April Showers Bring Moving May Flowers

I’m not going to lie, I wrote this post a really long time ago…as in mid April.  A lot of bloggers use the first day of the month to explain goals, changes in their lives for the month…ect.  I have a habit of doing this as well (probably every 2-3 months) but now seemed like the perfect to time to publicly announce that I’m moving. 

I haven’t exactly been quiet about it, but I haven’t point blank said hey guys I am leaving Upstate NY…forever…or at least an extended period of time.  Now, after spending 5 years here, it seems weird to say that.  As of right now, I’m going back down to VA Beach area and living with my parents.  I don’t plan to stay there forever (obviously) and have started job hunting around that area.   I can’t tell you how long I’ll be there but I know it will at least be through the summer.  I have an idea of what I want to do after but that is a post for when I commit to that decision and for another 1st of the month post.

So why leave Upstate (Arctic Tundra, NY?)

Well, first and foremost…I really loved my job up here.  I enjoyed the people, what I did, and the actual work.  I’ll probably do an overview post before I leave, just recapping the year because it truly deserves that.

Do I enjoy the area?  No.  It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy the cold but also it’s a college town.  A big focus of this town is the bar scene and I wasn’t a big bar goer in undergrad, let alone when I work at a college.  When you live in a town that the only thing to do is go to the bars and anything else is a bit of hike…well it takes a toll on you.  It’s also a bit of a conflict of interest to “party” with students.  (That and it’s a conflict of my own interests for waking up and running…oh and that I just don’t enjoy going to bars.).  Moving on.

But as your life doesn’t solely revolve around running or working out, it doesn’t solely revolve around your job.  Your job can only really be a portion of the day…then what?

So yes, that is why I have decided to leave and find a more suitable environment for me.  As I said, I loved my job, I’m leaving on good terms but the area is far from my family and also Tim.   That being said,  I still have no interest for the cold. I’m not moving away because I can’t run outdoors in the winter (I don’t mind the treadmill and why would I move to VA where it’s now 90 degrees…) Though I’m skipping Spring completely going from NY cold to southern VA heat.   Since I didn’t actually say when I’ll be back in VA, it’s in about 2.5 weeks (around May 18).  I’m seeing the semester through and then leaving.

So there.  Surprise and my goal of May is to move and secure a job.  Finally since I know where I’ll be for a few months I was able to make a rough race schedule but I’ll probably fill the rest of the weekends with 5ks.

Question for you: Have you ever made a decision to move far away?

Well obviously, I went 700 miles away from college and then stayed up here a year afterwords…I think that’s far far away.

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  1. Good luck! After Pittsburgh this weekend, I’ll see if I can get up to see you before you leave.

  2. I just got my computer back, wrote a post about my own move, came to your blog to comment about your race and I saw you posted about your move too! Congrats on this decision! I think the move will be great for your running and life in general! I am going to secretly wish you end up in Pittsburgh but I know that won’t happen. 🙂

    1. Great minds think alike I think. I will have to come visit Pittsburgh though. I feel like I might have to visit if I get time off of work this summer because of the amount of people I’ll know up there now!

  3. Hollie, I totally get it. First, I know a lot of people from undergrad who stayed in the area or moved to neighboring towns, and while I understand why they’d make that decision (they’re comfortable, they know the town, etc.), I would never be able to do it. The party/bar scene is the same at my undergrad, and the thought of drinking to oblivion and partying with younger students does not appeal to me in the least. Anyway. Living at home for a bit is a great way to get your footing and come up with a plan–which is sounds like you already have, but you can focus on executing it.

  4. I’m in school outside of Baltimore and although I like the school I HATE where I live. I can’t wait to graduate so I can leave this area. Good luck with your move!

  5. Congrats!!! I moved from Rochester NY to Arlington VA and that is a solid 400 miles away. I vote that you look in the DC area : ) It is super fun and there is lots to do. OR you can find a sweet pad in VA beach and just have beach parties all summer. I’ll crutch my ass down and join you.

  6. I give you a lot of credit for living in such a cold place for so long!! I am sure you will find a great job in VA or maybe elsewhere? Hopefully soon you will be close to Tim! I went to college 4 1/2 hours away from home and spent 3 months in South Africa so I have no problem going away from my home town, its a dream of mine to live in California!

  7. I still live in the same city I was born in, and I never even left it for any extended period of time – not even for school. Lately, I’ve really been considering a move, though. Even living here my whole life, it still doesn’t really feel like home, ya know? It’s cold. It’s ugly. It’s kind of depressing… I’m definitely not all that happy here. So yeah, basically I think it’s awesome that you figured out that you’re not happy where you are and you’re doing something about it. Really hoping I can do the same.

  8. This is exciting news!! Good luck with the move… maybe someday I’ll make it down your way and get out of WI (where I don’t like my job, none of my friends really are AND it’s cold.)

    Kudos to you for going out on a limb 🙂

  9. job hunting is never fun but I honestly believe that being somewhere you love is going to make a world of a difference in just overall life quality, stress and anxiety. Good luck!

    1. Job hunting was hard enough the first time! Now the second time…it’s still hard. HA. Anyways, being around people more my speed is def going be good for me.

  10. 5 years is plenty to spend freezing your butt off 😉
    I’m excited to see what the new chapter of your warmer life brings. Plus the quicker we get through may the faster i get to meet you! Holla!

