Training, Training

Training: 58 Miles

The previous week of training did not go as anticipated.  I got the stomach bug after (stupidly) using coffee creamer that I probably shouldn’t. It didn’t smell or look bad but looking back it was pretty old.

Long story short it caused me to take a couple days off from running because my stomach hurt.

Monday: 10 miles easy Core 15 minutes
Tuesday: 10 miles fast finish
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 10 miles (with ten striders)
Saturday: Belmar 5 (33:04)
Sunday: 15 mile long run Core 15 minutes

On Monday I felt pretty good. My deep tissue massage last Saturday left me feeling fresh. I took the run easy since it was two days post firecracker race. My body is the most susceptible to injury two days after a race. On Monday I finished my run and felt excited to see how the week would go.

On Tuesday I was able to battle through the heat with a fast finish run. It wasn’t anything interesting but I finished the last 2 miles much faster than the first 8.

As I said earlier Wednesday and Thursday were rest days for me. I normally have a stomach of steal but I believe I used creamer that was probably bad. It led to feeling an extremely uncomfortable and lying around most of both days. However no one gets injured from extra rest days…

On Friday I decided to run. I didn’t feel as awful as I anticipated but my stomach cramped the entire run and my legs felt stiff.   If it wasn’t for some newly downloaded Iggy Azalea music, I don’t know how I would have made it through.

Thanks Iggy
Thanks Iggy

On Saturday I raced the Belmar 5. Despite all of my issues I didn’t feel as bad as I anticipated. The race didn’t go as well as I would have liked but it wasn’t a complete loss. I’m satisfied with the results but I know I can run faster.

Cooling down on the shore
Cooling down on the shore

Then on Sunday I did a 15-mile long run.  Instead of doing 25 miles for my 25th birthday, I ran about 25k. It’s my longest run since the marathon.   Even though I’m training for shorter races right now, I think it’s important to occasionally get a longer run in. Not every week needs a long run but it worked out well this week. Surprisingly my long run was my best run of the week.

I started to log my core workouts here again. Recently I have been doing more core but with my stomach this week the last thing I wanted to do was upset it.

Next week:

I hope to get back on the consistent bandwagon of adding more speed work.

Questions for you:

Do you have a stomach of steel?

I normally do but last week really knocked me down.

What was your best workout last week?


Why Rest? Why Cross Train?

After last week of being sick I began to ask myself, when do I take a rest day.  Will I take a rest day if I’m very sick?  If I have a head cold?  If I’m sore?  If I’m achey?  If I have the flu?  If it’s raining or my garmin has died?  What qualifies in my mind (personally) as the need for a rest day?  I suppose this differs for everyone.  Some people can run on little sleep, without a garmin, without friends, in the 35 degree rain…some people can’t.  Some people are injury prone…some aren’t.

First I am probably the most paranoid person for injury.  Since I’m pretty clumsy and run the spectrum of injuries, stress fracture, knee problems, falling and breaking my arm on ice, getting hit by a cylist and remember that cyst that cut me out of training for 3 months?  Instead of linking to all those posts I’ll just link to my injury post.

Needless to say I am very injury prone.  Though my only real running injury came from improper training in 2011 (tibial stress fracture), I have had multiple other injuries from doing stupid things.  Like frolicking on ice and breaking my arm.

I love the Maury show and drama so you’re welcome.


I am very open with there have been a very workouts I wish I didn’t doI wish I had rested and honestly I felt no better afterwards.  The  entire duration of the workout I just felt sick, not feeling great and not feeling like I got anything accomplished but making myself worse.  This could just be me though but I’ve found “light cardio” does not help me if I feel sick.  Rest and recovery does.

