My Real Life Breakup

Alright my blogging friends.

Today for Triple Tangent Tuesday, I have no food to share with you and I only have one tangent.  This is a very long and joyful story filled with emotional highs and lows.   I’m being more dramatic then I have to be I swear.  I just like to pretend that I’m a dramatic playwrite.


It all began in 7th grade.  I was still a new US student in middle school and my math teacher hated me.  Every grading period she would write that I was not a good student and all I did was draw mythical creatures in her class and never pay attention.  True life: That was the height of my sailor moon addiction.  Um because I have no shame I’ll attach a photo, I drew in about 1 minute. 

Sadly, my days of drawing Japanese fanfiction are long over and that was the first time I whipped out my drawing skills since well probably 9th grade.

But anyways, I ended up being put into the slower math group in 8th grade with an old cranky teacher.  She wasn’t bad but she was certainly past her prime.  She clearly didn’t want to be there and needed money for her retirement home which funny enough was near my parents 90 miles north.  Seeing her at the beach was…a highlight of my  summer.  Way past her prime.  She recommended me to continue on with the slower track of math but my parents overrode it.   They said I was not reaching my potential and threatened to take away everything from my pencils and markers to my zoo tycoon computer game. 

So there I went, into Algebra 1 and into 9th grade and high school (which had close to 3000 students).  I took algebra 1 in fall of ninth grade, and geometry in spring.  Followed by algebra 2, trigonometry, calculus and then AP calculus my senior year.  Something just clicked for me in ninth grade and math. It could have been that I had the greatest 9th grade teacher and she worked with me or perhaps the fact that I grew up. Either way, I was excelling at math and who doesn’t love things they are excelling in? 

I even participated in a mathalities competition, and being a prissy materialistic high school girl, that isn’t normally seen.  Throughout high school, I swam but didn’t become as competitive until sophomore year when I secured my spot as top female and really took an interest in swimming and become more serious about it.  So my main interests were swimming and math.  Yes, I was that girl that would be doing math and formulas in my free time.

No shame.

Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to stay in the classroom, and I absolutely loved math.  It seemed everything made sense for me-major in math and major in education.  Throughout my first three years of college, it all progressed.   I was doing well in my courses and I was (pretending) to enjoy it.  It just seemed like that is what I was destined to do.

Although during junior year, I kept thinking to myself-I’m not going to be teaching Algorithms or modular arithmetic or proofs to middle scholars or even high scholars. Why do I have to learn this?  I hate this sort of math and I just want to solve for x.  In fact, you may not recognize my notebooks as math notebooks but or more or less as English novels.

But then second semester of junior year, we got to go observe an actual high school classroom.  You have seen me post every Thursday about what outfit I’m wearing.  I’ve even asked you guys for advice.

And that my friends secured the deal.

Being in the math classroom is not where I want to be.  I enjoy math, really I do, but I don’t see myself as a teacher.  It’s not that I don’t like math-I do, it’s not that I don’t mind teaching-I enjoy it, it’s not even that I hate middle age kids because I like them a lot.  My interests have just changed since high school.  I have become a completely different person in the last year, let alone the last 3.

So where does that leave me?  What is really in on my mind?  What has stolen my heart since the first day I divulged into my minor?

Yes, you community health.  I knew I would enjoy you the moment I took my first class.  Little did I know, that it was what I wanted to spend my life doing.

Let's not forget that time I won a can of black beans in nutrition. Who doesn't love that?

That is why I have declared my community health major last week.  I have signed up for my courses and have dove in like I raced into cross country and swimming.  I will be graduating in the same amount of time (my original plan had me student teaching Fall 2012 but now I’m be interning Fall 2012).

So what do I want to do exactly? 

I want to help college students and be a wellness counselor on college campuses.  Someone students can talk to about nutrition, about exercise and about their general health and well being.

So there it is-off my chest.  Thank you for listening to my life changing rambles.  I promised you I would be real and realistic.  Although, I probably made this seem like it wasn’t a big deal in my life-I can assure you it is huge.  It is something that has me at wits end.  I’m nervous, I’m freaking out, I don’t where I’ll be, but I know one thing.

I’ll be getting my lolz on but still remain in the math alliance club at school.

Did I mention I rock my math tshirts periodically?


Question for you:
Have you ever made a life changing decision?  Did it go in you r favor (please tell me yes :))