  11. Oh yes. I’m originally from Memphis, TN– got bored, moved to Tampa, FL…. then to California (Orange County/LA area)- loved it, but it got too expensive on my budget at the time among other reasons, so I moved back to TN for a quick minute and now I’m back in Tampa, FL. I applaud you in making the right decision and moving somewhere that makes you happier… it doesn’t always happen the first couple of times… I’ve moved myself 15 times now 🙂 Good luck!

  12. I have no idea how you can live in a college town after graduating college. It would drive me NUTS! I have no idea how people do it (except, as you said, they like to drink). I would just be annoyed by all the immaturity, loud cars, and just bottles/trash laying everywhere from the college go-ers. Idk, i feel like a Grandma but I definitely understand why you would move home. To be honest, although I have almost no independence, I really do like being home and in a place I just… know.

  13. I’ve made a couple big moves in my life, and while it’s really scary, it’s also wonderful and exciting to get to do new things and meet new people. I like to think of it as an adventure. Good luck!

  14. So excited for you! This is such an exciting time in your life. I wouldn’t want to be stuck in the tundra either. It’s a scary time because you’re starting everything new, but in the end it will be worth it!

  15. This is so exciting, Hollie. Change is good, especially if it brings you closer to family. Good luck with your career decisions, I can’t wait to hear what you’re going to do.

  16. I’m glad you’ll be moving somewhere that you know you like. Climate is important and if the cold doesn’t agree with you, get outta there! That must be such a difference from southern Virginia. Personally I love snow and cold. I’ve been from Michigan to Montana to Minnesota to Oregon, back to Minnesota and at the end of the week, I’m headed back to Michigan. In 3 years…I’m kinda tired. 🙂

  17. Best of luck on your move! I hope you find something in VA that you love just as much. After I met my (now husband) I moved from Houston, Texas to Denver, CO — I didn’t know anybody besides my husband. Thankfully getting involved with the running community helped REAL quick. Also, uhm.. TWITTER FOLK! 😉 🙂

  18. Hey, I wouldn’t judge you even if you were moving due to the weather! The only reason I would ever want to move away from where I am is because running becomes a nightmare for 4-5 months of the year. I’ll have to live vicariously through your gorgeous sunshine 😉

    I hope the move goes well!


  19. Wooot! Yeah even if the weather were the only reason you were moving, I would not judge. Totally legit IMO 😛 but I must say I’m SUPER EXCITED you’re going back to VA!!!

  20. That’s so exciting!! We lived in upstate NY (Ithaca) for 6 years and I was very ready to get away from the cold… now after two years in Houston, we’re heading back to the northeast, but hopefully not as cold as upstate. 🙂 Hope you find a great job and everything comes together for you!

  21. I’m not very far away but yeah, I am 100 miles from Florence but it feels like worlds away. It is different to leave the college town and move somewhere that has a young adult atmosphere because Chas. certainly does. There are bars here that cater to 20somethings and other things that cater to 20somethings. It doesn’t shut down in the summer or Spring Break, etc like a college town up north would either. I don’t blame you to move because you can find another job and you do have a place to live with your parents, that’s a big thing in moving. Surely you’ll find something :).

    Oh, and Southern Va. isn’t that hot. Yet.

  22. Congrats Hollie that is so exciting! Kudos for taking control of your own happiness!

    As someone who has moved every eight months or so for work for two years now, figuring it all out can certainly be challenging, but sometimes a challenge is an awesome thing!

    Good luck!

  23. Congrats on the move! I was in a similar position last year, moving back to VB to live with my mom. It lasted 2 months (2 weeks in, I got a call from my current job and the interview process started). Hopefully you will have quick success in the job hunt too.

  24. Congrats on the move! I’ve moved several times, to far away states, and I’d actually like to move again, to somewhere South Central. I’m still trying to talk my hubby into it. 🙂

    Good luck on the job front. 🙂

  25. I stayed where I went to college for 4.5 years, and like you hated the weather and had enough of the college scene by then lol. I miss my friends but no one stayed around there so I went back home..save a little money and now I’m making a big move sometime here in the summer too. scary. exciting. good luck friend 🙂

  26. I am so glad you are making this move for yourself. While enjoying what you do is great, you have to find an environment that is suitable for you. Location isn’t everything but it is a huge part of life and should always be considered. I am also excited that you will be in VA this summer because although VT is kinda far it is not a huge distance and we can meet up this summer 😀 Hopefully I will be planning one of the biggest moves of my life in a little over a year! and hopefully the same is for you and it is the same state! hehe

  27. In case I haven’t said it enough. I hate that you’re moving far away, but I am ridiculously happy for you. Good news is, you have a guest room at my house ANYTIME you want!

  28. Aw, it’s too bad you weren’t in Buffalo — I bet that would have changed your mind on the Artic Tundra of NY 🙂 I know what you mean about the college town thing, though. I went to a small college with nothing to do BUT go to bars. I could not live there now that I’m finished with school.

    I keep considering moving to NYC. I don’t know what it is about that city, but I love it. I keep looking for jobs at my current company in that area, or even Indianapolis… haven’t seen anything, not sure I could really pull the trigger, but I like to think I could. I did apply for a job that ended up being cut which involved 100% travel around the United States… I think that’s a step in the right “big move” direction!

    Good luck in VA! I wish I could live somewhere I didn’t need to wear underarmour 8 months out of the year for running though….

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