Blogging VS Real Life

I couldn’t think of a better time to post this blog-seeing as I have recently put a link on my facebook.  It isn’t that I purposely hide blogging because if you know me (in real life) I frequent talking about the blog, or frequent making references to something.  I’ve had a blog for a year and a half now so I don’t hide it and it’s not like I don’t know people don’t google my name and find it easily.   I ramble about blogs I read if they are relevant to my conversation…it happens.

I also don’t go out of my way demanding people read my blog.  This isn’t grade school-if it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. If it does interest you-read away.

I’m not here to hide my life (which is humorous from some of the emails I get in regards to more aspects of my life).  I’m also not here to share every personal detail of my mind (um-my awkwardly mile a minute chats are more than enough for most people to handle). 

Needless to say-I’m not hiding anything but I’m not the type of person that will ramble off every detail of my life unless it’s relevant.  You ask-I tell, that is how I roll.

Anywho-with telling people I blog (especially about training/fitness/food) at least one, if not all of the questions are asked:

1.       Why?

2.       How do you have that sort of time?

To answer both of these more direct questions, I love blogging.  It gives me an outlet that isn’t hindered by anything.  I basically have the freedom to ramble away with anything I want.  I want to talk about cats.  Okay I like them.  My hatred of birds the next day?  Fine…. The second question is easy, you can physically make time for anything you love to do.

And here come the ones that annoy me the most (which is basically my point of this blog anyways).

3.       Do you have some sort of problem with food (ie: implying I eat too little for much…)?

4.       Do you have a problem with exercise? 

To answer both those questions because I know if you aren’t asking me directly-you ask.

No and no.

I run (swim…exercise) because I love it (most of the time).

I eat more than you and your family. 

I may eat pretty cleanly about 95% of the time, but you better believe when I say I eat enough for my training and what I am supposed to be doing.   I could not physically run 10 miles followed by an hour of swimming on 1200 calories-nor do I want to attempt that.  EVER.

I find it really funny when people tell me about my lifestyle and how they believe they know oh so much.  Oh yes, did I forget I was on a reality TV show and you were following me around 24-7.   People see a glimpse of something and think it justifies them to give you advice or tell you they know about X,Y,Z

So hello real life friends who journey over and hello blogging friends (both I love dearly).

And to answer your 1 million questions about LOLZ making a facebook page…it will happen…one day and it will be full of more socially awkward musings and fitness joys.

Questions for you:

If you blog, how do you go about talking about it?  (if you do) 

If you train hard, what do you tell people when they ask?