Training for Being Tired

I know you guys cried yourself a river when I didn’t post my training log on my blog last Sunday…I’m not going to bore you with two weeks ago (therefore…so if I didn’t blog it, it doesn’t happen in real life?).

This week was a VERY intense week for me running wise.  With three races, my runs were either fast (because I was racing) or very slow and that is quite fine with me.

Monday: AM: 2 hours elliptical…I had thought about running but since I had Beat the Ball at 11:30pm, just kept my legs loose.  (I also wasn’t sure I wanted to be above 70 miles this week)
PM: Beat the Ball 5k total miles: 6
Tuesday: Hair of the Dog 5k (19:32…recap to come) total miles: 12.4
Wednesday: AM: 8.3 incredibly easy and painful (because I was sore)
Thursday: AM: 6 miles/PM: 3.1 miles with my 8 year old running friend
Friday: 8.1 miles with Theresa (a local friend of mine)
Saturday: Distance Series 20k (1:27…recap also to come)Total miles 16
Sunday: Shakeout 8 miles easy
Total: 67


Moving on to my core whore New Year’s Resolution.  I started off the year doing ab rolls…which was stupid.  I made myself sore on New Year’s by doing 16 (talk about gun ho…).  Therefore the rest of the week till now I didn’t want to perpetuate the soreness and be hella sore during my 20k…but I still did some sort of corework so I’m still making my resolution.  I just know that the ab roller machine will always kill me.   I feel like I’m wasting my time honestly, so I am thinking either I need to commit myself to this or not half ass it.  I’ve been in a slug the last week or so (due to my blood sugars) and it’s taking a real toll on me mentally and physically.  I’m debating doing a post about that, but I haven’t really decided.

Jan 1 16 Ab rolls
2 100 crunches
3 20 crunches and 30 bicycle crunches
4 50 crunches
5 50 crunches


Questions for you:

1.       Best workout of the week?

2.       What is your favorite core exercise that doesn’t involve any machines?  (I can probably guess what 95% if responses will be).