the near future. It would be a huge risk, but I’d be lying if I said that didn’t kind of excite me. I just feel like I’ve played it safe for far too long, and while it’s resulted in a comfortable life, it’s also been a little boring… ya know? Good luck with your packing 🙂

  13. i’m so excited for you, what a leap of faith! can’t wait to hear about it 🙂
    i actually didn’t visit a ton of colleges when i was applying – all i knew was that i wanted to go to ucla. if i hadn’t gotten in i have no idea where i would’ve ended up! probably berkeley or davis.. strange to think about!
    also, i absolutely hate packing and have way too much stuff. i still have boxes from last year that i haven’t even opened (but probably should get to since i have to start packing again). i dunno if i could get myself to let go of race tshirts though – although i haven’t done anywhere near as many as you!

  14. This is one of those times when if you get criticized, you just have to brush it off. People are always going to get in your business and say what they think, but at the end, it is your adventure and your life 🙂 My college choices were American in DC, University of Rochester (where I ended up going), and a few others. I’m excited to read about your move!!

  15. I applied to Georgia State only. I had no big plans. And I transferred one semester later. Even if moving to be with Tim doesn’t go as planned (I hope it DOES work out), so what? You moved. You can start over anywhere. My ex moved here to be with me and we broke up. He always said he was glad he moved though cause he thinks his life changed for the positive with moving here. I still can’t wait to hear all about it 🙂

  16. i have to say I am pretty darn excited for you. the idea of not knowing I think is scary but almost exhilarating, something that is totally not like those planned schedules we all like to go by. Sad you will be very very far away but let’s hope you take many trips back to these parts

  17. I think you’re right about the taking risks things and its not my place to tell you what I think about your decision as long as your happy! I am a slight hoarder- mostly when it comes to running/working out items, but I digress…
    Anywhosers, stay in contact. Miss you Hollikins!

  18. I tend to throw things away too hastily, and end up needing them later on. (This won’t happen to you, don’t question all of your progress!!) I am the opposite of hoarding, I think we’ve discussed this before.

    I think you’re making the right decision. What’s the worst thing that can happen, you move back home in the future? So not bad. Go enjoy yourself! 🙂

  19. I think that is awesome you are taking a big jump! I think A LOT of people don’t ever take that leap. Why live life so “safe”, when you go out and live it!

  20. We all have to fly sometime or we will never experience life. That is what you did by going to NY for college and it is what you are doing by moving to Texas with Tim. The only person’s opinion and support you really need is your own (and Tim’s for this one). As long as you trust yourself I know you will make it out there and live a happy life!

  21. I moved to NJ a couple months ago. I didn’t think I had accumulated that much stuff, but I did. I did a good job weeding through most of it, though I still ended up bringing a decent amount with me. I’ve been meaning to go through it and make a final decision — when I feel like dealing with it.
    I agree that sometimes we need to take risks. Life doesn’t always work out as planned, and sometimes our well thought out plans don’t work either. You could say it’s a calculated risk, or that you’re jumping in blindly, but sometimes life calls for us to go in a completely different direction than we ever thought, and that’s okay.

  22. I haven’t commented in a while (until recently) but now that I’m here I wanted to officially say congratulations for taking the huge step and moving to Texas!!! I’m sure my opinion isn’t worth much, but I have to tell you that I think you’re doing EVERYTHING right with this life change. This is the time and age to take these risks and never look back. Moving to New York (and ignoring almost everyone and their opinions in the process) was by far the best thing I’ve done for myself thus far. No regrets. Life is so fluid, flexible, unpredictable, and forgiving – just go with the flow and enjoy the ride 🙂

    Best of luck!!

  23. Many kudos go out to you for flying the coup! It’s definitely not an easy move to make because let’s be real, no rent and free food is hard to say goodbye to. I think you are doing the right thing by delving into a world of unknown, but one that will make you happy. P.S. I also just read your post about your elbow, and my heart goes out to you! I have MUCH faith you will overcome, because you are a resilient one 🙂 Keeping my fingers crossed everything works out!

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