My Real Life Breakup

Alright my blogging friends.

Today for Triple Tangent Tuesday, I have no food to share with you and I only have one tangent.  This is a very long and joyful story filled with emotional highs and lows.   I’m being more dramatic then I have to be I swear.  I just like to pretend that I’m a dramatic playwrite.


It all began in 7th grade.  I was still a new US student in middle school and my math teacher hated me.  Every grading period she would write that I was not a good student and all I did was draw mythical creatures in her class and never pay attention.  True life: That was the height of my sailor moon addiction.  Um because I have no shame I’ll attach a photo, I drew in about 1 minute. 

Sadly, my days of drawing Japanese fanfiction are long over and that was the first time I whipped out my drawing skills since well probably 9th grade.

But anyways, I ended up being put into the slower math group in 8th grade with an old cranky teacher.  She wasn’t bad but she was certainly past her prime.  She clearly didn’t want to be there and needed money for her retirement home which funny enough was near my parents 90 miles north.  Seeing her at the beach was…a highlight of my  summer.  Way past her prime.  She recommended me to continue on with the slower track of math but my parents overrode it.   They said I was not reaching my potential and threatened to take away everything from my pencils and markers to my zoo tycoon computer game. 

So there I went, into Algebra 1 and into 9th grade and high school (which had close to 3000 students).  I took algebra 1 in fall of ninth grade, and geometry in spring.  Followed by algebra 2, trigonometry, calculus and then AP calculus my senior year.  Something just clicked for me in ninth grade and math. It could have been that I had the greatest 9th grade teacher and she worked with me or perhaps the fact that I grew up. Either way, I was excelling at math and who doesn’t love things they are excelling in? 

I even participated in a mathalities competition, and being a prissy materialistic high school girl, that isn’t normally seen.  Throughout high school, I swam but didn’t become as competitive until sophomore year when I secured my spot as top female and really took an interest in swimming and become more serious about it.  So my main interests were swimming and math.  Yes, I was that girl that would be doing math and formulas in my free time.

No shame.

Throughout high school, I knew I wanted to stay in the classroom, and I absolutely loved math.  It seemed everything made sense for me-major in math and major in education.  Throughout my first three years of college, it all progressed.   I was doing well in my courses and I was (pretending) to enjoy it.  It just seemed like that is what I was destined to do.

Although during junior year, I kept thinking to myself-I’m not going to be teaching Algorithms or modular arithmetic or proofs to middle scholars or even high scholars. Why do I have to learn this?  I hate this sort of math and I just want to solve for x.  In fact, you may not recognize my notebooks as math notebooks but or more or less as English novels.

But then second semester of junior year, we got to go observe an actual high school classroom.  You have seen me post every Thursday about what outfit I’m wearing.  I’ve even asked you guys for advice.

And that my friends secured the deal.

Being in the math classroom is not where I want to be.  I enjoy math, really I do, but I don’t see myself as a teacher.  It’s not that I don’t like math-I do, it’s not that I don’t mind teaching-I enjoy it, it’s not even that I hate middle age kids because I like them a lot.  My interests have just changed since high school.  I have become a completely different person in the last year, let alone the last 3.

So where does that leave me?  What is really in on my mind?  What has stolen my heart since the first day I divulged into my minor?

Yes, you community health.  I knew I would enjoy you the moment I took my first class.  Little did I know, that it was what I wanted to spend my life doing.

Let's not forget that time I won a can of black beans in nutrition. Who doesn't love that?

That is why I have declared my community health major last week.  I have signed up for my courses and have dove in like I raced into cross country and swimming.  I will be graduating in the same amount of time (my original plan had me student teaching Fall 2012 but now I’m be interning Fall 2012).

So what do I want to do exactly? 

I want to help college students and be a wellness counselor on college campuses.  Someone students can talk to about nutrition, about exercise and about their general health and well being.

So there it is-off my chest.  Thank you for listening to my life changing rambles.  I promised you I would be real and realistic.  Although, I probably made this seem like it wasn’t a big deal in my life-I can assure you it is huge.  It is something that has me at wits end.  I’m nervous, I’m freaking out, I don’t where I’ll be, but I know one thing.