Things that immediately qualify me to take a rest day:

  1. If I didn’t get enough sleep.  I don’t like to work out on minimal sleep and I have always felt terrible doing so.  I know there is a motivational poster that floats around on pinterest that says “the only workout you regret is the one you don’t do” I don’t agree.  I would almost always rather sleep in then get in a morning workout if I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep.  I do not function well on less.  (I suppose I’m a high maintenance sleeper).
  2. If I’m sick.  If I’m sick I normally feel like dirt to begin with and I normally didn’t sleep well the night before.  So I won’t have a productive run and I’ll be grumpy before, during and after.  So no working out for me.
  3. If I feel any sort of injury coming on.  If it’s a deep pain, a weird stretched muscle, something just feels weird I absolutely will not run on it.  It takes one stupid move to run on a small injury and bam stress fracture or some serious injury. I would know because it led to my stress fracture.  (which I can attest to poor training).  If it doesn’t feel better with a day or two of rest I will follow it up with a deep tissue massage and perhaps light cross training (if it doesn’t aggravate the injury).  Every single “niggle” I have had has been cured with this solution (so far so good).
  4. If I’m sore or my body is begging for a rest day.  I don’t plan rest days but normally once a week my body is saying “hey girl, let’s curl up on the couch and catch up on all those DVR shows you recorded”.  Then I oblige, watch tv and twitter all day long.

I think those are the biggest reasons I’ll take a rest day.  If I notice an injury I will sometime cross train or sometimes take a full rest day.  Either way I will not do anything that I feel is aggravating it.  Taking one rest day is not going to destroy your training like taking 2 months off because of an injury.

Here are some situations that I think it’s beneficial to do a light, short run or cross train.

  1. When you are sore.  If you can distinguish the feeling of soreness versus potential injury soreness I think a light run will do you wonders.  I read (somewhere ? I cannot find the article again) that doing a light run after a hard workout or race is beneficial.  I have always found that doing a shakeout run 6-8 hours post race allows blood flow and I normally feel a lot better than if I allow acid to fester there.  I will say I normally say that I have never regretted a shakeout run post race.  (obviously I did no shakeout after the marathon…lord knows I couldn’t move).
  2. If I am feeling lazy.  Sometimes it’s cold, rainy or miserable and I’m honestly not in the mood to run in the slightest.  After making every excuse I can come up with and knowing I’ll probably be miserable running…I settle for some cross training.  I wish I could tell you I push through laziness and run every time I’m not feeling it, but I don’t.  I cross train 75% of the time but once I’ve made up my mind not to run I normally don’t turn back.

So those are my personal rules and thoughts of whether I will run or cross train or rest.  It is much easier for me since I am uncoached and don’t follow a specific plan.  That is one reason I do enjoy being uncoached (I guess) is that if I’m generally tired, sick, ect I do have the option to take off.  I am absolutely sure a coach would allow me to take off if I was sick or wasn’t feeling well but I have found it easier this way.

Finally, as you all know I entered a contest by ZOOMA to win an entry for myself and a reader to the Napa Race they are hosting.  The credentials include being  an “inspirational blogger” and living a healthy lifestyle.   One of my dreams is to run a race on the West Coast so I would really appreciate it if you were able to vote for me.  You can vote every day.  Thank you again for your support throughout my running and blogging journey.  I’ll probably be posting this daily because you can vote daily.  I am a bit sorry if it get’s obnoxious but I really really want to win.  I even created a little photo of me on the side.  Now you can stare at my face smiling and running for the next month.  So please help make my dream come true and vote daily.  🙂


Question for you: What determines if you will  cross train or rest?  

NYC training cycle, Running, Training

Pretending to Train for Marathon Week 3

What to say about this week of training?

Well for starters, I fully admit I haven’t exactly been doing anything well this week in regards to training.  My pace was off (ie: slower).  My speedwork wasn’t the greatest and I thought I was going into cardiac arrest during my runs…as my pace slowed.   Everyday during my run I thought about how I need to stretch and use my foam roller and everyday after my run I got sidetracked and then ended up being at work realizing I didn’t do it.


Most people will read that first paragraph and say, well why the hell did you keep running?  Just take time off…well it really wasn’t that bad…  

Meh, it was just an off week for me.  If I ran perfect runs every day of every week…I’d be the Olympic champion…in every single running related this.   I still got base building injury free miles in. While typing this is the morning and reflecting I also think I got some sort of head cold during the week which probably wasn’t helping.  I know it wouldn’t be helping.

