Dolphin Diner (Burlington)

Dolphin Diner (Burlington<, NJ)

The Dolphin Diner is now closed. It has been closed and reopened under a few names, but as of Sept. 2019, it is completely closed)

The night before Broad Street, my inlaws, Tim, and I decided to head to a local diner.   I had wanted to try the Dolphin Diner for a while.  Realistically I liked this diner because the outside looked nice and “diner-like”.

Was the moon photoshopped...who knows. Photo Credit from the Dolphin Diner website
Was the moon photoshopped…who knows? Photo Credit from the Dolphin Diner website

Dolphin Diner Atmosphere: A

The outside atmosphere is what initially drew me into the Dolphin Diner.  It’s a giant blue metallic building.  I was thinking (and hoping) they would run with the nautical dolphin theme inside.  While there are plenty of dolphin designs, there aren’t as many as you would think!  Either way, the outside is nice, and the inside is clean.  When we arrived around 5:30, and the Dolphin Diner wasn’t crowded at all.  I was shocked, but there are five diners within the 10 min radius.

Dolphin Diner Coffee: A

I always enjoy when diners give a bowl of whipped cream instead of putting it directly into the coffee.  The coffee at the Dolphin Diner was great, and it came with quite a bit of whipped cream.  I have no complaints.  It was excellent.

Bowl of whipped cream and coffee
A bowl of whipped cream and coffee

Dolphin Diner Food:  A

The menu of diners is like black holes.  You find yourself wondering how on earth they could make all of these different foods.  The Dolphin Diner menu has at least 200 different menu items. I ordered their signature Greek salad with blackened chicken.  Due to the price, I wasn’t sure how large the salad would be.  When it came out, I was pleasantly surprised.  The salad was massive and filled with feta cheese, greens, cucumbers, grape leaves, pita bread, and olives.  However, it was missing onions which surprised me.  No harm was done, and it was one of the better salads I’ve had in a while. Dolphin Diner Salad Cost: $

The salad and coffee were 14 dollars.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back of the Dolphin Diner (Burlington)? The Dolphin Diner (Burlington) is a great diner. I was pleasantly surprised and have no complaints.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Cost: $5-22 (the highest-end being the seafood platters)
Overall: A

Questions for you:
Do you like onions? 
What do you eat before a big race? 

Wedding Gifts

I was given an extremely awesome opportunity to review some products from Uncommon Goods.

They originally contacted me to review a product for a Mother’s Day post.  There are plenty of Mother’s Day Gifts to choose from too! I am extremely close with my mom.  My mom planned  95% of the wedding and without her it would not have been as successful.

my parents
my parents

I was browsing Uncommon Goods and found a lot of cute things I loved.  It’s a very cute, interesting and unique website and I immediately found a lot of gifts I liked for both family and friends.

However, something struck me as a great wedding gift.  Before they contacted me, I was struggling with finding appropriate wedding gifts.  I’m extremely close with my parents but we aren’t the sentimental, emotional type of family.  We are the funny and gag gift type of family.  It always makes birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas extremely difficult.

One of the hardest parts of the wedding was trying to figure out what I wanted to give my parents.  An emotional wedding gift would feel forced and not the tone of our family.

 I love the “What I Love About You Series”.  I choose these to use these as part of a wedding gift set for both my parents and the groom. 

In a way, the books remind me of sentimental mad lips.  You fill in the blanks of various and sentimental topics.  For example a line in the book is: I love the way you ________ or I love that you love _________.

You can be as funny or as serious as you want.  Obviously my blog is titled “Fueledbylolz” and I get my sense of humor from my parents…so you can see where mine personal books went.

My family can share the humor together…another person can make them very emotional and heart felt.  They are very personal and you can fill them out for your personal needs.  Each book is filled with 50 pages to fill out.  I think it’s the perfect length without feeling overbearing or tired.  I would 100% recommend them to anyone.

what I love about you books

I really like a lot of their products and have since gone to buy a few more items.  Thank you Uncommon Goods for reaching out and contacting me.  There are quite a few products I like for my friends and family (as well as myself…like this scarf).

Question for you: Are you close with your parents?

Happy Birthday Mom

For mothers day, I wrote a post about how awesome my mom is.  It’s safe to say after living at home with her the last month I still feel the same way and she has been an open ear for all my current worries.

Today is her birthday.


Happy Birthday Mom!

You should go like her facebook page with her doll clothes.  She makes American Girl clothes (We literally have about 20 American Girl’s), baby gifts and blankets.  Basically she is amazing at sewing and I didn’t inherent any of that creativity.  I really tried though.

My mom's American Girl Clothe Designs
My mom’s American Girl Clothe Designs
One of the rad set ups

So that is my shameless blog sponsorship plug.  Since my mom currently sponsors me and I don’t live on the streets right now, it’s only right that I link her page for you to like.  I’m really good at linking things, but seriously  it would mean a lot if you did.

*EDIT: I think I fixed the link .  🙂

So with that…

Happy Birthday Mom. 

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