Speed or Base

Anytime you up your mileage, generally you can get away with good runs for a week or so.  Then a week later while you are maintaining that same mileage (for me it was going from 75-85 mile weeks then plunging to 90 mile weeks)…well my legs began to feel it around Tuesday of this week.  They hurt.  I was in pain and I was miserable to be around.  Actually, I keep my running moods generally away from people (except if I’m injured…then I’m just sad).

Anyways now that I have rambled a bit, My training has been about the same this week.  Mostly 10 milers, a 13 miler Saturday.

I had a tempo (5.4 miler) at 6:38 pace on Monday.  It was not a glamorous or even a good tempo for me, but it is done and in high mileage weeks you really have to be careful with your speed workouts.  You are much more susceptible to injury and pushing yourself to a hold a pace that you held while running less miles is not feasible. For instance, I have done 6:15 paced tempos when I was running 60ish mile weeks.  That isn’t happening now.  I’m over it.  You either choose to build a base or to hone your speed.  I am building a base.

Moving on, Tuesday-Friday I just kept my runs easy running in the mornings from 10-13 miles depending on my mood and how hungry I was.

Saturday, I raced a timed mile on the track.  First, I wanted so badly to do one of the 5k’s in the area.  However, this mile was a grand prix event for my running club and considering I missed quite a few for not being in the area full time-I needed to get this one in.  (that’s what she said).

Anyways-I’ll ramble about that race in a later blog but I ran a 5:31 mile.  On tired legs and feeling like dirt, I’m really happy with.  Actually-I’m just really happy with it in general because I don’t know how to race a mile.

Total mileage: 86

This next week, I’m really not sure what my mileage is going to be since I start interning.  I’m excited and nervous.  I would love to maintain my high mileage but I want to be well rested for real life.  I know in a couple of weeks when I’ve assimilated into what I need to be doing it will be a lot easier to judge my schedule.

Question for you:

  1. Lots of easy miles or few miles and speed.  Pick one.
  2. How do you balance working out and real life?