Racing (5k=20:20) and Training

Just in case you wondered, I made it back home safely for Spring Break.  I walked off that plane in Southern VA, and it was 73 degrees.  

Anyways-it’s going to be a fun break-I can already feel it.

I decided to step back from the blog for a few days and become mysteriousNo really-after all my typing for papers, I needed a break.  Anyways-happy Sunday my friends. 

This week was a (somewhat) successful training week for me.  My legs are finally starting to catch up to the mileage I’ve been putting in, so I don’t feel too bad when running (by bad I mean little aches and pains that come from upping your mileage). 

Running: 50 miles

Arcing: 5 hours

Swimming: 0 hours

Lifting and Core Sessions: 4

I wanted to swim-I did, but my schedule did not work well with the pool schedule.  My pool at college is only for a few short hours daily, and during most of those hours I was working on my paper with my teacher or studying.  Oh well, all good.


5k Race Recap:

So some of you may/may not know, but I ran my first race in a couple of months on Saturday. I went into this race having NO time goal at all (and didn’t time it with my watch either).  I like the extreme old school of not knowing your time until you can see the clock in the distance.  I know that may put some of ya’lls panties in a bunch not know your splits, but I personally don’t care.

The point is, I needed to start creating an official base line.  I could lie to you and say this wasn’t scaryI would have to accept the time I finished with.  I have been avoiding this whole timing myself thing (partly because coach knows it will make me go crazy), but partly because I don’t want to know where my baseline is.  I have a bad habit of running from my problems (pun intended).  Anywho-

It was extremely windy and chilly on race day.  I was very undressed, wearing just spandex and a short sleeve cotton shirt.  Thank goodness the dad had an extra pair of gloves because I was already miserable before the race even started.

The race was similar to my last 5k with Laura, with no chips and it was done on that number board type thing.  I don’t really mind but it meant having to be towards the front when the gun went off or my time would suffer.

The gun went off and I ran.  (thanks for that obvious statement…).   The race was pretty much a blur for me though.  It was super windy in some spots and not windy in others.  I was probably averaging about a 6:20 pace going with the wind and a 6:45 going against it.  I honestly felt comfortable the entire race which is a good sign, I wasn’t dying.

My final time was a 20:20 or 6:33 pace.  I am pretty happy with this and it certainly sets a good mood for next week’s half marathon.

Speaking of my half marathon (The shamrock half, in VA Beach), coach has asked if I make three goals for myself.  These are realistic goals for me right now.  Next month is a different story (I hope) but right now these are good goals for this race.

A goal: Under 1:35

B goal: Under 1:40

C goal: To finish (this should always be your C goal because finishing a half is no joke!  Actually-too many serious runners take finishing any distance to be a joke, but finishing any road race is a big deal…anywho a topic for another day.).

Question for you:  How is your training going?  When is your next race? 

Would you rather know or not know certain details (like my baseline thoughts?).