True Life: I’m a Debbie Downer

Today was a sad day in my life.  Although I whined and complained, I really did want to do the triathlon.  Alas, it was cancelled due to the weather.  It was lightening and thundering and downpouring.  Basically a scary storm that lead to flash floods that led to me running 10 miles on the dreadmill and calling it a day. . But that is another story.

By 6:30, the daddykins and I entered the worlds largest navel station for the race.  BAHA.  It makes me seem like I was somewhere oh so exciting.

At 7:00, I spent 15 minutes figuring out all my numbers went.

7:15 we were all marked up with and ready to go.

7:30 We were directed a storm was coming and to chillaxe in our car.




turned to this
and then to 2 foot floods...within an hour
which SUVS can get through....but not my legs.

8:15 They called off the swim.

9:00 They called off the race.

9:15 The daddykins took me on a tour of Navel Station because I don’t really come out there much.  Basically a bunch of his old ships and such.  I don’t know why (maybe I should have joined the navy) but ships amuse me.  All of them.  So in the midst of a storm, we plowed through the flooding and looked at them.

Because I was so pumped...

I haven’t ever had bad luck like that so I can’t really complain.  It was just more obnoxious because I had to get up at 5:30am on a Sunday.


Question for you:

1.       What is your most obnoxious race/exercise related story?