Training for Being Tired

I know you guys cried yourself a river when I didn’t post my training log on my blog last Sunday…I’m not going to bore you with two weeks ago (therefore…so if I didn’t blog it, it doesn’t happen in real life?).

This week was a VERY intense week for me running wise.  With three races, my runs were either fast (because I was racing) or very slow and that is quite fine with me.

Monday: AM: 2 hours elliptical…I had thought about running but since I had Beat the Ball at 11:30pm, just kept my legs loose.  (I also wasn’t sure I wanted to be above 70 miles this week)
PM: Beat the Ball 5k total miles: 6
Tuesday: Hair of the Dog 5k (19:32…recap to come) total miles: 12.4
Wednesday: AM: 8.3 incredibly easy and painful (because I was sore)
Thursday: AM: 6 miles/PM: 3.1 miles with my 8 year old running friend
Friday: 8.1 miles with Theresa (a local friend of mine)
Saturday: Distance Series 20k (1:27…recap also to come)Total miles 16
Sunday: Shakeout 8 miles easy
Total: 67


Moving on to my core whore New Year’s Resolution.  I started off the year doing ab rolls…which was stupid.  I made myself sore on New Year’s by doing 16 (talk about gun ho…).  Therefore the rest of the week till now I didn’t want to perpetuate the soreness and be hella sore during my 20k…but I still did some sort of corework so I’m still making my resolution.  I just know that the ab roller machine will always kill me.   I feel like I’m wasting my time honestly, so I am thinking either I need to commit myself to this or not half ass it.  I’ve been in a slug the last week or so (due to my blood sugars) and it’s taking a real toll on me mentally and physically.  I’m debating doing a post about that, but I haven’t really decided.

Jan 1 16 Ab rolls
2 100 crunches
3 20 crunches and 30 bicycle crunches
4 50 crunches
5 50 crunches


Questions for you:

1.       Best workout of the week?

2.       What is your favorite core exercise that doesn’t involve any machines?  (I can probably guess what 95% if responses will be). 

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  1. Do you have a stability ball? There are some awesome ways to work your abs with that. I want to try Ab rolls! I normally do about 150 crunches a day + some pilates exercises I love and then when I am at Tech I use my stability ball too. I love Ab work 😀 Nice job sticking to your goal! I am interested to see how core work works out for me on this mission trip!

  2. Wow, look at that mileage! My yoga instructor incorporates killer ab exercises into her practices, so I usually do a mashup of those. And I’ve been trying to do planks on a regular basis, but I definitely prefer “moving” exercises to just hanging out in that position, lol.

  3. Core exercises without machines… yoga. Or the occasional planks/hovers at the end of a body pump class. That’s about it.

    Good job with all your races this week, that’s incredible :).

  4. I’ve never used an ab roller but I feel like I should try it! I do 30-50 seconds of 10 sets of ab exercises for xc/track so I’ve been trying to get back into that. Your mileage is so impressive! Especially the back to back races. I can’t even get over how well you did with less than twelve hours between them. Great job 🙂

  5. I keep getting confused as we do kilometres and you do miles and Im like only 67 thats what I do, yet miles are more than kms haha so I am doing less!

    With core work I do alot on my ball. I don’t like doing too much as it can be deterimental for a track distance runner I’ve been told, bulking is bad, so trying to avoid that as I am bulky enough as it is. Can’t wait to catch up on your past posts, gesh I’m so behind arghh yes I’m slack! 🙁

  6. I am sorry about the blood sugar stuff, that can really affect how you feel overall. I hope you start to feel better. I have to say though I am impressed with the runs you put in even feeling pretty shitty that is amazing. I suck at core work so I would say, hey I could do a little every day but I would probably be lying….

  7. I know you’re a big runner, but have you looked into Paleo? I know type 1 diabetics (who are athletes) who do really well on the diet because it avoids a lot of highs and lows with blood sugars and they have a good HbA1c.

    1. I’ve actually never looked into paleo for myself but thanks! I’m hoping this will be similar to most other issues I’ve had that I can rest it off after a few days. I may look towards that if it continues to keep me down!

      1. No problem! I know you love your pancakes, but I use coconut and almond flour and they’re KIND OF like real ones, haha.

  8. I think ab ripper x is my favorite but I literally can’t move after that.. Ow

  9. I think the Beat the Ball sounds like the most exciting race ever! What better way to bring in the new year than running 😉

  10. The ab-roller is the devil…for years I kept giving it another try, but I swear all is does is tear my abs, ouch! 🙂
    I’m sure everyone will say plank…!?
    my favorites are: standing crunches, side-sides, and boat-holds.
    I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  11. Favourite workout of the week — my first 9 miler in the snow!! However today’s faster version in even more snow was more fun, there’s nothing like realizing that you’re capable of doing something you’ve never done before!!
    Favourite core — bicycle abs, but curling across my body to an extended leg (so pulling the right shoulder to an extended left leg). It feels opposite at first, and takes more stability and strength, but I love it.
    Great work this week. Two sub 20 5ks and a 20km? Girl, you’re a powerhouse I very much admire.

  12. I guess my ‘best’ workout of the week was my marathon, and that absolutely sucked. So that’s not saying much.

    Do you think everyone is going to say ‘planks’ and plank variations? Because if so, you’d be right. At least in my case 😛 Everyone says deadlifts are great for your core but I always wreck my lower back doing them – must be crap form on my part.


  13. Nice week!! Sooooo many miles!! No machine… decided to deviate from the plank response… I would say V Ups. Total pain but feel great!

  14. Best workout of the week was cross country skiing on new year’s day! Favourite ab exercise: russian twists with a medicine ball. I have an ab roller (if that is the little wheel with handles). That contraption is the devil!

  15. ab roller?? is that the thing at the gym that looks like a fat rolling pin and you kneel and roll it like you’re rolling dough? THAT HURTS lol. love that you’re sticking to the resolution though! I try to do something core-ish every day, it’s usually planks and crunches and pushups….super exciting, I know.

  16. Looks like a good training week! One day I’ll get out of my 20 mile weeks haha. My favorite core exercise…. uhhh I never do core work haha I should have joined your resolution 😉

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