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I wouldn’t say my blog is the epiphany of great (by any standards).  I also wouldn’t say my sources are always accurate or that I was number one proofreader across the world.   I’m not an English major (and didn’t inherit my moms newspaper editor skills), my brain thinks faster than I type or talk and I don’t spent countless hours on the Microsoft word perfecting my blog.  I am a sarcastic spitfire though so I hope that keeps you around. 

I would say that I do enjoy blogging and it’s an outlet for my dumb witted remarks that I don’t always make in real life because I don’t want to get beat up.

I have gotten several questions lately about how to make your blog grow and how to find new readers….ect.  I’ve compiled a somewhat short and sweet list of easy to do (and most are obvious) things.  (Who has real life friends anyways these days?)

1. Read and Comment on Many Blogs

BUT don’t add meaningless bullshit when it’s clear you didn’t read the post.   

I’m not saying that you must read word for word every post every single person in the blogesphere because that would burn you out in five minutes.  All I’m saying is reading and commenting on posts is a great way to get your name out there.  Reading and then commenting, “oh that is great” or neato won’t exactly add much to the conversation though .  Finally commenting when you have only read the title is probably not the best idea either (and 99.9% of the time) obvious that you didn’t read anything other than the title.

2.  Write for you.

We are all guilty of this.  Asking what our readers want.  I mean I love reading all the blogs I do, but I do no wake up in the morning thinking “OH my god, if so and so doesn’t write and this today…I’m clicking unsubscribe”.  Write what comes natural and in your natural style.  If you aren’t serious…don’t try to be.  If being funny is not for you…write about informational topics.  If you are super awkward, embrace it!  Don’t cry if you can’t post on the regular.  Your readers are subscribed and it is 100% understandable if you need breaks.  (it would be weird if you didn’t).

3.       Photos. You need to find that golden line of interest that works for you.

Don’t post 1000 photos in myspace style form photography.  I don’t care if you turned your face 1 degree, it’s the still the same damn picture.

Zero photos makes me feel like I’m reading a book for class and therefore won’t. This goes along with 10000 word posts.  No.

4. 500 Posts daily on the regular. 

Most of us are not able to keep up with the daily 500 posts you do.  Unnecessary and how the hell do you have that much to say?

5. You are boring. 

If you never post pictures of you and your real life friends or you outside of your computer webcam, I can guarantee you will not keep my interest.

Question for you: Biggest advice for bloggers?

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  1. I rarely post personal life pictures/posts other than race reports because I know some of my extended family members read it. I don’t like them. :look:

  2. Haha, this was funny. I am totally guilty of number 5- never post photos of me!

    But I’m not really that bothered if I don’t have a bunch of readers, because honestly, I know my blog is not exciting. I’m just happy to comment away on other’s blogs because I enjoy reading theirs, rather than to get people reading mine.

    My biggest turn-off when reading blogs is people who use heaps of words that don’t exist… a few are cool, but when the whole blog is like “OMG LYK YOOOO WASSSUP” or something… I am so not reading it.

  3. I completely agree with all these tips…especially writing for you. I don’t like when bloggers ask what we want to read…I like being surprised by what the blogger comes up with on their own! Its more fun that way!

  4. Loved this post. 😀 I agree with all your tips, especially #4 – my Google reader is pretty pregnant enough as it is. And more of #3 would definitely be good too!

  5. Hahaha this is great. My blog is not so super famous like yours and I haven’t reached the need for my own domain but I still love it for the pure fact that I love writing.

    And I agree. Commenting for stupid reasons is so dumb. I can’t wrap my mind around that.

  6. Hey girl!

    It’s Kaitlyn (formerly CollegeGirlRuns). Just wanted to let you know I started a new blog (needed a fresh start after some time away from blogging). I’m excited to get back in the blogging world though 🙂

    Also, def agree about pictures. They are so necessary for a successful blog!

  7. This is great advice! I’m definitly going to try to work on some of it. And I completely agree, if it’s not interesting I won’t read it haha

  8. I’m guilty of asking for what people want, but it’s usually just because I’m indecisive about what I want to post first. I think my biggest blog pet peeve is when it’s obvious that people didn’t even skim the post. I also hate when people don’t do their own thing. Be yourself and stop trying to do what every other blogger does. I don’t mean like getting pinterest or daily mile or whatever, that’s cool with me. I mean don’t run a marathon, go gluten free, and decide you want to make a career change just because everyone else is. Live your own life and do what works for you!

  9. So agree with all of this! Especially “BUT don’t add meaningless bullshit when it’s clear you didn’t read the post. ” Ever notice the same people are the first to comment by saying “great post!” or “yum”? lol

    And agreed- 1 post a day is plenty! Not 10

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