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I personally have a lot of both positive and negative thoughts about blogging about food.  On one hand, I enjoy talking about all the food I have when I go out to eat.  I enjoy sharing pancake and waffle creations and occasionally other food.  Occasionally meaning I’ve shared about 5 recipes that aren’t breakfast recipe related but I personally enjoy sharing it.  I’m working on being better at cooking and I know it takes practice, but I’m still not all that great.  I get hungry after workouts and I want something I can make in about 10 minutes tops.

On the negative side, I think sharing food no matter what you share is going to dig you into a hole.   You’ll have someone thinking, wow she works out like that and eats that healthy?  Or wow, I could never run after eat a giant cheeseburger…

Then we get all preachy about how balance is key, you are only seeing a glimpse of my life and try to justify the food from a post.  It’s a lot more blog “political” to share food I guess.  

Personally I don’t feel the need to justify anything that I ate.  It’s no secret that I run around 70 miles weekly.  That post comes out every Sunday…it’s no secret that I’ve weighed 130 pounds for the last 3 years.  I don’t hide that either.  I haven’t lost weight nor have I gained weight.  I feel energized and my body reacts to runs how it’s supposed too.  I’m tired after hard days and I feel rejuvenated after rest days.

There are some days where I probably consume close to 5000 calories.  Why?  I don’t know, I like to go out to eat (some days for multiple meals because that is how my schedule falls…) and there are some days that I’m not hungry and in a deficit.  Ask anyone that I eat at a restaurant at, it’s no secret that I like salads a lot (like at me…good blogger technique!).

Some of my favorite meals to order at restaurants are meals I just have no skills in cooking/baking myself.  This means salads (they are always better…maybe because I almost always get two orders of dressings), eggs (I really enjoy omelets but cannot cook them…no skills), sushi and Greek food.  Those are just things I can think of off the top of my head.

Have I gotten crap for ordering a salad at a restaurant?

Yeah…all the time.  “Hollie, you just ran 10 miles and all you want is a salad”?  Yes, that is all I want right now.  In two hours I’ll want something else.

Have I gotten crap for ordering something because “I’m small”?

Yeah and that annoys me too…”Are you sure you can finish that young lady, it’s pretty big.”  Yes, I’m 100% sure.  Then when I do…oh wow I am so surprised you did…you are so small…where do you hide it.  I normally have a smart comment back like I hide it in the 10 miles I ran coming to eat here…

Just like in the real world, online there is judgment.   Personally, I’m tired of blogs that say “I’m not like the rest of the healthy living blogging world”.  I don’t care if I eat 20 pieces of cake…I still have yet to figure out who these blogs are that don’t say that because it seems a post like that comes out weekly.  There are quite a few blogs that have health issues relating to eating disorders but those aren’t blogs I chose to read.

Do you ever notice in the real world (the world outside of blogging) that people really just don’t care.  Rest days are not a big deal, not broadcasted and oh I’m taking a few days off…just because…I’m eating this piece of cake…just because.  I’m going out to eat with my friends and hanging out doesn’t merit 20 pictures and “I listened to my body which said I wanted a 1000 calorie piece of cheesecake” posts don’t exist.

So that is me on a soap box.  Personally, I enjoy sharing food…I’m very open and upfront with readers and people about my daily diet, running, racing, whatever.  That’s why I have a blog (because I can’t shut up).

Questions for you:

What are your thoughts on sharing food? 

What is your favorite recipe that even I might be able to do?  😉

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  1. Yeah… people in the real world really don’t care about running and eating (unless they know us and love us and just know running means a lot to us, or if someone cares about someone else’s eating out of concern for over/under weight I guess). You have to remember that our 1 day a week of “rest day” is most people’s every day (sadly).

    I’m really not into all the sharing of food on the blog. I do it sometimes but not so much to justify how I eat or show off recipes, but more like to talk about places here in town that are good for eating and share our trips out to eat, etc. I also yelp and do reviews on there a lot and used to write for a foodie review blog, but that’s a bit different than the food blogging you’re speaking of ;).

  2. I’m not really into cooking so I don’t really share food. I did a post about how to do a baked potato a week or so ago – half satirical and half because I was really proud of myself for attempting it. I think as long as you have a healthy balance of exercise and food and a healthy weight (FOR YOU – a ‘healthy weight varies person to person), you’re good. The problem comes because society puts up all these inexplicable, crazy skinny goals for us to reach then almost demonizes anyone if they gain a pound or lose. It’s a standard no one can live up to.

