April Showers Bring Moving May Flowers

I’m not going to lie, I wrote this post a really long time ago…as in mid April.  A lot of bloggers use the first day of the month to explain goals, changes in their lives for the month…ect.  I have a habit of doing this as well (probably every 2-3 months) but now seemed like the perfect to time to publicly announce that I’m moving. 

I haven’t exactly been quiet about it, but I haven’t point blank said hey guys I am leaving Upstate NY…forever…or at least an extended period of time.  Now, after spending 5 years here, it seems weird to say that.  As of right now, I’m going back down to VA Beach area and living with my parents.  I don’t plan to stay there forever (obviously) and have started job hunting around that area.   I can’t tell you how long I’ll be there but I know it will at least be through the summer.  I have an idea of what I want to do after but that is a post for when I commit to that decision and for another 1st of the month post.

So why leave Upstate (Arctic Tundra, NY?)

Well, first and foremost…I really loved my job up here.  I enjoyed the people, what I did, and the actual work.  I’ll probably do an overview post before I leave, just recapping the year because it truly deserves that.

Do I enjoy the area?  No.  It’s no secret that I don’t enjoy the cold but also it’s a college town.  A big focus of this town is the bar scene and I wasn’t a big bar goer in undergrad, let alone when I work at a college.  When you live in a town that the only thing to do is go to the bars and anything else is a bit of hike…well it takes a toll on you.  It’s also a bit of a conflict of interest to “party” with students.  (That and it’s a conflict of my own interests for waking up and running…oh and that I just don’t enjoy going to bars.).  Moving on.

But as your life doesn’t solely revolve around running or working out, it doesn’t solely revolve around your job.  Your job can only really be a portion of the day…then what?

So yes, that is why I have decided to leave and find a more suitable environment for me.  As I said, I loved my job, I’m leaving on good terms but the area is far from my family and also Tim.   That being said,  I still have no interest for the cold. I’m not moving away because I can’t run outdoors in the winter (I don’t mind the treadmill and why would I move to VA where it’s now 90 degrees…) Though I’m skipping Spring completely going from NY cold to southern VA heat.   Since I didn’t actually say when I’ll be back in VA, it’s in about 2.5 weeks (around May 18).  I’m seeing the semester through and then leaving.

So there.  Surprise and my goal of May is to move and secure a job.  Finally since I know where I’ll be for a few months I was able to make a rough race schedule but I’ll probably fill the rest of the weekends with 5ks.

Question for you: Have you ever made a decision to move far away?

Well obviously, I went 700 miles away from college and then stayed up here a year afterwords…I think that’s far far away.