How To Take a Proper Ice Bath (vLog)

Blog Motivation.

I do not have it.  True life.  I think I just have no motivation because my legs are hella tired and all I want to do is sleep.  I love that feeling and dear god I would chose it over sitting out of running anyday.

Incase you have never taken an ice bath before or need the proper instructions I have created a video of what I do.  I know you probably wanted to know all of that but this is what I do every night between the hours of 8:30-9:00.  Until Wednesday, then I’ll be watching America’s Next Top Model.

What led to the sudden up rise in ice baths you ask?

I have started going casually to cross country practices.  What casually going to practice means I don’t know.  I go, I run what I can and I leave.  Which has been about everything because they have an easy week.  I have also took it upon myself to mold some of the male freshman into mini me’s.

Someone stop that situation.  Anywho-I predict an early night for me again.   Go figure.


Question for you:

What has been making you tired lately?


Ode to the Cav

Ode to the Cav and all it’s barbed wire glory.

The Cav closed on Sunday for the summer.  Yes, I do realize that it closes very early in the season as well as opening very late.  In fact, it’s only open for 7-8 weeks of the summer depending on the City’s mood.  I really love working there though (if you call it that).

This summer was no exception and possibly one of the best summers.  Why, well first, Anna was working there!  Speaking of Anna, also affectionately known as aDuBs, she is updating her blog again so I can stalk her when school starts and you should too.  True Story!

But back to the Cav.  This summer was a lot of fun.  We didn’t have any major crisis as in previous years (because I run a tight ship).  There were of course rescues from kids who think they can swim in the 9 feet, and a few little children.  One girl ended up being pulled out unconscious but she was okay.  🙂

The most memorable moment was a few weeks ago when a pool came to the pool was a sword.  We are pretty sure he was on drugs, and earlier in the day he had chased a man down the street with the thing.  The police were actually looking for him, and he was immediately arrested in the field near the pool.

The Cav happens to be right on the way to my favorite mall and Anna and I thought, why not go see if people were hoping the fence at night.  They normally do, and do god knows what in the pool in the after hours but that isn’t my responsibility and I’m having a sleepover there to find perpetrators.  The police do a good job of that.

We took underwater photos.

How I managed to creep from so far baffles my mind.
And had hugh jazz farm fresh salads almost every day for lunch.  (That is legit where my paychecks went).

Oh and Anna and I thought it would be fun to climb in the turnstile that used to let patrons in.  Too bad it has been all shut up.  I wish I knew how to make it not on it’s side but I’m not that technology savvy.

But I mostly did a lot of this.  I am a true professional deck patroller.  I don’t know why kids thought I was scary but I’m pretty sure it was because I had reflective sunglasses.

peace out.


Question for you:

Do you enjoy your job? What do you do?