*Successful* Mileage Uppage

Someone emailed me the other day and asked me an interesting question:

How do you maintain a 70m week without being injured?

Let’s face it.  Injuries and running go hand and hand.  I know that first hand.  Infact, to tell you the  honest truth-all  of my injuries have come from treadmill running and because the treadmill forced me (well I mean I pushed the buttons…) to run faster then my body wanted…another story for another day…granted someone is interested.

First and foremost, I don’t run 75% of my runs with a watch.  Literally I don’t care.  I could run at a 10 minute pace (and I have) or a 7 minute pace (and I have).  I won’t know either way.  Life is thrilling that way.

When you run for time every single run is when you force yourself into an injury.   

So my first point is that IT DOES NOT MATTER YOUR PACE ALL THE TIME!  I will continue to preach that until I die.  I will straight up tell you this.

My 20k PR is at a 6:50 pace per mile.

My recovery pace has reached 10 minute miles before.  I don’t EVER regret it or wish they could have been better.  In fact, I enjoy easy runs just as much as fast and I trust my body 100%.

Moving on-when I get 10 miles in daily-I don’t run 10 miles straight all the time.  Sometimes I run 2 “5 milers”…sometimes I run a 7 and 3.  Sometimes I do run all ten at once.  Sometimes I run 12 one day and 8 the other.  I’m very flexible.

So point 2-be flexible. 

Point three is something I’m new too.  Stretch and foam roll.  Yes, straight to the point but it really does work.  I’ve been consistently foam rolling every night and feeling fantastic. 

Point 4: I didn’t go from 0 to 70 miles, I slowly upped the mileage.  I would rather do 10 painfree miles then 70 that I have multiple injuries.

So there you go, really I think I could have answered the question with be flexible and don’t get your panties in a bunch.

But that sounds somewhat crude and dirty.