I’ll be getting my lolz on but still remain in the math alliance club at school.

Did I mention I rock my math tshirts periodically?


Question for you:
Have you ever made a life changing decision?  Did it go in you r favor (please tell me yes :))

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  1. Ooh! Score first comment of the day!! YAY:) And that is so incredibly awesome that you switched courses and finally figured out what you truly want to do! It’s awesome that you listened to your heart and went after your newer love instead of sticking with the math teacher thanng; you’re a great inspiration for what all chicks (and dudes) should do if they realize their major wasnt the best choice the first time around…you go girl!

  2. good for you! That is really hard to do, especially halfway through school. A lot of people would just ignore their intuition because they don’t want to “start over” but then they are miserable in jobs they don’t enjoy. You’re lucky you figured this out now too. It takes many people a few years to realize it or acknowledge it.

  3. Congrats on the change that is a huge decision! I’m still confused at what I really want to do.
    Last year I decided I wasn’t happy at the school I was at and decided I would transfer. It was a huge scary decision but it end up working out VERY well for me and I’m SO much happier now.

  4. Umm…. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! So proud of you for taking the leap!!!

    … I made a huge life change dropping out of journalism school to study fashion… and will soon be making yet another leap. Scary, but neccisary!

  5. That’s awesome! I’m glad you found what you really want to do and I think that will be a great career! Im always afraid of not knowing what I want to do with my life because everyone expects me to know NOW and im like… But wait im only 16! I’m going to change by the time I graduate college!

    You took a lot of math in high school…. were algebra 1 and geometry only a semester each or something? 6 math classes in 4 years, I would die! All mine are an entire year of tears and pain lol.

  6. OH my gosh!!!!!! That is fantastic!! So happy for you that you have gone with your gut and found what you truly love! PS. That is my major as well- it kicks some major butt :] Wish you the best in your studies!!!!

  7. Hollie I am so proud of you!!! I’m glad you found something you are interested in and want to do.

    I went to college for Criminology — I had dreams of working for a police department or working in the FBI (!!!) and here I am working in Marketing. And I love it! Interests change, but if I had not been interested in Criminology in the first place, I never would have volunteered at the police department and I never would have met Jason — so it all worked out and I’m happy with how things are. Go with your gut!

  8. Congrats on following your heart and doing what you love! I’ve been going back and forth on my career goals but in the end healthcare is always where I’ll be. I love helping people and focusing on how the body works. I think you’ll do great in whatever you choose but I love your choice 😀

  9. Ha. Oh yeah. I was all “I’m going to be a Dentist!”. I felt this way until….*cue dramatic music* ORGANIC CHEMISTRY!!!! Ugh. It was a life changer. Not only did it obliterate my gpa, but also my confidence. I missed some more concrete terms, and became a business management major with some influence on accounting. Let me tell you…best decision ever.

    You know it is bad when you get33% on a test and you laugh…hysterically. Such a crazy time.

  10. Congrats Hollie! That takes a lot of courage to do, but I think everything happens for reason and you were meant to make the switch. I’m so happy for you! It sounds like an awesome career.

  11. I wish I had your genius brain!! I LOVE that you’re following your heart!! And I think that’s an AMAZING career and you will be AWESOME at it!! 😀 And I want one of those shirts, so can you hook me up with one please?! 😉

  12. I think it is so unrealistic to think we can choose our future career at 18 years old!! Most people have many loves, it’s all about choosing the one you want to turn into a job. Congrats on taking a new direction! I think you will be fantastic at it!

  13. First of all, I think its fricken awesome that you did so well in math after your teachers doubted you. and Yes I have…I switched from sociology as an undergrad to Nutrition as a grad student…I was intimidated but knew thats where my passion was and am so happy I made the decision. You will be too!

  14. Yayyy, this is so exciting that you made this change! Community health sounds awesome! I can definitely relate because last year I switched my major from nursing to nutrition. I did clinicals, then decided I really did not want to be a nurse. It was such a big, scary risk, but I am so glad I made the change. I definitely agree with you that college changes you – I feel like a completely different person since I entered college.

