Training for Arctic Tundra Running

As I said in my vlog rant yesterday, I have been typing up posts and they delete when my computer restarts…because I don’t save them and don’t learn my lesson.  All my own issues really.  This training post is always one of them because I start the post Monday and then fill it in as the week goes by. 

I didn’t major in technology  savvyness or livewriter or whatever you fancy bloggers use to type posts.  I’m with the old school Microsoft word crowd.

Moving on to training.  I said on Friday (I guess this will be a link session) that it was no secret that I had taken a lot of days off from running this week.  My blood sugars were all over the place.  I didn’t want to start out for a run, only to realize that my blood sugars were really low…only to pass out on the side of the road.  It really only takes one time or one mistake to ruin a life of running or just a life.  Something that isn’t EVER worth it to me. I didn’t want to run on the treadmill either (which would be better since if I felt wobbly I could get off and go home).  So I just cross trained and took an easy week.  I’m not really training for anything big right now…so it’s not a big deal really.  It was a close call but I think I lost all endurance that I gained over years of fitness…

Sunday: 400 butterfly kick on back 1 hour swim (3200 yds) 1000 swim-400 IM- 200 butterfly kick on back (X2)
Monday: 15 minutes core (crunches/bicycle kicks..ect) 2 hours elliptical
Tuesday: 50 crunches Rest
Wednesday: Ab Ripper X 8.25 mile run
Thursday: 50 crunches 8.25 mile run
Friday: Nike Training (thanks Rachel B…this is the bomb) 8.25 mile run
Saturday: 50 crunches Cross country 5k (19:43) +warmup and cooldown=8 miles
Total: #corewhore challenge is being kept up 33 miles running

I didn’t really plan to do this 5k but I had signed up a while.  My dad had said if I didn’t want to do it that was fine and not a big deal but I woke up Saturday feeling decently good so I decided too.  I’ll do a recap eventually.

About my corewhore challenge: I’m really making a much better motive to get this done.  Last week I was unsure of myself if I would be able to keep this up throughout the entire year.  It felt like I was wasting my time, but now I can see I’m not if I choose to put more time into it.

Questions for you:

Favorite workout of the week?

Do you like working out in the cold? 

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  1. “It was a close call but I think I lost all endurance that I gained over years of fitness…” Yea.. you know, those couple of rest days or cross training days really ruin everything. I don’t know who ever takes them. God forbid I ever do.
    You still got in some pretty awesome training this week even though it wasn’t all pounding on the pavement. And I am totally with you on the corewhore thing. I haven’t been doing it every day but I would say 6/7 days I’m doing some activity that works my core and I definitely feel a difference. I was even able to do a yoga headstand, just ask Megan. It must mean I’m strong or something haha

  2. Even for taking it easy it seems like you still got a lot done! I’m with you on trying to do some kind of ab exercises everyday. Hopefully I see results soon!
    My favorite workout this week was my quick 4 mile run Thursday. It was totally unplanned and unexpected because I got out of work early. Plus the weather was beautiful!
    & yeah.. me… not a fan of the cold..under any circumstance!

  3. I didn’t major in tech savvy either lol. Way to keep up the core work. Is the Nike training thingy a free download? I know I could just go in my app store and find out but like I said, not tech savvy.

  4. Seeing your ‘easy’ swim workouts just remind me of what a killer swimmer you are as well as a runner – it takes me an hour to do 2500m (!) and that’s feeling like I’m about to throw up in the water because I’m pushing myself so hard (I can only do freestyle as well).

    No, I hate the cold. Well, not the actual *cold* so much but I do not like running on frozen ground – I’ve fallen too many times. And frozen grass twists around my ankle…but the treadmill bores the snot out of me. Special snowflake, aren’t I?


  5. I went running outside yesterday and it was about 40 degrees. I have asthma, and the cold air actually helps my breathing so that felt good, but I didn’t like the cold sweat I was in after 1/3 hr. YUCK. I also never know what to wear when running in the cold. My fleece and yoga pants did not cut it.