    In terms of recipes, I made a simple one last week of mac and cheese. It was really good! Here it is I recommend a few adjustments: use 2 or 3 different types of cheeses (whatever cheeses you like) it really adds more flavor and add bacon or broccoli or tomatos (or all three!) so it’s not so bland.

    1. I personally think its because weight and what you eat is so taboo in the blogging world. Perhaps 1% of people who blog are qualified to give advice in that regard.

  3. When I first started reading blogs and found out about that WIAW, I thought it was so so weird! And I still do. I guess I don’t care what people allegedly eat on one day of the week. Or ever, unless it was insanely amazing or if they found something disgusting like a finger in it. When I go to restaurants I order like you- things I can’t/don’t make for myself. No salads though, I just don’t really like them.

    Here’s a tasty, easy, recipe: slice up zucchini, onions, and tomatoes. Saute in olive oil until tender. Sprinkle (or smother) with some cheddar cheese, and enjoy. I love that this recipe is easy, gets me my veggies, and is pretty damn good.

    1. I think many of (not all by any means) of the blogs that participate in WIAW are young and generally not blogs that are my reading preference anymore.

  4. I enjoy sharing food on my blog- whether it be from a dinner out or just my latest kitchen concoction. Cooking/baking/food in general is of interest to me so I like to share that with others/get ideas from other people. Going grocery shopping is legit fun for me, haha. Unless the store is ridiculously crowded…
    However, I don’t feel the need to share an entire day’s worth of meals, WIAW-style. It opens up way too much judgement and comparison and I’m not about that. OH and I LOVE salads too and I get crap for it sometimes because I’m “smaller” as well. I’m not dieting, people… I just enjoy veggies.

  5. This is something I’m currently trying to figure out. Having had an eating disorder, I still can’t shake the feeling that I have to justify the way I eat so that people don’t assume I’m falling back into bad habits. The problem is that the blog world is full of people who have their own struggles with food, and they project those insecurities onto you (general you) and give you crap for things like eating a salad or an apple. Yes, most people out there in the real world don’t give some of this stuff a second thought, so I guess it just comes with the food/fitness blogging territory. I don’t blog about food as much as I used to, but it’s still something I enjoy, so I try to throw it in there every now and then.

  6. Even though I started off sharing my eats on the blog, I’ve definitely moved away from it. One, because I’m a creature of nature and eat the same things; and two, I feel like most people don’t care, lol. And in terms of recent snacks, I’m currently obsessed with mangoes and sweet potatoes. 🙂

  7. Food blogging is a minefield. I’m not sure what I think about it…I’m really torn because reading other people’s food logs does mess me up, but that’s my problem and not something inherent to posting what a person eats. I generally develop two kinds of insecure feelings reading food posts; either ‘I’m a pig and how does she eat so little’ or ‘it’s not fair, she eats twice as much as me and weighs about 30lbs less’. Neither do me any good, yet I find reading food posts strangely addictive and compelling.

    However, that doesn’t apply to all blogs – I find your posts about food refreshing because you present it as ‘here’s some food – it was delicious’ without the whole long, convoluted and generally pack-of-lies orientated explanation that accompanies most food blogs. There are very few blogs left out there like that; without some kind of agenda or bullshit advice attached.

    I don’t post much food any more because I generally eat the same stuff most days, so it would be relentlessly dull. My presentation also sucks, and if there’s one thing the world doesn’t need it’s another blogger shoving gross looking food down people’s throats (not literally….). I’ll do the odd post every once in a while, but it takes me months to take a few pictures of something that looks remotely edible 😛


    1. Sometimes I get impressions such as “well you aren’t eating this” but you should or they are sponsored posts so of course they are going to be recommending whatever was gotten for free. None of my food ever looks that edible…I’m over it LOL.

  8. I agree with this, your last paragraph especially: if no one blogged it, no one would care! I have lots of friends who run, and we all just eat what we want and run what we want and rest when we want, no discussion about it. If we meet at a restaurant after a run, who cares if I order crawfish monica and you order a spinach salad? I think if we were all honest about it, we’d admit that even in the blog world, NO ONE CARES. You aren’t justifying that piece of pie to your readers: you’re justifying it to yourself. And if you have to justify your pie consumption, it sounds like you need to stop thinking about yourself and go do something productive with your life!