  15. It takes a lot of courage and strength to change your career path like that. But if you feel like it’s the right thing for you, then go with your gut! Only you know where you’ll be happiest!

  16. I’m still figuring what I want to do out, but it is great you made a choice that seems like it will be great for you- and helping people!

  17. that’s sooo awesome that you took the plunge to change your major! 🙂 i’m a math education major so i can definitely relate to this post! i have also thought about changing to a health major.. weird!?!? i only have 3 more math classes to become certified though and they’re all easy ones left so i’m just going to bang it out. in th meantime i’m taking extra health/nutrition/science courses on the side so i can maybe double major or get a minor. how easy was it for you to change your major/were you missing many classes!? i’m in the SUNY program too so i was wondering how everything works out! nevertheless, you bettah keep us updated on this little journey of yours! congrats again!

  18. what an awesome/exciting/exhilarating change! (and Im sure alittle scary too!)
    I did change my major. I was premed, but then changed to nursing. I knew that I couldnt be a doctor. I really wanted to be a surgeon! but I can’t do without the patient care and contact. And YES it defiantly went in my favor- Im at my dream job!
    I cant wait to see where this will take you!

  19. Definitely follow your heart! You will be spending a long, long time at work, so as much as possible, choose something that you enjoy. I’ve rarely regreted a big decision in my life, but I’ve had some doozies. 🙂

  20. Amazing hollie! Sooo proud of you for following your heart! Even though it might be a little challenging to switch majors…it will be so worth it in the long run to be doing something you love! Congrats! You will do wonderfully in any career you pursue!

  21. I took art classes all my life and majored in graphic design in college. I only took the minimum number of science classes I needed to graduate.
    Two years after that I decided I wanted to be a nurse! That is completely opposite of a designer! I’ve now been back in school take all the science prereqs I can and applying to nursing programs! It’s funny how life changes!
    Good luck with community health…you’ll be great at that!

  22. Good for you Hollie!! I already knew, but still! We are one the same page with my move to Tampa (Where you WILL come visit me)

  23. That’s a big decision but I’m glad you followed your heart. I can totally see you being a wellness counselor at a college, no joke!

    I myself haven’t made any big decisions like that but I have been there for two big decisions in other people’s lives (transfering schools) and let me tell you that’s enough for me. I hope I don’t have to make any big decisions like that in the near future.

  24. It’s so important to realize your true passions and sometimes change, even if it’s hard or dramatic, is SO necessary! Kudos to you for following you heart and passions, sista. Can’t wait to ride along.

  25. Do what makes you happy & it will never be work.
    In college, I was an economics major. I was always interested in art, and always felt I had a knack for it. I took one art course to break up my schedule, and the next semester, I became an art major. I changed my career path. I knew that a finance/economics degree would lead to more money, but I didn’t want work to feel like work. I wasn’t passionate about it. My family was upset at first. But it was a lifestyle choice. I love my job. I feel like it’s not really work.

  26. That is an awesome leap! I’m not sure how many life changes decisions I’ve made but I hope that I’ll end up liking jobs in the communication field! You’ll be perfect for community health though:)

  27. LOVE THIS. Do what you absolutely love for the rest of your life. That’s what is really important and I’m super excited for you! It’s great when you realize that you know what you want to do for the rest of your life! 🙂

    Love it! 🙂

  28. Hollie, you TOTALLY made the right decision & I’m SO happy for you 😀
    That is awesome! & I think you need to follow what your heart says. There is no point in going thru with the major that you initially picked, just because. You have to do something that you LOVE & will not regret picking!
    You are a rockstar!

  29. woooow i totally missed this yesterday but CONGRATS hollie!! you are going to be a great community health-ist (?)!! you may still be able to work math in there somehow ha…

  30. Congrats on being honest with yourself and being brave enough to make a scary change! I wish I was still in college and could do that. I’m currently struggling with a similar issue, in which I want to be a nutritionist, but my Master’s in English and writing isn’t going to get me there. I admire your decision and am glad you’re pursing your dreams!

    P.S. Don’t forget to change your gravitar description – it still says you’re a math and edu. major! 🙂

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