Blogging VS Real Life

I couldn’t think of a better time to post this blog-seeing as I have recently put a link on my facebook.  It isn’t that I purposely hide blogging because if you know me (in real life) I frequent talking about the blog, or frequent making references to something.  I’ve had a blog for a year and a half now so I don’t hide it and it’s not like I don’t know people don’t google my name and find it easily.   I ramble about blogs I read if they are relevant to my conversation…it happens.

I also don’t go out of my way demanding people read my blog.  This isn’t grade school-if it doesn’t interest you, don’t read it. If it does interest you-read away.

I’m not here to hide my life (which is humorous from some of the emails I get in regards to more aspects of my life).  I’m also not here to share every personal detail of my mind (um-my awkwardly mile a minute chats are more than enough for most people to handle). 

Needless to say-I’m not hiding anything but I’m not the type of person that will ramble off every detail of my life unless it’s relevant.  You ask-I tell, that is how I roll.

Anywho-with telling people I blog (especially about training/fitness/food) at least one, if not all of the questions are asked:

1.       Why?

2.       How do you have that sort of time?

To answer both of these more direct questions, I love blogging.  It gives me an outlet that isn’t hindered by anything.  I basically have the freedom to ramble away with anything I want.  I want to talk about cats.  Okay I like them.  My hatred of birds the next day?  Fine…. The second question is easy, you can physically make time for anything you love to do.

And here come the ones that annoy me the most (which is basically my point of this blog anyways).

3.       Do you have some sort of problem with food (ie: implying I eat too little for much…)?

4.       Do you have a problem with exercise? 

To answer both those questions because I know if you aren’t asking me directly-you ask.

No and no.

I run (swim…exercise) because I love it (most of the time).

I eat more than you and your family. 

I may eat pretty cleanly about 95% of the time, but you better believe when I say I eat enough for my training and what I am supposed to be doing.   I could not physically run 10 miles followed by an hour of swimming on 1200 calories-nor do I want to attempt that.  EVER.

I find it really funny when people tell me about my lifestyle and how they believe they know oh so much.  Oh yes, did I forget I was on a reality TV show and you were following me around 24-7.   People see a glimpse of something and think it justifies them to give you advice or tell you they know about X,Y,Z

So hello real life friends who journey over and hello blogging friends (both I love dearly).

And to answer your 1 million questions about LOLZ making a facebook page…it will happen…one day and it will be full of more socially awkward musings and fitness joys.

Questions for you:

If you blog, how do you go about talking about it?  (if you do) 

If you train hard, what do you tell people when they ask?





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  1. Love this! I just started posting stuff on my blog to real life people haha weird as that sounds but I really stopped caring and stopped trying to hide stuff. And I talk about it just as normal. Like oh yeah I saw this great recipe on this food blog or oh someone on a blog I follow was talking about that.

  2. Great points indeed, Hollie! 🙂 I have a blog ( I enjoy blogging for the same reasons. If people enjoy my blog, yay!!!, If not, then don’t bother reading it. I try not to flaunt my blog, but, I often use Twitter as a means to get my posts out there. I love reading other people’s blogs- for inspiration, gives me a good laugh, or, often, I learn a thing or two.
    As far as training hard? I am usually pretty honest with people, if they ask me about my training. I try not to brag about it. I just hope people respect me for what i love to do- which is run. 🙂

  3. I have a FB page for my blog, and it’s mostly just just my close friends who have “liked” it. I don’t hide my blog, I usually throw the link out on my personal FB, too, but that’s it. I don’t beg people to go to it, I only tweet/FB once (that is one thing that annoys me, people who tweet the same blog post over and over in a day!). I take the same stance you do, if people want to read, they will. If not, no big deal. It’s not monetized or anything, I just blog because I like it. I -me, myself, and I- like to go back and read old posts, you know? I also don’t ever feel obligated to blog, which can lead to some CRAP posts. If I wanna talk, I do. If not, NBD.

    Basically what I’m getting at is, I see where you’re coming from. 🙂

  4. For pretty obvious reasons, I don’t tell “real life” people about my blog. That’s the flip side of why I blog in the first place–it’s an outlet where I can speak honestly and publicly, yet anonymously, about things that are a big part of my life but not anyone else’s business. In my case, I *am* doing all the things your wannabe lifeguards want to think you’re doing (you could send them my way if they need to lecture someone on proper refueling, haha). I don’t want my ED to interfere with how my coworkers see me, but I need to talk about it somewhere, especially because I disagree with most of the stupid public misconceptions about EDs.

