Distance Series 20k (1:27.21)

I’ll cut to the chase here.  This was not a race I was pleased with.  I had had such high hopes that I did not achieve (as is life sometimes).  However, I had gone in somewhat knowing I may not be a good race for me.  (Also-no photos were taken at this race so you’ll have to deal with text…) and this photo that pretty much sums it up.


Let’s rewind a bit.

I’ve felt bloated and not exaggerating in the slightest but I’m currently holding in an extra 10 pounds of water (YAY Holiday cookies!).  Which is not exactly pleasant to run with..no matter who you are.  I’m not looking for anyone to tell me it was still a good time…for me it wasn’t and you commenting and saying “this time is still amazing” won’t really change my mind.  I’m still disappointed but I’ve put it behind me.

The only beef I have with the actual race was that there 5 porta potties for over 400 people.  Yes, 5.  Yes, there was a 20 person line to use them and they still started the race.  So with that, I skipped using the rest room and peed in the porta potty that was at the half way point (adding about 30 seconds…which is better than starting the race 5 minutes late).

So that being said, the 10k and 20k started at the same time.  The 20k went out twice as far and did a complete u turn at 6.2.  At the beginning of the race, I had secured a fourth place for females overall.  I was waiting (and secretly hoping) that some of the females were running the 10k…of course they weren’t.  We were all riding the 20k party.  So I continued to run the same pace and ended up passing a couple.

Around mile 5, I moved to 2nd overall female…where I stayed until I decided at mile 6 I had to use the restroom (since I never got to pee before the race).  Then lucky for me, upon getting back on track I was 5th place female at the turn around.  I hit the turn around at about a 6:50 pace (sans bathroom break).

The way back I also ran at about a 6:50 pace.  My miles varied from 6:43-7:00 the entire race.  (Except for my bathroom break mile which was 7:35).  The course itself was very boring, very flat, and very concrete.  If I had been feeling good, it would be very easy to PR upon…but thus…I wasn’t.   This may be a bit more negative then normal…I’m not complaining I’m just giving an accurate depiction of a bad race.  (do bloggers have those?)

The last mile felt like the longest mile I’ve ever run.  I was by myself, in a boring, frigid straight, flat swamp…and I still felt incredibly awful.  I just prayed to the high heavens it would end soon.  When it finally ended (meaning I crossed the finish line) I decided to lay in the grassy swamp bank.  I apologize for anyone I ignored or shooed away as I layed there about to vomit.  I cheered for dad as he finished and then we left shortly after.  Dad asked me how it went and I told him awful and it sucked.  After throwing myself a pity party, I got some coffee from wawa and felt better.  I realized it was just a bad race and time to move onward.

We all have bad races though and I’m just chucking this into more miles into the bank.  Sure I am upset, but people get worried over a single race and let it defeat them.  I have my whole life to run stellar races so I cannot expect every race to be optimal.  Duh.

Question for you:

1.       Have you ever had a crushing race?

2.       What is your most optimal temperature to race in?