Change in Workout Plans

As some of you guys know-I’ve begun doing p90x! With that being said, I have significantly decreased my cardio.  Infact-I am no longer doing the elliptical (at all), not so much swimming right now and just doing running and p90x.

First and foremost-that makes me super nervous because I feel like my endurance will go down the tubes.  Obviously not true-what’s so ever because I’m still running my miles.

But tlel that to someone who replaced about half their cardio with weights.

So to make matters simple-I’m burning a lot less calories.  My training was becoming stale and that happens so nothing like a complete 180 to switch it up.

I’d tell you that I’m not super nervous.

That would be a lie.

I’d tell you that I’m not super excited to see how this affects my training.

Also a lie.

If it doesn’t work for me-it doesn’t but anything is worth a shot.

Moving on-I’ve complained about my car being fixed all week and it’s still not fixed, which prevented me from going and running a race that I wanted too.   It also means on top of running-I have been walking everywhere!  Which is no big deal but I walked about 20 extra miles this week.   It was just more stress on my legs.


Anyways-that basically defined all my workouts of the week.

Running: 64 miles

Walking: 19.2 miles…I’m going to tell my grandchildren…I walked 19.2 miles in the snow…to get to school…so you can catch the bus…

At the beginning of the week, I was having weird pain in the bottom of my foot.  I was 100% convinced I had to give up all the races I had planned to do well in this training cycle.  I could barely walk to campus let alone run (so much so I took a day off this week and begged for rides!).    It was really inflamed (which gave me an idea that it wasn’t a bone problem) but I was certainly bummed.   Then another blister formed underneath my blister that I got from my half two weeks ago.

It all made sense and I started running again and came to the consensus that my feet are beautiful…(not really I could win in the world’s most disgusting feet award).

Then I had an awesome ten mile tempo run on Saturday!  10m@6:45 pace reassured me I’m ready for my half in three weeks.  (That is my fastest ever tempo!).    Other then that most of the runs were pretty easy.  🙂


Finally, here are the P90x workouts completed (I got it late in the week so have not tried them all…or half):

Chest and Back: This is a lot of pushups and pull-ups.  Though my broken my arm is 100% healed, I haven’t been doing anything to work it (I was supposed to take it easy for another 2 months) so this was certainly a challenge.

Plyometrics: So far the hardest, but I also know this is the most beneficial to my running.  Plyometrics is basically jumping around for an hour (so tiring).  It also does a lot of sporty things: ie baseball, basketball and football moves…if I had this in high school-maybe I would have not been picked last in gym class.   I have never been more tired in my life.  I went to bed 5 minutes later.  (I also did it from 9-10pm ;))

Coresynergistics:  This core DVD was about an hour long as well (they all are).  Of the three, I found it the least rigorous and it more or less focuses on strengthening your trunk muscles so you can stay strong.  Something EVERYONE needs.  I know once I decide which days I’m doing what-this will stay in my rotation.

My goals for next week (granted I have a car) are to peak at 70 miles of running and continue to do p90x (easy goals eh?)

PS: Happy April 1st!  I think I’ll do an April goals blog tomorrow.  I don’t play April fools jokes on people because I can’t keep a straight face…ever….  

Question for you:

 How were your workouts this week?  Any races last week or coming up?  

Have you done p90x before?



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  1. Never done P90x but I have a coworker who swears by it. He lost a lot of weight and got into great shape doing it, but, you’re already in pretty good shape and he wasn’t so I don’t know how that works. Considering you logged like 80 miles on your feet last week with running and walking though, I don’t think you have anything to worry about as far as losing cardio endurance goes, tho :).

  2. My workouts this week were there but not challenging. I would really like to attend the Boxing and Bags class that my friend Chelsea went to on Thursday (she’s still sore today) but I of course have class at the time it’s offered. 🙁

    I have not ever done p90x but I have heard about it. Honestly, it sounds scary to me since I’m in no shape what-so-ever.

    Sorry to hear your car is still being fixed. I will hopefully be able to pick mine up tomorrow after class (fingers crossed!).

  3. I doubt you are burning a lot less calories- P90x is freaking intense.

    And I did a long run today! It was freaking brutal

  4. P90x has to burn a ton of calories over a longer period of time! Weights keep your muscles burning like crazy! It’s pretty intense. And I hope that you def tell that to the grandchildren. Now it’s not just our parents/grandparents that can say that!

  5. I love P90X, I use to think that weight lifting ment that I wasn’t burning calories because I wasn’t sweating like I did with cardio..but I’ve learned that you burn a good amount of calories while weight lifting. It builds lean muscle and that means that you burn more calories when you’re not working out. Good luck with your goals!

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