Striders 1 mile (5:31)

I’m not really sure how to write a race recap on a mile race and a 400 relay.  So I’ll just talk about my day and integrate the race into it.  I mean there is only so much you can say about 4 laps around a track.  The race itself was last Saturday, so I apologize for this built up anticipation of 5 minutes and 31 seconds of my life.

So I preface this with I haven’t run a mile on the track for time since gym class in high school.  That would be when I ran/walked a 12:12.  So this was a new experience for me and my running.

I won first female overall and my relay won first overall too!

I got to be in heat one with lots of dudes.  Before the actual race, I had gotten about a 3.5 mile warmup.  I was not feeling the greatest but just told myself it was a mile and I could make it through.  I won’t go into details, but I felt like utter crap the night before and the only thing keeping me running this race was the fact that it was a grand prix race for my running club.  Meaning, I would get grand prix points for racing.  Plus, a lot of my friends were doing it!

Anywho when the airhorn went off, we all went and quickly moved into the inside lane. 

The first lap I felt was pretty easy, not tiring and just chilling.  The second lap, I felt the same and by the third lap I knew I could start pushing the pace.  I guess in a mile, pushing the pace means maintaining the pace and I started to pass people.  The fourth lap, I just powered through it and ended up passing even more people.

I still can’t really tell you how to race a mile and I’m not going to try.  I know I took it out to slow and never died.  I’m thinking that my legs just need a possible turnover boost and if I can get my turnover faster, I can get my mile faster.  I’m thinking that comes with more speed workouts though.

I digress.

Afterwords, I helped pace some of my kids during their mile races.

Then, we did a 4X400 (is that even how I type relays?) relay.  You were assigned randomly.  My team consisted of two middle and high school track runners and a 40 year speed demon and myself.  We got extremely lucky with the random assignment and ended up winning.  Nevermind the fact that I have no idea how to run a mile let alone 1 lap around a track.

Question for you: 

Have you ever ran a mile?  Do you like it? 

What is your favorite running distance? 

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  1. I coached the mile in track last year. I know a few strategies for coaching it, but no, I never ran track so never ran that event. Obviously I’ve ran A MILE… like just before a workout class or something but that’s about it. I think it’s neat you guys have a mile race and a random relay, just seems like a fun event. And congrats on your super fast mile!

  2. congratulations!
    We have a local, 1-mile race on 9/11. I’ll have to use your “stellar strategy tips” to fuel me. haha.
    My favorite running distance is 10 miles. My favorite racing distance is a 10k, though. I don’t hate the shorter ones, but I feel like I never really get into a groove.

  3. No, actually I have never run a 1-mile race. It is really interesting to read about it. Shorter races are just not my thing, because it normally takes me a good 2-3 miles to really get warmed up. My favorite race is the marathon. I just rather run far than super fast.

  4. Ugh, I have never raced a mile and I would never want to! I can’t even handle the speed of a 5K, let alone a mile.

    Marathons for me all the way; I’d rather run proportionately slower for longer. It’s more of a journey and there’s usually less throwing up involved 😉 But huge respect to you for racing a mile, and for killing that relay (the kid in the background of your photo must be high on too much sugar :P)


  5. Congrats on your awesome finishes! I haven’t run a timed mile since junior high or high school. I was always awful at them, which is probably a big reason why I never thought I could be a runner. It sounds like you had a great time at your meet, though, despite the fact that you haven’t really done recent mile races on the track.

    I think my favorite running distance is the half marathon. I like longer endurance events, and the half is a lot easier to train for, both time- and effort-wise, than a full marathon.

  6. So FAST!! Congrats on the double win. I wish I was there to hang out with you but marathon training and 1 mile runs aren’t mixing well in my plan right now. You rock girl!!

  7. That like doesn’t even sound like a relay to me after being used to swimming terms. Great job, though. I’d say you improved your time by a little 🙂

    1. Dear god. Could you even imagine a 4X400 relay for swimming. 4X400 IM relay! We always used to joke in the distance lane…what if they had a 4X1 mile relay. LOLZ

  8. All y’all are rockstars haha.. seriously though, that is a fast time too! I haven’t ran a timed mile since middle school and I finished in 9:15 and I was DYING at the end of it. It’s safe to say I have made some progress since then 😉

  9. Great job! You are soo fast. Good luck increasing your turnover speed. I have never raced a mile.. I almost went to a track race last week though! I love 10ks and half marathons!

  10. I have never run a full-speed-all-out mile!! It would challenge my slow & steady legs, I really want to try it!
    a 4×400 sounds like a blast! I have always been a “relay-swimmer” 🙂
    YAY for having internet again! I hope you are enjoying your internship!

  11. I ran the Mike in high school and the 800. My fastest mile was 5:49. I hated track, so I never “killed” myself. I’m love cross country. I love watching track, but never enjoyed running it. I still get nervous when I do speed work on the track. My coach was mean so it brings back bad memories.

  12. Congrats on the speedy mile!!

    I love that the relays are completely random. I mean, as long as you still win 🙂

  13. Great job on your mile and relay Hollie! I bet that was fun to do with your club. I don’t know how to pace for a mile either! That’s why I like long distances 😉

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