Treadmill Training (71M)
Monday: Nike Training core AM: 11.01 miles treadmill (8:49 pace easy)
Tuesday: 50 crunches OFF (I was sick and my corneas burned to the power of 10000 suns)
Wednesday: Nike strength training back PM: 11.48 run (8:16 pace)
Thursday: 50 crunches PM: 12.02 run (8:19 pace) felt really good
Friday: 50 crunches AM: 10.35 easy (9:00)
PM: 2 hours elliptical
Saturday: 50 crunches 11.55 miles (8:18) easy
Sunday P90X 15 miles outdoors
Total: 71 miles total


Besides my corneal abrasions on Tuesday and not being able to run, I think I had a really productive training week.  Actually even with them, it was extremely productive training week because all my miles felt great. Instead of trying to make up the miles on another day I just kept with the schedule…and look at that…I’m still in the same amount of shape.

I think part of running easy miles for me has allowed my runs to not feel hard on the legs or challenging.  It’s hard to only allow yourself to go an X pace on the treadmill, but I think it’s something that is so important when running there.  I was really happy to get outdoors on Sunday and I think actually (knock on wood) I may be able to have a few outdoor runs this week.  That would certainly be nice.

I guess it’s hard for me to relay how good I actually feel in my runs because I’m not doing tempos and producing 6:XX based speed workouts but I am running high mileage and not feeling fatigued.

#Corewhore updates:

I’m still doing it.  My core is becoming more strong.  I might have to upp my lazy girl 50 crunches to 100.  As you can see I did the Nike Back training once as well.  People often forget that keeping your back strong is as important as your abs and front too.  I’m going to try and integrate more back work to get the whole package.

Knowledge gained from my treadmill running this week:

1. Next week is going to have a few 30+ degree days.
2. It is illegal for first cousins to marry in West VA but legal in VA.
3. Gypsy Brides are virgins before they get married.
4. If female beetles were humans they could lift a semi truck like no big deal.
5.  Some girl on campus was having extreme issues with her boyfriend because he was talking to some girl named Rebecca while she was in class.  (as she screamed into her cell phone).

Questions for you:

Favorite workout of the week?
Do you workout when you are sick?