Training for Arctic Tundra Running

As I said in my vlog rant yesterday, I have been typing up posts and they delete when my computer restarts…because I don’t save them and don’t learn my lesson.  All my own issues really.  This training post is always one of them because I start the post Monday and then fill it in as the week goes by. 

I didn’t major in technology  savvyness or livewriter or whatever you fancy bloggers use to type posts.  I’m with the old school Microsoft word crowd.

Moving on to training.  I said on Friday (I guess this will be a link session) that it was no secret that I had taken a lot of days off from running this week.  My blood sugars were all over the place.  I didn’t want to start out for a run, only to realize that my blood sugars were really low…only to pass out on the side of the road.  It really only takes one time or one mistake to ruin a life of running or just a life.  Something that isn’t EVER worth it to me. I didn’t want to run on the treadmill either (which would be better since if I felt wobbly I could get off and go home).  So I just cross trained and took an easy week.  I’m not really training for anything big right now…so it’s not a big deal really.  It was a close call but I think I lost all endurance that I gained over years of fitness…

Sunday: 400 butterfly kick on back 1 hour swim (3200 yds) 1000 swim-400 IM- 200 butterfly kick on back (X2)
Monday: 15 minutes core (crunches/bicycle kicks..ect) 2 hours elliptical
Tuesday: 50 crunches Rest
Wednesday: Ab Ripper X 8.25 mile run
Thursday: 50 crunches 8.25 mile run
Friday: Nike Training (thanks Rachel B…this is the bomb) 8.25 mile run
Saturday: 50 crunches Cross country 5k (19:43) +warmup and cooldown=8 miles
Total: #corewhore challenge is being kept up 33 miles running

I didn’t really plan to do this 5k but I had signed up a while.  My dad had said if I didn’t want to do it that was fine and not a big deal but I woke up Saturday feeling decently good so I decided too.  I’ll do a recap eventually.

About my corewhore challenge: I’m really making a much better motive to get this done.  Last week I was unsure of myself if I would be able to keep this up throughout the entire year.  It felt like I was wasting my time, but now I can see I’m not if I choose to put more time into it.

Questions for you:

Favorite workout of the week?

Do you like working out in the cold?