Treadmill Training (71M)

Monday: Nike Training core AM: 11.01 miles treadmill (8:49 pace easy)
Tuesday: 50 crunches OFF (I was sick and my corneas burned to the power of 10000 suns)
Wednesday: Nike strength training back PM: 11.48 run (8:16 pace)
Thursday: 50 crunches PM: 12.02 run (8:19 pace) felt really good
Friday: 50 crunches AM: 10.35 easy (9:00)
PM: 2 hours elliptical
Saturday: 50 crunches 11.55 miles (8:18) easy
Sunday P90X 15 miles outdoors
Total: 71 miles total


Besides my corneal abrasions on Tuesday and not being able to run, I think I had a really productive training week.  Actually even with them, it was extremely productive training week because all my miles felt great. Instead of trying to make up the miles on another day I just kept with the schedule…and look at that…I’m still in the same amount of shape.

I think part of running easy miles for me has allowed my runs to not feel hard on the legs or challenging.  It’s hard to only allow yourself to go an X pace on the treadmill, but I think it’s something that is so important when running there.  I was really happy to get outdoors on Sunday and I think actually (knock on wood) I may be able to have a few outdoor runs this week.  That would certainly be nice.

I guess it’s hard for me to relay how good I actually feel in my runs because I’m not doing tempos and producing 6:XX based speed workouts but I am running high mileage and not feeling fatigued.

#Corewhore updates:

I’m still doing it.  My core is becoming more strong.  I might have to upp my lazy girl 50 crunches to 100.  As you can see I did the Nike Back training once as well.  People often forget that keeping your back strong is as important as your abs and front too.  I’m going to try and integrate more back work to get the whole package.

Knowledge gained from my treadmill running this week:

1. Next week is going to have a few 30+ degree days.
2. It is illegal for first cousins to marry in West VA but legal in VA.
3. Gypsy Brides are virgins before they get married.
4. If female beetles were humans they could lift a semi truck like no big deal.
5.  Some girl on campus was having extreme issues with her boyfriend because he was talking to some girl named Rebecca while she was in class.  (as she screamed into her cell phone).

Questions for you:

Favorite workout of the week?
Do you workout when you are sick? 

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  1. You are a machine! I could not imagine doing all that on a treadmill. I am thinking I have to do my long run inside today and dreading it.

  2. oh gosh if I were Rebecca I would be scared shitless. Run away Rebecca.I hope you get some more outdoor runs next week, but still you rocked out what you could this week on the treadmill which blows my mind

  3. hehe don’t you love it when people have private conversations like that screaming in public? awkward.

    I think my favourite workout was my upper body/HIIT treadmill workout yesterday. I’m not speedy at all, so I was impressed with myself that I was able to hold sprints at 9 miles mph for one minute (alternated with one minute at 5 mph) for 10 minutes.

    1. Exactly. Like really, do you want everyone and their mother to know about your life?

      Nice work with treadmill sprints. That is def something I have never mastered.

  4. When I’m doing cardio my mind always comes up with the strangest things to think about. I could write a book but they may throw me in a straight

    My favorite workout of the week was clubbin’ cardio (a dance class).

  5. You’ve learned some pretty useful things. I’m assuming that by you saying it’s going to be above 30 degrees next week that means you’ll get to do some miles outside. I bet it will feel really nice for a change even though you don’t seem to hate the treadmill as much as I do lol
    I should start practicing my lifting so I can keep up with those beetles.

    1. Yeah, I believe I said in the previous paragraph but I’m hoping to get outdoors quite a bit next week granted it’s not flooding due to snow melting. 🙂

  6. Way to go on your running… gotta love the weird things you learn too, I have thought about doing a post on weird things I see on the side of the road when I run (like old TVs out for the garbage man, etc, one time I saw a toilet out there!). Hope you enjoy the 30+ days next week and possibly being outside.

    BTW love the new header!

  7. My favourite workout this week had to be th CXWORKS at my new gym. Decided that I needed to join a gym to get the kms up since my training involves two kids that can’t quite do the distances I need to do…and now that Hubby and I tag team our hours they have to creche it. Yes I workout even when rarely under the weather…I just tone it down a bit. Awesome job this week on your miles…champion!

  8. Noting your comment reply above – we had some flooding when the snow melted. We really can’t win – everyone wants it to go the Hell away as quickly as possible but when it does it causes even more chaos!

    I used to never bother with tempos, track workouts etc. at all – it’s strange to me that I used to be able to run 13 consecutive low 7/mid-6 minute miles when I never ran at that speed outside of races, not even close. Of course now that’s bitten me in the bum and I’m a total slowpoke, but the point is that I’m sure it is possible to pull out decent speeds running high mileage/low intensity if you have a strong cardio base to start with.