  6. I’m not a fan of working out in the cold. I hate sweating but not really knowing it until I go back inside and then I just feel nasty. I don’t like to sweat period though lol.

  7. I like the cold but am not a fan of frozen ground. I actually had my first experience with running on ice last night… Haha it was dark and I looked down and thought “what am I running on? This is weird” and then I slipped. Haha so now I’m a bit more careful!

  8. Nice week, especially since you were feeling so off!! I’m going to casually suggest to my parents that race fees would make a GREAT birthday present… I am super jealous that yours gave you that for a gift!! Do you know how long you’ll be in Oswego?

  9. Your sarcasm is fantastic. I definitely need to get my corewhore act together, I used to be so good about it!

    This year I’ve been awful about running in the cold. I’ve also been sick a few times, so I’ve avoided it because of that as well. But you would think that after living in sweden for half a year I’d be totally into it.

  10. I’d like to thank you for reminding me to do abs in the MORNING. I never remember it until right before bed so don’t do it because I’m afraid it will keep me up at night (I’m a finnicky sleeper), so this was a GOOD THING (also, my abs hurt-it’s been too long).

  11. Okay, I am definitely NOT a fancy blogger… I don’t even have a domain name. But I use live writer and it’s pretty good, I think you would really like it better than word because honestly it’s almost exactly like word but you can format your posts there. So sorry to hear about your blood sugar woes, I’m glad you listened to your body and did not run but it’s also good you were able to get some cross training in and then rock that Cross Country 5K. Hope you have a better week this week with the blood sugar!

  12. I HATE working out in the cold. No motivation what so ever… I love that you are keeping up corewhore! I did the same and now have a bruise on my spine from crunches on the drafty church floor… whoops!

  13. I loathe the cold. Running outside sucks getting started, but I have a half marathon next month and have to be used to it. Boo.

  14. Haha they tundra, it’s really not that bad! I don’t mind running in the cold, snow, slush, etc. I MUCH prefer it over the treadmill. My goal is to never run on a treadmill again: outside, indoor track or bust!

    Great job this week! (And I finally added your blog to my google reader so I can keep up with all of your shenanigans).

    1. I feel famous! LOL! I slipped and fell on ice last year and broke my arm. I hate the treadmill a ton as well but I think it will be better for me this way!

  15. I don’t mind running in the cold, or even the snow all that much (if you’re wearing the right socks, your feet will be fine, and it makes for a great core workout), but the frozen pavement is very unforgiving. I’m really conscious of trying to be loose so the impact doesn’t affect my joints as much. It’s hurting my hips a bit, to be honest, but I’ve been doing ROM stretches to keep them loose and heating and icing when I get home. I think that cross and strength training will help.
    Also, loving the #corewhore. I haven’t been tweeting (oops!), but I have been keeping up with it and have been noticing that I’m activating my core more while running. It’s totally saving my SI joint (as I mentioned earlier), so thank you!!!
    I know that this doesn’t look like a rest week to most, but it’s a great one for you!! Good on you for being smart, doing what you needed to do to get your sugars back in line, and for keeping yourself safe.

  16. Can we talk about the title of your post first? LOL! Also, is that swimming I see?? I’m in awe that you can just casually do the butterfly for some cross training.

  17. Anything below 20 degrees is too cold for me, especially since many of my friends (and running partners) start at 4:45am! Yes, I think they are insane. I live in the Midwest and it is freezing and pitch black at that time.

    Good job with the cross training! I have been struggling keeping the intensity of cross training up since being injured. But, hopefully, I am back to running again this week!!

  18. 33 miles of running? yep you’re endurance is totally gone. epic fail ;-). LOL no this looks like a good down week for you and a smart one! and you were a core whore every day. BOOM. Nicely done! Although….would this qualify as “listening to your body”? ahahhaha JK sorry I could not resist that after your vlog :-P. Anyway in all seriousness I’m glad your blood sugars are stabilizing and you can get back in beast mode!

  19. You sounds so cool with it. I panic a little when I have a light week – even though it is so, so necessary. I’m going to try and remember this post next time I struggle with the idea of toning it down!

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