  9. I tend to avoid posting my meals because of the whole competing thing. Everyone is so judgemental and high and mighty about it that I’d rather just listen to my coach and my body and fuel appropriately.

  10. I’m definitely guilty of justifying what I eat – but that’s a habit that runs deep for me, I justify/defend everything. And I’m working to change that because I know that people care a lot less than I think they do!

    But, I love sharing food! I love food in general, love experimenting in the kitchen and telling people about it – which is why I started to blog in the first place. But, I used to think I had to make every meal fun and exciting just for the sake of the blog. I’ve since stopped doing that, and have lost almost all of my readers. Which I try not to let get to me, but I can’t lie and say that it doesn’t bug me at all.

    That said, my blog in the past year has been much more *me*, and less justifying or eating and cooking “for the blog”. If I happen to make a recipe that is share-worthy, great! If not, whatever. I’ll eat it anyway.

    1. I think as a society, we struggle with having to justify every single thing and that is part of the problem. Often times (even just for ourselves) we can’t just say this is what I ate for no rhyme or reason. Or this is what I did really…it’s a topic that has nothing to do with food.

  11. Unfortunately, my blog is one which focuses on disordered eating from time to time but I’ll still give my input on this post since I agree with it 100%. I don’t post much about what I eat on a daily basis because people tend to try and analyze things based on a person’s pictures. I know damn well people do not post every single bit which goes into their mouths, and I also know I have NO right to judge someone’s meals or food choices. To each his own. In the real world, most people don’t even know what a blog is and would never understand why some of us will read about the lives of strangers or look at pictures of food other people eat. So, why would I justify what people eat when MOST people don’t even focus on food at all except how delicious it tastes.

  12. This is something that’s been on my mind lately too – I find I’m a lot more likely to post about the chicken wings or the cupcakes I eat rather than the salad and chicken, because I don’t want to be accused of having disordered habits. With ED’s so rampant in the blog world, it seems like a lot of people are just looking for an excuse to point a fingers in a blast of “LOOK AT HOW DISORDERED YOU ARE!”
    It’s hard to remember that how eating is viewed and seen in the blogworld is incredible different from the real world. Most people don’t really care about what or how much they eat, they just kind of go with it.

  13. I want to write a post about how I eat fro-yo or cheesecake or something crazy bad for me DAILY!. anyways, my calories fluctuate daily like you said. Some days I just simply am not hungry and will seriously consume less than 1000 calories and other days it 5-6k. Shit happens. I eat what I want when I want. I don’t limit myself, or stick to some strict plan. Nor do I feel the need to share everything that I eat because PEOPLE DON’T CARE. I personally don’t care to read EVERY.SINGLE.THING someone eats in a day. But I do like reading new recipes or seeing photos of some fabulous looking meals that make my mouth water. Sure I will take photos of some things I make or eat, but not everything.

  14. Amen! All the food and exercise related judgement that goes on really does only exist in the blog world. The ONLY people in real life who’ve ever commented on my eating and exercise habits with judgement or praise were my college friends. Because in college I had serious issues – I would run 12 miles and then eat a small salad for dinner, and the truth was (and everyone knew it) that no, I didn’t “make up for it” later. This was also really dangerous because I’d do that and then go out for drinks and black out, so I’m glad people were worried enough to tell me I needed to eat more. And then when I started eating normally and taking rest days, my friends applauded that, which was legit because it was, at the time, really hard for me and I’m also glad they did that because it gave me a reason to keep eating normal/taking rest days and make that my normal life. But I think that is the ONLY SITUATION where judgement and comments on your habits are appropriate! I mean, no, I could never run after eating a cheeseburger because I’d shit my running shorts but that doesn’t mean I think it’s gross that anyone else does it – more power to their stomach of steel! And anyone should be able to put two and two together – Hollie runs 70+ mpw consistently and has PR’d in many races this spring which no one could do if they didn’t eat enough, so if she’s just eating a salad, Its not a red flag….and it’s not worth a comment. I think people should really just mind their own business….if you’re so insecure about your own way of eating that you have to harp on others, wel, you should probably pay a little more attention to yourself….that said I love recipe posts because how else would I know to give my waffles crabs….I MEAN…..lolololol

