Mud Run 8k (59:50)

Last Saturday, I did a legitmate fun race.  Similar (I guess) to something like a color run, or an obstacle course run, I did a “mud run”.  Dad and I decided to do it in the team division.

For an 8k (roughly 5 miles) we finished in 59:50.  Not only that, but I was sore as crap the next day.  It was a painful long run to pull me into my necessary mileage.

Did I have an awesome time?


“This is not flat pavement”

Rewind to the beginning of the race.  Dad and I got there and were in heat 4 because we were doing it as a team.  We even made sweet singlets.  As a more “fun race” it was geared to another crowd of people.  People who don’t normally run.  People who thought for their first ever running experience they would run on unpacked sand and run 5 miles.  People who didn’t realize if you are going to walk…stay to the outside…

I digress.

Running on the beach was no joke.  Dad and I made some good gains though and passed a few people.  Then we had to run up some dunes (which I tried to snap photos of LOL..running and taking photos is hard)

I claim this mountain as my own.

The next two miles just wound around sand dunes.  I didn’t mind-it was just rough on the calves.  By rough, I mean I was quite sore.

up and down up and down…but really the man in front of us stole the show.

Then around mile 2, we progressed more into the trail area into some mud running. There was about 1-2 feet standing water (dirt water) so run, wade, do what you feel through. This portion allotted for blisters since your shoes were now muddy and wet and then filled with sand.


We also had to climb through some weird tube thing.  I don’t know what this was but I’m pretty sure I got stuck…

Then through more sand.  Really this should have been called the sand run…I think we are at about mile 4.5 now.  Finally, the last part was crawling through more mud.  Upon exiting the “mud shoot”, we could see the finish line.

I glanced down at my watch and noticed with .1 to go we were at 59:10.  So dad and I put out our kick and finished the race in 59:50.  Just under an hour for five miles. 

dad powering us to victory!

We had such a blast and races like this are so much fun.

Question for you:

Have you ever done a “mud run”?

Have you ever run as a team?