Training: Humidity and Heat=Short and Sweet

If I rhyme in the title, I get bonus internet kewl (not cool) points. 

To be point blank the heat and humidity cock blocked any sort of speed workout I had planned this week and I’m not thrilled about it.  Of course, I would love to feel some sort of speedyness but as is not the case.  Oh well, all miles are better then injured miles and I’m not here to complain.

Dad and I last weekend.

So with that, 84 miles of easy.  That seems like a lot (which it is, but my body feels fine because I haven’t done any speed sessions).   I’ll take each and every one of these miles versus being injured.  Some weeks are better then others and I had an extremely productive training week two weeks ago which led to my PR so this one can be chalked up to mostly recovery and mostly heat sucks.

This is the part of the post where I tell you that your training is based on consistency.  No one workout or week is going to make or break you (unless you get injured).  An easier week is never going to ruin any race. 


Next week I am going on travel to New York City and doing an open water swim with my relatives and then driving back home and doing another open water swim the following day.  I don’t make these things up.  Then that puts an official wrap on my summer swimming.  I may get in the pool, I may not…who knows…not me.

As far as running, I like to travel and find places with hills.  Since I’m currently training in a heat box with close to one hill in my entire area. When I find places with rolling hills, it excites me.  Maybe I’ll even try and get a speed workout in next week granted the weather is up for it.  🙂

Well looks like this post is short and sweet like my attention span, but who likes long wordy training posts anyways.

Questions for you: 

How was your work week?

What do you do when the weather isn’t cooperating for workouts? 

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  1. Luckily (if that’s the right word…) I live in Yorkshire, England so we rarely have to deal with heat and/or humidity. Mostly just rain, which I like to run in because it keeps me cool. (I know, I’m already cool.)

    Impressed with your Personal Records!

  2. the weather has been horrible here! high of 107!! seriously, who can breath in that!?!? Ive been staying indoors for my workouts, and praying for cooler weather 🙂

  3. Dang girl…nice job on the 84 miles! If it’s ridiculous outside…I’ll just run on the mill. I like doing speed workouts on the mill anyway…even though sometimes I fear eating the belt…but oh well. 😉 Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend…nice post title btw!

  4. living in Mississippi, the weather is NEVER ideal for any outdoor activity. but I’ve been athletic my whole life down here and am just used to it (aka was told at a very young age to “suck it up”) this has served me well.

  5. 84 miles is so crazy… that’s like what I run in a month, haha. But congrats on getting it done. It’s too hot for speedwork here too unless you do it super early in the morning or on a dreadmill.

    If the weather isn’t cooperating for me… which hasn’t really been an issue yet this summer… I usually do a class at the gym or hit the treadmill. If nothing else I get another type of workout in or a few days of rest and there’s nothing wrong with that :).

  6. yeah speedwork in the humidity…no. just no haha. glad you got in all your easy miles though! I think volume matters as much as quantity especially in the buildup before a season, so it’s all good. And yay for rolling hills! That’s kind of the entirety of my little philly suburb actually, it’s fun but sometimes I just want some flat stuff!

  7. Short and sweet and to the point. Gotta love it! You’ll get it your speedwork in soon don’t worry. I can’t wait to see ya soon!

  8. I got to run! I might be slow, but I will take it. I just need tips on how to not kill myself on the treadmill.

  9. Ack if it makes you feel better angel I done the majority of my week ‘easy miles’ this week. In fact Friday was the worst I just felt so slowww but I was so warm! I agree tho its better to run than not at all. 84 miles is amazing!

    Swim dread? I had it today but had a surprisingly great swim! Love when that happens! You are great for being able to open water swim I would a) worry I was going to be eaten by a shark even in non shark waters b) hate being cold and c) seaweed.

  10. So happy to find your blog and read more about you and your training! I completely agree that consistency is key to improved running.

    The weather is usually pretty cooperative here, if you don’t mind rain. I would have to have a treadmill if there was much ice in the winter. 🙂

  11. Bahaha we need to hang out and make weird faces all day long. And then shoot boogers at annoying children.

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