    About the hataz: dude. Anyone who is that concerned about what you eat and how much you work out has too much time on their hands, and probably has their own issues they need to get over. Or else they’re just jealous of your mad athletic skillz. 🙂

  5. Oh Hollikins. I shall now creep on you 24/7 as compared to before 😛 I don’t usually talk about blogging except with fellow blogger or when I forget you aren’t a blogger and end up talking about it……… I guess I talk about blogging.
    I tell them I train how I need to. I train to what my body needs and I know what my body needs. BAM! There critics!

  6. My blog really isn’t big enough yet for people to be asking me about it, but what I plan to say is pretty much exactly what you said! For the other question, I just tell people that I work hard because I want to be good at what I do!

  7. I’m lame & vain, & don’t post my running blog on FB because I talk about issues like peeing myself while running, and mostly. . . I post my weight. 🙂 I’m friends with a few fellow runners/bloggers, but don’t link to my own blog on FB.

  8. At first mentioning my blog was really awkward, now I’m really comfortable with it. I don’t put it on my personal fb or anything but I don’t care if bloggers or readers find me on fb from my blog or people I know in the real life find my blog.

    I really really hate when people assume I undereat and overexercise. I’m pretty much on the same page as you with that one. That’s the one thing that drives me crazy about blogging. I mentioned the fact that I dealt with disordered eating in the past and people seem to think that they know how to solve my problems or need to intervene or that I shouldn’t run. Just.. no. I have real life friends to do that.

  9. GOOD POINTS!! I hate when people judge & try to tell you about your OWN life. Oh, I’m sorry. I didnt know you knew me better than I know myself! Nawwwtttt. Love your blog 🙂 XO

  10. I don’t share my blog with my “real life” people. I choose to keep my blog to myself and those that choose to read my blog because it’s my place to escape and go on and on about weight loss or whatever I need to go on and on about. Maybe some day I will…never say never right?

  11. I don’t talk about my blog or blogging to anyone… and I don’t really talk about training with any real life friends either!!! I do mention some fitness related stuff to other exercise-mad friends but not very often, and not what I do! I always think people don’t care.

    Blogging has made me realise how ridiculously private I am about my own life, actually. Although if people ask me stuff – I will almost always answer. Strange how it works!

  12. Love this…a bit of a reality check with blogging. I used to flip out a bit when people didn’t read my blog as much as I hoped they would. But then I remembered whyyy I do blog and it’s for me- read if you want to, and if you don’t well thats okay too! I don’t go out of my way to tell people about my blog but a lot of people know about it now… and i am okay with this as well!

  13. I havent told any of my real life friends about my blog (except lily from eating for excellence…cause she has one too haha) and I don’t intend to. If they asked me about it, I wouldn’t lie, but I don’t really see it as a “OMG GUYS GUESS WHAT” kinda thing. Plus, I know a lot of my friends don’t understand my dietary habits or training so they might not understand (or care) about what I have to say about fitness and nutrition and whatnot.

  14. I’ve JUST started telling people about my blog and it’s been almost two YEARS. I told my mom last mother’s day and my bff’s knew, but I still dont know exactly how to bring it up. It’s weird to see my teammates linking my posts to our fb page and stuff. No hiding it really.

    And when they ask about my training it’s usually “but you donn’t look like a man”… that’s because I dont have a needle in my ass thank you very much.

  15. I don’t really talk about it much in my real world life.. I mean its on my facebook and sometimes I ask friends if they have read a particular post cuz I love it.. but other than that.. meh. If they wanna read it they can.

  16. Great post! I actually don’t talk about my blog (except with my immediate family) and try to keep it as disconnected from my name as possible (I didn’t do a super-good job, but we all slip up). It’s not because I’m embarrassed of it or even that I necessarily want it to be a secret, but just because I like having a wee bit of anonymity – it makes it more fun and lets me feel more free!

  17. actually laughed out loud at this post, quit staring at me people. ps is this upstate new york weather AHMAZING or what?!

  18. I have gotten to the point in the past year that I honestly don’t care one bit if people don’t like me or what I do with my life. So I want to blog…whatevs I do it. I want to stop eating meat for a bit…deal with it. I dont care anymore. My life is for me, and you can think whatever you want about it. And you can’t ever stop blogging because I love hearing about cats and your cat paintings and your cow bffs.

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