Opening Up About My Injury Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2.  I know personally I don’t have an attention span to read more than 500 words at a time with no photos…but what do you want…a photo of my feet? 

So for close to a week, I begged people on twitter if anyone had had similar results of a cortisone shot.  If it had not worked for them, or made their muscle worse (it can be given at multiple places in the body for multiple reasons). 

To my surprise so many people were very against cortisone.  Out of the 20 people that gave me responses, I had two say cortisone was a good idea at that point.  I got so many rude comments about how cortisone is not the answer; let it heal naturally…blah blah blah.  It was hard for me to say that cortisone was my final choice before getting invasive surgery.  Why would the doctor recommend a shot that wouldn’t work?  Why would my doctor point me in the wrong direction?  So for that week in mid October, I was back to crutches.

Then all of a sudden, It went back to the normal pain tolerance that it had been preshot.  I could live with that.  Then two days later, I noticed it was slightly better then the previous day.  Every night I prayed to the high heavens that my foot would slightly get better.  Enough that I could walk briskly without feeling my muscle.  Not run.  Not walk for more then 10 feet.  But walk quickly.

Then it was getting a little better.  Slowly the pain was going away.  Slowly but surely it felt like my cyst was going away.  (I still was only in week 6 of my bone break healing though).

The following week, my doctor told me I could go for a very short run.  A 1 mile run.  A glorious 1 mile run.  Although it didn’t feel great by any means, or even good…it was 1 mile.  My fascia immediately locked up afterwards and I thought…could I have done too much too soon?  A mile in 8 weeks, was that too much?

So I took a couple more days off and my fascia seemed to have loosened back up.  I went back to my doctor who took more x rays and said I could begin running as a hobby runner (not as a 90 mile athlete but hobby runner…LOL…he himself has a very good reputation up here with runners.).  My plantar fasica was still extremely tight and it was making me uncomfortable to run on.  I honestly felt like I was heading in the same direction as the beginning of all my injuries back in September.

It was the worst feeling imaginable; thinking after all I had been through…my injury was coming back.  My cyst was like a small minion growing and becoming more controlling everyday. Growing and growing and growing.  My bone was bruising and I had thought another fracture was immediate.  One day in that time frame I had a complete meltdown again that it was like déjà vu two months before…Goodie…

I rushed into scheduling another deep tissue massage.  I knew it was another 80 dollars down the tubes but I was hoping it would be worth it. I took three days off from running after my deep tissue massage and it seemed everything was going really well.  My muscle, although tight was cooperating.  I had logged my first 30 mile week without too many issues.

And that is where I am now.  Logging my second 30 some mile week without any serious issues.  My muscle is a little bit tight in my foot and My cyst is not guaranteed to stay away.  It could come back at anytime and at any moment.  My biggest fear is that it will come back.  Or that I’ll continuously have to pay 80 dollars weekly or bimonthly (something I cannot afford). 

So that is where I’m at.  Not every day is a perfect pain free run, but I have not had any painful runs either.   I’m hoping this is just the beginning of getting back into running but I can’t tell you that for sure and don’t want to jynx it.

Thanks for reading friends.