Arm Rambles

Sunday is still Run day even if I’m not exactly running.  In my mind, Sunday Runday still flows. I’m still going to find some sort of aspect to talk about dealing with training and such.  So there.  Take that arm and knee and whatever else hurts.

Speaking of those two-I’ll update you.  I want to give you exciting news about my arm but truth is-it still hurts.  It almost just feels like that moment when you get punched in the arm only that feeling lasts for days straight.  It’s super dull and super annoying.  Not to be a Debbie downer but it has kinda been deactivating everything and anything I want to do in regards to working out, hanging out, cleaning, all that jazz.  I know it shouldn’t but I hate spending 20 minutes to try and put my clothes on (it’s one exact moment I’ve pinpointed that I just currently cannot do…involving putting my hair up and putting clothes on).  It’s slowly healing though and I’m already a week out of four to full healing.  Also to clarify-this is the first bone I’ve broke.

I broke my arm and my legit only mark is that awful bruise right there. No big deal.

Next-I want to do a series on overcoming injuries. If you had an injury and overcame it, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.  I’d love for you to do a guest post!  (


Anyways that finally segways into the post I thought about doing.  I got a lot of questions of how I’m overcoming an injury completely unrelated to working out.  Am I mad?  Am I frustrated?  Blah blah blah…well we all know the answers to those.  I you want to get technical I was walking back from the gym when I fell.  So if I didn’t go to the gym-I wouldn’t have fallen.  Anyways

I must tell you blogging best friends-not every injury is work out related!  It was so hard for me to grasp that concept when I started running and was constantly feeling little nags not making me “running healthy”.  I guess running healthy is staying injury free in regards to running.  But am I currently running healthy?  I’m not supposed to be running because of my arm but it wasn’t a running related injury?  As you can see-it’s just a big loop hole that messes with your mind.

When I really started running it seemed (because it was true) my pain only came from running.  As you well know-running puts a terrible amount of stress on your body and causes you to frequent injury often when you up your miles?

Am I complaining? 

No not really because it happens with lots of sports.  I’m just saying that other people get injured too.  People that don’t workout get injured.  People that run, dance, swim, play soccer, football, basketball…badminton.  Injury is inevitable in whatever your fun of choice is.

But what makes life so great is that-your body can heal itself.  I’m only a week away from breaking my arm and I can already move it more than a week ago.  My bones are on the mend!

My stress fracture-I was getting better with each and everyday.

Your body heals itself and being patient and not doing anything is key.  Don’t be rash.  Sure-I could go run right now and probably be okay.  Why push those limits when I could end up falling, injuring myself more and spending months or even years not running.

So there.