True Life: I’m a Debbie Downer

Today was a sad day in my life.  Although I whined and complained, I really did want to do the triathlon.  Alas, it was cancelled due to the weather.  It was lightening and thundering and downpouring.  Basically a scary storm that lead to flash floods that led to me running 10 miles on the dreadmill and calling it a day. . But that is another story.

By 6:30, the daddykins and I entered the worlds largest navel station for the race.  BAHA.  It makes me seem like I was somewhere oh so exciting.

At 7:00, I spent 15 minutes figuring out all my numbers went.

7:15 we were all marked up with and ready to go.

7:30 We were directed a storm was coming and to chillaxe in our car.




turned to this
and then to 2 foot floods...within an hour
which SUVS can get through....but not my legs.

8:15 They called off the swim.

9:00 They called off the race.

9:15 The daddykins took me on a tour of Navel Station because I don’t really come out there much.  Basically a bunch of his old ships and such.  I don’t know why (maybe I should have joined the navy) but ships amuse me.  All of them.  So in the midst of a storm, we plowed through the flooding and looked at them.

Because I was so pumped...

I haven’t ever had bad luck like that so I can’t really complain.  It was just more obnoxious because I had to get up at 5:30am on a Sunday.


Question for you:

1.       What is your most obnoxious race/exercise related story? 

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  1. Aw shucks, sorry about the cancellation! I love thunderstorms but not when they get in the way of things! My sophomore year our first home meet was cancelled because of a thunderstorm – the ONLY meet we ever were going to have at the outdoor pool. I was all pumped to swim the 500 (which I almost never swim) and someone even came to watch me.

  2. Who said you still can’t do a tri in that? Go swim in the flood of water.

    The only ridiculous race story I have is during XC when we read the start times wrong and were still warming up before the race started. Our coach found out the correct time and started screaming at us to get our flats on and get to the line. I was in a frantic mode and I couldn’t get off any of my gear. We literally ran to the start line minutes before the gun went off. It was hectic. Needless to say, we were warmed up.

  3. Aww I am sorry about the tri! But I guess it kind of works out since ya weren’t really feeling it! Did the race people at least refund your money!?!?!

    Last year at my sectional final cross country meet it was 30 degrees and snowing…..the worst part was, we couldn’t wear any of our cold weather gear….plus I had pneumonia, so not the best race at all!

  4. That sucks about your tri, and you don’t have to apologize, you have every reason to be down about it. I’d be mad too… I hope they reschedule it or give you money back or something? But it still sucks to train for something and just not be able to do it. Especially because it’s a tri and not like a 5K where you can just find one the next weekend, ya know?

    As far as my race story is concerned, it happened on Memorial Day of this year and I haven’t blogged about it yet, but I was the first female overall to finish, and instead of dividing men and women into categories, they lumped everyone together so I got nothing as far as awards were concerned. Not fun.

    The race organizers, on the other hand, got a bunch of angry females pissed at them…

  5. Bleh, that is obnoxious. I am of course sorry to hear they canceled it, but getting up at the ass crack of dawn when you don’t really need to sucks too 🙁
    My most annoying/painful race I did was a triathlon I finished last summer. It was my third sprint tri of the season but it was the worst one. The swim was in the ocean and even though it was August, the water was about 52 degrees and I didn’t have a wet suit. I did finish the race but also got hypothermia during the bike and had to get some care to go on! Note to self: buy a wet suit.

  6. Sorry the race was canceled — although flash floods are scary! Last year I was in OK with my Mom and her car got caught — and eventually became completely submerged (we had gotten out before that happened!)

  7. Aaww, that really is too bad- dang mother nature aint half throwing some hissy fits these days!

  8. Aaww, that really is too bad- dang mother nature aint half throwing some hissy fits these days!
    10 miles on the tready is an awesome workout though-well done!

  9. That’s some crazy flooding! It’s kinda frustrating though since you woke up & were all ready for it. In high school, our state x-c meet was cold & SO muddy. The boys went first, and they were literally climbing up hills hands & feet, so they postponed the girl’s race for a week because the course/weather was so bad.

  10. Oh man. That sucks!! mY brother trained for the full marathon for GO stl. And when we got to mile 10 they were redirecting the full marathoners to only run the half. They said it was already in the 90s by 9am and people were dropping like flies. Needless to say he was pissed. I woul dhave been too

  11. Sorry the race got cancelled…come do the NYC Tri in August!

    also creeper alert, but my dad totally works there too and is probz your dad’s IRL BFF. he’s a naval architect. i think all the aircraft carriers are super cool, too!

  12. Oh no! Sorry your race was cancelled! I fell in a hole while running at night and then got chased by I bull dog a few minutes later with a swollen ankle! Yea… Not the best run of my life!

  13. Well at least you still got to hang out with me lol. I can’t believe I slept through all of that? I guess it was pretty early though.

    Well I’ve got 2 hours before I need to be in bed now, right?

  14. that totally sucks – so sad to hear it! I woulda been major bummed too (especially about waking up so early on the weekend!!!)

  15. gaaahhh, go to sleep, hollie!

    I’m so sorry. but everything happens for a reason. now you can go kick some booty in another tri… right? 😉 tri, try again!

  16. Geez, creepy rain and storm. NOT a fan. I can’t believe how fast that flooding occurred. It sucks that everything was cancelled, but I’m glad you weren’t washed away 🙂

  17. Once we had a meet when we were sent back to the bus ELEVEN times. Finally the clouds passed though and a double rainbow came out.

  18. Ships USED to amuse me. But now that I’ve been through the NAVY… aw, who am I kidding, I still love ’em. Probably wouldn’t love ’em as much if I had been stationed on one, though… Haha.

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