  15. I feel like a book could be written about this topic. Personally, I love food. I love talking about it, eating it and thinking of ways to pair ingredients. However, I do think there is a fine line between loving food and obsessing over it – no, I don’t need to see the same bowl of oats that you have had for the past 56 days. By posting what you eat, regardless if it is just a snap shot of one part of your meal (or day) it is up for judgement because someone will always have an issue. Only you know yourself so just do what works for you…which is obviously working since you are beasting every race! In this day and age – everything is up for judgement. I know people look at me like I have five heads when I say I don’t like to drink…I just can’t get past the taste and weird tipsy feeling.

    You could easily make any of the waffles I posted 😉 You are the breakfast queen when it comes to waffles and pancakes.

  16. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying here. Basically you’re always gonna receive criticism no matter what type of food you post because someone always has a opinion and thinks their view is right on what you should be eating. With that said and for the sake of being honest, I feel like posts like this kind of under that ‘justification’ style post of pointing out the fact that you’re not a typical health blogger and that you have an ‘ I don’t care ‘ attitude about fitting in to a certain blogger mold. You seem to have a few posts in which you discuss all the ways you’re not a typical blogger…which is fine!! But why the need to point it out and justify it? Just seems a little contradictory. Just some thoughts! Hope this doesn’t come across as harsh or anything. I was just hit with lots of thoughts after reading this post! Especially because I’ve dealt with a lot of the same criticisms as you describe here.

  17. …”Are you sure you can finish that young lady, it’s pretty big.” “where do you hide it.”

    OMG. this is my life. a bowl that might have been 3 servings of oatmeal at Foxy Roxys… in my belly. I think I horrified everyone in the diner.

  18. Haha, Mike and I have gone out to breakfast after a run and ordered a shit ton of food and the waitress was like “that’s a lot of food”. I think she thought we weren’t going to eat it all, but we did and it was delicious.

    Mike even said today, I kind of want to hire a tri coach but they would not like how we eat. We definitely try to eat healthy but we like to go out to eat and we are lazy. Sometimes we just eat some pizza and that’s the way it is.

  19. Thanks for tackling this subject! The blog world is crazy with food.. People eat “too healthy,” try new diets, avoid foods, blah blah blah. It’s all whatever to me. I like to eat my food and move on! I like the “real world” perspective on food… It’s just food and that’s it. I also enjoy your blog because you don’t care what people say if you ran 10 miles and got a salad. It’s your business and you’re obviously doing something right based on your athletic ability!

  20. I have when people try to tell you that you should be eating one way or another. Screw it. I eat when I want, but I do try to eat healthfully. That does not mean that I don’t eat 10 layer pieces of cake on occasion! Love it. I do what I want with focus on healthy most of the time so that I can fit into my clothes. Also because I take rest days whenever I want and want to be able to enjoy my life. Whatevs.

  21. I definitely share food recipes on my blog so I can’t say I am against it, however I think there are limits to it. I have never done a “What I Ate” Wednesday or whatever, or said how big my portions are, because I feel like that just asks for the comments you were talking about (you don’t eat enough, or you eat that much and are still small). Plus, I eat until I am full. There’s no set amount per day. The reason I share recipes/talk about my eating choices is only because changing the way I ate gave me more energy/made me happier so I’m trying to spread the love (I learned about Paleo from a blog, so I figure I can pay it forward).

  22. Food bloggers are the WORST 😉 Hah, but seriously. It is SO weird how obsessed we (I) get over food!!! It’s honestly weird. But I’ve found that I truly DO enjoy sharing recipes with people, and now that I’ve gotten a lot more relaxed around what I’m eating, it doesn’t bother me anymore. I don’t feel like I need to prove or justify what I eat, so I think that helps!

  23. To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a rat’s patootie if someone cares about what I eat.
    When I feel like posting about food I do.
    Maybe because I live in a part of the country where obesity is extremely common, but I find I get a lot of flack for eating healthy yet not being overweight. It makes me sad that the people around me thing healthy food is only for losing weight. I don’t want to offend anyone with my responses, it’s a fine line to walk.