    1. Exactly. I’ll probably have to run on the tread for a few days until it evaporates a bit. I’m the same way as far as easy miles. I run a 9 minute 10 miler but somehow can run faster in races…I don’t get it,

  9. Gypsy brides… you don’t say. I wish I learned interesting things on the treadmill, but that’s the one place I tend to keep the buds in the ears and tune the world out. Starbucks on the other hand… man have I overheard some weird conversations in there. I think I was once sitting next to a guy who was having an affair on his wife and meeting up for coffee with “the other woman”. Now THAT was a little bit awkward to listen to.

  10. Awesome workout week, Hollie! Love your treadmill lessons too–that could be a weekly post itself! So days, I feel really focused and in the zone during runs, and others, I people-watch like it’s nobody’s business. 😉

  11. Your mileage always amazes me! And I also appreciate that you realize how good you felt during the runs- not that you felt like you *had* to run a certain distance, but rather you did because it felt awesome… I hope your blazing hot corneas are feeling better!

  12. Great week of training and I hope the weather holds out so you get to run outside next week. I’m sure it’ll be a nice and much appreciated change :). Watching trash/random tv is the best thing to do on the treadmill, I’m not sure I’d make it through many runs if I didn’t!

    Love your new header!

  13. Awesomeee mileage beassst! I most definitely workout when I am sick, however I try to take it easier. I usually go to spin classes instead of running, that way I can control the intensity. Or I will go for a walk. I hope my favorite workout of the week is today..12miler on deck.

  14. Woah now – how come west virginia gets such a bad rap for marrying their cousins…yet it is illegal?! Hahaha oh well.
    As always EPIC mileage. I bet you’ll enjoy the 30+ degree weather! Woot woot.

    PS – the new header is lovely

  15. You crack me up. Seriously. The last part about the girl’s boyfriend. People are so strange in the gym.

    No workouts here besides 3 days packed with 8 hours of rude French people and hardcore skiing.

  16. I would say that’s a pretty productive week too! Congratulations on running as much in 1 day as I run in a week. 🙂 Hope you get outside a lot of days next week, but I also hope you keep learning awesome stuff about bugs and Rebeccas and brides.

  17. Great job this week! I’m glad you were still able to do your core work while you were sick, I would have probably ran and then made myself sicker. I usually don’t skip things, unless really sick or injured.

    I definitely am trying to incorporate more core work in my weekly routine.

    1. My New Year’s Resolution is to do some sort of core work every day of the year. Couldn’t miss that LOL! I decided I didn’t really have a reason to run and I still got the mileage in so one day wouldn’t kill me 🙂

  18. That’s a pretty tough week, especially considering you were sick. Respect. I did a trail run yesterday with a headache and whined about it for a pretty decent amount of time. In the end, I think the run fixed my headache. Not sure I’d go for a run if I had a cold or anything like that, at least not outdoors. But sweating it out might be the way to go, actually.

  19. first off, I LOVE the new header!! and your training is AMAZING as always Hollie!! plus I so admire your ability to run at the same pace on the treadmill, that takes such mental strength! and WHAT it’s legal to marry your cousin in VA?! that’s crazy. I must be a female beetle at heart though, because semi trucks are nbd for me 😉

  20. omg i hate people who talk on their phones in the gym! I mean okay, picking up your phone and being like “hey I’m at the gym, call you when I get home” that’s fine but having a full on bitch session for the world to hear……? aint nobody wanna hear dat. I could not agree with your more about the pacing on your runs – actually I know this from the opposite experience, I used to do my training runs – ALL my training runs – at 7:00 pace or faster. Easy runs were 7:30 pace. Now I was only running 50mpw, not 70, but still – that’s WAY too much work. And here I am having surgery! Lesson learned? I think so. Only time will tell if I’ll ever be able to get my mileage past 60 (I never have tried before), but I think if I do, pacing my runs slower is what’s going to get me there. Honestly you can EITHER go fast OR you can run high mileage…you can’t really do both (fast is relative here). So anyway. I applaud your training theory and I will certainly be applying it myself when I get back in the game!

    1. Exactly, I honestly don’t even care if it’s a quiet conversation..but neither that was. She was screaming into the phone.

      I actually have a post relating to training runs like that coming out tomorrow. I got my first stress fracture that way doing the same exact thing. Running 7-7:30 paced 50 mile weeks. I was entirely more tired doing that than running 70 mile weeks now.

  21. Epic mileage – how do you have the time?!

    Amazing workouts, and I took something away from the need to slow it down when upping the mileage, so thanks for that.

    Enjoy Gypsy Wedding 😉

  22. Thank you for realizing the need to strengthen your back too! So many back injuries happen because people forget that! I want to look into a few new core exercises, I think that might be my new goal for this week/month. So I know you love running outside but I get a kick out of the facts you learn on the treadmill 😀

  23. I give major props for all your workouts. Major. 🙂
    Keep up the good core work!!! (core whore updates = HILARIOUS!!!)

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