Monday: AM: 11.11 miles progressive run with last mile at 7:41
  PM: Cybex 100i cross training
Tuesday: 11.11 miles untimed
Wednesday: AM: 11.8 miles total 5 warmup and 6.5 miles tempo (averaging 6:58 pace)
PM: 5 miles shakeout
Thursday: Off
Friday: 11.2 miles easy shakeout
Saturday: CHKD 8k Race (31:48) 15 miles total
Sunday: 11 miles shakeout
Total: 76miles


Which I’m completely happy with regarding this week of training and everything else I had going on. 

The details of Wednesday’s workout are as followed.

It was supposed to be 90+ degrees and there was no way I was doing a tempo run at high noon in the heat with humidity.  So I decided to switch up my miles and do a 5.3 mile loop on trails around my house.  Then I came back and did 6.5 miles at a harder effort.  I knew while doing this workout I wasn’t feeling that great (I chalked it up to being in the AM) as I’m normally able to hold a much quicker pace (read 10 seconds faster per mile in hotter weather) but I mentally got through it.  Then did the PM miles just as easy, shakeout miles.  (instead of doing 10 easy in the morning when it was cooler and 6 hard in the afternoon when it was harder).

Regardless, this certainly wasn’t a highlightable week of training for me.  I think I’m partially under the weather though.  I got some solid cross training in and I’m hoping to be able to get to the pool this week…because right I have a 1 mile swim next Sunday.  Oh well time to move on…I’m becoming less sick and have no running races on the radar until a July 4th 5k.

Next week I hope to get a long run in and speed workout.  Now that I’m getting over being congested, I can have a quality few weeks before my next race.

Questions for you:

Do you workout when sick?

I normally don’t but I just thought it was my usual change in climate (no humidity and cooler from Upstate…to hot and humid in VA)

Are you close with your father?

I am.  Happy Father’s Day to him!


Treadmill Training (71M)

Monday: Nike Training core AM: 11.01 miles treadmill (8:49 pace easy)
Tuesday: 50 crunches OFF (I was sick and my corneas burned to the power of 10000 suns)
Wednesday: Nike strength training back PM: 11.48 run (8:16 pace)
Thursday: 50 crunches PM: 12.02 run (8:19 pace) felt really good
Friday: 50 crunches AM: 10.35 easy (9:00)
PM: 2 hours elliptical
Saturday: 50 crunches 11.55 miles (8:18) easy
Sunday P90X 15 miles outdoors
Total: 71 miles total


Besides my corneal abrasions on Tuesday and not being able to run, I think I had a really productive training week.  Actually even with them, it was extremely productive training week because all my miles felt great. Instead of trying to make up the miles on another day I just kept with the schedule…and look at that…I’m still in the same amount of shape.

I think part of running easy miles for me has allowed my runs to not feel hard on the legs or challenging.  It’s hard to only allow yourself to go an X pace on the treadmill, but I think it’s something that is so important when running there.  I was really happy to get outdoors on Sunday and I think actually (knock on wood) I may be able to have a few outdoor runs this week.  That would certainly be nice.

I guess it’s hard for me to relay how good I actually feel in my runs because I’m not doing tempos and producing 6:XX based speed workouts but I am running high mileage and not feeling fatigued.

#Corewhore updates:

I’m still doing it.  My core is becoming more strong.  I might have to upp my lazy girl 50 crunches to 100.  As you can see I did the Nike Back training once as well.  People often forget that keeping your back strong is as important as your abs and front too.  I’m going to try and integrate more back work to get the whole package.

Knowledge gained from my treadmill running this week:

1. Next week is going to have a few 30+ degree days.
2. It is illegal for first cousins to marry in West VA but legal in VA.
3. Gypsy Brides are virgins before they get married.
4. If female beetles were humans they could lift a semi truck like no big deal.
5.  Some girl on campus was having extreme issues with her boyfriend because he was talking to some girl named Rebecca while she was in class.  (as she screamed into her cell phone).

Questions for you:

Favorite workout of the week?
Do you workout when you are sick?