  24. I totally agree. I find it really annoying when people judge your workouts, eating and me individually. People who know me can all attest that I have always loved my vegetables and it’s not because of a diet. People who know me will also know that I have a passion for working out, competing and anything cardio or strength related. Well there you go..I eat well and workout and have always been short and petite. If I’m out to eat I will 99% of the time finish my meal as others will not. “Jess, how did you finish that…you’re so lucky it doesn’t show.” Depending on my mood i’ll give a smart remark or spit out that I’m an athlete and an athlete has to eat…Glad I’m not the only one again!

  25. I think sharing your food is fine! I share pictures occasionally and its usually because the food is either delicious, unique or looks amazing in the picture I took! Share on 😉

  26. I mean there is so much I could say to that. I think my way is to avoid talking about food altogether on my blog, honestly I am just a pretty normal boring eater. Nothing too special. My favorite blogs are the ones that don’t talk about food all the time and justify who they are

  27. My mornings at work consist of listening to one girl talk about food, weight, and appearance for a good two hours and there is no getting through to her. (She’s about 5′ 2″ and MAYBE 100 lbs.)

    Things I’ve learned from her (sarcasm):
    1.) Do not spin more than once or twice a week or you’ll get TT’s (Thick Thighs – technical term, I know.)
    2.) Eggs are bad for you. Egg whites are the ONLY good thing for you.
    3.) Veggie wraps are an acceptable dinner and ONLY veggie wraps.
    4.) If you eat half a tuna sub on Friday night and finish it Saturday afternoon, it’s gross.
    5.) Meat? Gross.
    6.) Bread? Gross.
    7.) Cheese? Gross.
    8.) Bagels? Gross.
    9.) “Oh my God, his friends will like, eat healthy at dinner but then they ALWAYS have dessert afterwards. Like, gross.”
    10.) Do not lift weights or add resistance in spinning – you will get huge muscles.
    11.) Getting a sheet pizza and eating two squares is gross (two squares equals about 1 regular slice).

    Gross = will make you so unfit and fat.

    I seriously want to bash my head into the wall every time she says things like this.
    Also, she says these things as I eat my eggs, bagels (all with cheese), pasta, etc. and talk about biking, spinning, and lifting weights. She probably talks about me after she leaves saying I have “TT’s”.

  28. I ate Paleo for months and still eat 85% Paleo (anything I cook/buy is), and everybody at work wants to talk About it. I get a ton of comments on my size too (5′, 100lbs) but I’m not a stick! I like reading about what people on here eat, but they write it because they want to and I read it cause I want to. I don’t want to discuss it at work.

  29. You know my main thoughts on sharing food. I love recipes but I don’t need to see your whole day because it does feel like people are justifying themselves and I don’t think that is healthy. I know for me, I have had an eating disorder and do battle it today but I win every time. But I know I am uncomfortable with my food choices are doing what I want when I call my mom and tell her what I am having. I feel like it is the same with these pictures of food. People want to feel better about their choice. And I wish waitresses and meal guests would stop commenting on what someone chooses at a restaurant. Why is it anyone’s business what another person chooses? I still remember the waitress that said no one had ever finished the lasagna I ordered… I had just finished it and I was in the depths of recovery. I left crying and my mom proceeded to tell her she bet the other people werent recovery anorexics either. So in short keep comments to yourself unless they are asked for, and go ahead and share recipes but your whole day? I could really care less.

  30. haha reasons why I don’t do food blogging or ever will…. although wait I swore I wouldn’t post what I eat on instagram and I have although hello my pancakes were epic hehe – oh help me hahaha 😀

  31. Amen! I actually just wrote a similar post on my own blog about this the other day. I live my life and try not to be someone different for the blog-o-sphere. The idea of “What I ate Wednesday” actually horrifies me. Yes I have days where I am lazy and do the bare minimum exercise or none at all but you are right when you say that in real life nobody cares. Life is not a competition.

  32. If you love eggs but suck at cooking them you should grease a pie pan / over safe frying pan and throw in eggs, meats, vegetables, heck even a waffle. SO EASY (I would reccomend using a second bowl to whisk up said eggs, then mix in everything else, then dump into oven vessel). Cook at 350 of 375, whatever you feel like, until the middle doesn’t wiggle when you shake the vessel. Easy peasy. Do itttt.

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