Olympic Swimming Musings

So you may agree with me, you may not.  You may be over blogs about the Olympics…you may not.  And finally you might be a swimmer or you might have absolutely no knowledge of swimming…either way I am still giving you my personal thoughts.  I hope it doesn’t offend you…I should have done a musings vlog with your main girl because she can say what she wants.

Here are just some basic thoughts I’ve had thus far about swimming and the Olympics.

  1. The only swimming rivalry is between Micheal Phealps and Ryan Lotche.  They are team USA.
  2. But it doesn’t matter because Ryan  Lotche swims for #lochtenation (ie: females who know nothing about swimming, other then male swimmers have washboard abs).
  3. Phelps missed his gold medal in a major event by a tenth of a second.
  4. But when Missy Franklin missed Bronze in the 200 free style by .01 in an outside lane (lane 8 swim) no one knew…or the fact that she got a GOLD MEDEL and has lived up to what she came to London to do…or the fact that she is 17.  Hmm sorry you were tapered and having an awesome meet Missy but #FranklinNation is just not the same.
  5. Natalie Coughlin has gotten a medal in every Olympic event she has entered for life.  (She is also my favorite swimmer).
  6. You cannot be a good swimmer without big hands.  I don’t care what you say, if your hands are small you are not a legendary swimmer.
  7. NBC likes to interview swimmers while they are still in Cardiac Arrest.  Give them five minutes.
  8. I have no problems when people discuss swimming via social media platforms (twitter) but please for dear god don’t waste my minified with your musings about how hot or good looking Lotche and Phelps are. (unfollow..unfollow…unfollow)  They are not going to be your boyfriends.
  9. Swimming (among many individual sports) receives lots of attention during the Olympics and then goes back to not existing for 4 years.  I don’t really care either way….I do it for myself not to impress people or to have ladies frolicking over my swimming men.
  10. Finally, it seems that people have this strange sense of either you swim because you are in the Olympics or you don’t swim.  There is no in between…yesterday I swam laps and someone asked if I ever competed.  I said yes, in college and then they promptly asked if I was going to the next Olympics.  You can’t just be a decent swimmer.

Bonus: There are also no other swimmers in any other country…USA is the only country allowed and in fact only Phelps and Lochte are competing in the entire thing…I forget why they have other heats of anything they are not in…probably some weird consolation heat or something…

*I would also like to point out that I truly love and thrive off of watching swimming.

Swimming will remain mysterious except for 1 month on a 48 month cycle and I have no problems with that.

Question for you: Are you watching swimming?