Turkey Trot 10k

Have you ever noticed that by in large most Holidays come complete with a road race?  The only one I know of that doesn’t is Christmas but I’ll be on the prawl for one.  How cool is that?

The Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot in my area was a 10k.

10k (although it was a long and 6.3M)

Before I begin, I will say that it is a PR for me but I’m not really that happy about it.  (I am happy yes, but OMGEEZ best race ever?  No not really)  I had to stop twice take off my gloves and retie my shoes.  Like why do freak things happen in my life.

Anyways-I think this race had over 1000 people.  There were certainly a lot.  Actually I just looked and there were over 2500. Good heavens, that is a lot of best friends for me to make.

I was somewhat nervous at the start because so many people were running by me before mile 1.  I’m really claustrophobic and cannot handle people running next to me, breathing down my neck all that jazz.  (one of the few reasons I do enjoy swimming) I thought maybe I was taking it too slow when the whirlwind of people flew by…but I just ignored it and said trust your body  and realized I was at a 6:30 pace when I hit mile 1.  Which was super comfortable (so that is wicked exciting).

Between mile 1 and 2, my first shoe came untied.  I stopped-tied it and continued.  God knows my clumsy ass is not about to trip and fall on pavement.  Cross country dirt is another story, but pavement  Hell no.


Then between mile 2-3 my other shoe became untied.  Once again (and maybe more skillfully) I stopped tied it real quick and by this point had muttered every four letter word under the sun.  Probably created some new ones as well.

The rest of the race is somewhat of a blur.  It was pretty windy in spots but completely flat.  Minus a serious elevation gain of 2 feet and some man was so upset by it.  I chuckled and thanked my hill training, which has been doing me wonders.

I do remember getting to mile 5 at 34:51 and I was super excited because it meant I had dropped down back down under a 7 minute pace even with the stopping.

The final home stretch was like .3 of a mile so I had to look at the finish line for a third of a mile.  I don’t know how that makes me feel.  I hauled butt to the end but my kick is probably all of a 5 second pace faster than my normal speed.

I did, however, end up getting second my age category despite the circumstances.  I seem to always win awards that give out bird trophies.  The duck from the open water swim, two of these guys.   I would like a Penguin award, since they are the only birds I love.


Another race down.  Like I said-not overly happy that my shoes came untied and made me stop but nothing to get too upset about.    Plus I came home and ate about 5 servings of this nomtastic food.


Question for you:

  1. 1.       Runners:  Have your shoes ever come untied? 

Oh and yes I double knot them.  I have a very high turnover and so it’s impossible to keep them tied, I swear.

  1. 2.       How was your Thanksgiving?