Annual Campus 5k

I was debating if I would write a race recap for this particular 5k because I  strictly did it for sentimental reasons. Then I got tagged in a bunch of photos and when I have photos to share, we all know it’s blogging time.  Partly, because I am constantly forgetting to take photos or I just don’t….

 My college hosts an annual 5k (which ends up being 3.2 miles) and I would be dammned if I would miss it.   

Even when I ran a half marathon three days before.

Even when it was 80 degrees in Potsdam.

Even when I felt like utter crap.

But I would still go and at least jog or run…whatever.  I was going to run the miles anyways-might as well run it with friends.

My ultra marathoning runner bffer Justin. Please enjoy the brightness of the sun.

Anywho-it’s nice that the race fell on a day when it was hot (so I can tan).  It’s also nice to see my college so active and it’s just me running around like my head cut off.

The 5k itself was long (closer to 3.25 miles) but I mean it’s casual.   I wasn’t too concerned.  

I don’t have too much to say about the race itself.  It hurt like a beyotch because I’m recovery from my half.  The time itself was 22:10 and for the race distance equals a 6:51 pace.  Not sure how I pulled that out and I’m pretty sure I won’t be running anything less than a 9 minute pace for the next few days.  I’m 100% okay with that. 

Look at us go.

Anyways-back to the race.  I’ve run these loops countless times.  When you can run a 7 mile loop around your entire town (and that is pushing it), road races in my area on home ground.

 I’m pretty sure I took the first mile out in around 6:30 then straight up died, but I looked fast because everyone died (per usual for people who don’t normally run 5ks).  Actually I am 95% sure I finished the race at perhaps an 8 minute pace.  Oh well. 

I never really have much to say about 5ks because it’s about 20 minutes of mindless running.  I either think a. I feel so good or b.  This is painful and sucks.  This race was a b choice.   I like to stay postive though and smile my way through races…maybe it’s because I’m a weirdo or always smiling.  God knows.  I normally throw some peace signs up at every photo op.  It’s not like I’ll take good race photos.

Anyways after finishing, I chilled for a bit and ran back home.  (Mostly along the same race course that I had just run…) and went to class.

Like I said-I love running with my friends and classmates.  It jazzes me to see other people so active.

Question for you:  Have you ever done a fun race, paced someone else in a race, or anything that does not involve racing as hard as you possibly could? 

I honestly think there is more to running every race to PR.  Sure it would be nice but it doesn’t happen.  Sometimes just going with the flow is so much more fun!  (or most of the time ;))