Half Marathon Recap

I’m spending the entire night catching up on blog reading versus homework.  I did all my homework on Friday night because I’m a lam0 and because I knew there was no way I’d be able to focus on school after my

Half Marathon!

To give you guys a little play-be-play, the race started at 8am.  I was having a nervous breakdown at 6:am.  I got no REM sleep the last two nights because I was so nervous…ha.

Why was I overly nervous?  I’m not too sure because I told myself I was treating it as a long run anyways. 

It was overly chilly today, more so then the previous two weeks.  I believe it was just above freezing and beautiful pouring rain and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour when the run went off this morning.  The weather got a little bit better during the race-either that or I got extremely warm. 

Omgeez! Just what I want to see at 6:00 race day. Beautiful weather.

I am deathly afraid of two things in races: one that I will get hypothermia (once you get it once-you are forever afraid) and two that I become dehydrated and become more crazy.    So that is why I was layered with seriously four layers of things.  I had my leggings, my underarmour long sleeve, my favorite nike jacket, and my burton hat and gloves.

I wanted to clarify from yesterday-the leggings were just for lounging in the car, I do not wear leggings and spandex.  That screams some sort of painful chaffing while running

Baby Newton love<3

Why yes, I wear my spandex that high.

I had to delayer my hat around mile 4 and I was almost afraid I had lost it, but none of my 1000 racing BFFS took it so I was able to drive by and snatch it on the way out.  It was a scary feeling-the Quiznos people would never recognize me without my hat.

I never once felt tired in my race and felt like I had a few more miles in me which is exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to treat this as a long run and be able to really be ready for my half marathon in Rochester May 1st.  My final time was 1:41.57 which put me at 99/1000 people.  Like I said-I’m fully proud of this time and ran probably at 75% max effort-this was all about testing out the water and my heels.

I think the greatest accomplishment for me was not having to use the restroom for two solid hours.  When you drink over 2 gallons of water everyday-that is really a big deal. 

I even got a massage afterwards.  It was seriously amazing.  And once the website puts up my photos, I may be inclined to post some-I mean I know I probably looked pretty attractive and it’s what makes the boys holla- the sweaty, grimey beautiful expressions that I make.

A big thank you to all of you for supporting me.  You are all invited to my house for a pancake party celebration.  If someone brings pam we can make waffles too but apparently because apparently I’m out ha. 


Here are some photos because they are more fun.

Sara runs in Vibrams. I nicknamed hers the pink V's
She was also able to braid and tame my hair.
I was aiming to be the front runner obviously. I don't know why I find it attractive to stick out my pelvis like that ha.
half marathon finishers


Question for you:

Tell me about your weekend.

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  1. Congrats- that’s so awesome. I can’t believe you ran at 75% effort and STILL pulled out that time! The pics you posted are great, too.

    I am so with you on the bathroom thing. My half was local and I don’t think there were ANY portapotties. I was so scared the whole time I’d have to go… and my half time was a good bit longer than yours so we’re talking more time here haha… but yeah so with you that it’s a major accomplishment!


  2. That is awesome! just think what you could with a 100% effort and max training! I ALWAYS french braid my hair for long races it is the best at taming a curly mess

  3. AAAH GIRL YOU ARE SO AMAZING and just too darn pretty! Speedy+good looks?! Can I BE you please!! I LOVE how you were only giving 75% and still managed such an amazing time- you will DEFO acheieve your goal!! 😀

  4. DUDE! That’s amazing! What an incredible race time, too! I don’t think I could ever run a half marathon, I’d be sooo dead haha

  5. nice recap, nice run, nice high spandex!

    This weekend was a very simple and straightforward (ok, boring) half marathon for me as well.

    here’s another erie detail: my race started at 8:00 a.m., AND I was taking it a little easy in preparation for my more important race on May 1st (Eugene Marathon). We are racing twins!

  6. Way to go on the half!! You did awesome! I’d have such a hard time getting out of bed with a sky that looks that gloomy. I’ve never had to run anything but a 5k in the rain (knocking on wood now!).

  7. Congrats on finishing!! Your final time is amazzzing! 🙂 And I can defs relate to having to go to the bathroom.. I feel like I need to go every 10 seconds even though I’ve been drinking a ton of water foreeeverrr. Dang bladders..

  8. Way to go Hollie! You beat all your friends right? lol ; ) The conditions sound just like the 2 races I did.

    Can’t wait to see how you do in 2 weeks! I’ll be cheering from Cali!

    And at first I thought your hat said Burrito…

  9. Wow, that weather is depressing!! Props to you for running through it. I am a definite swimmer (and southerner) through and through…weather like that sends me running (into bed!) lol Good for you!

  10. You look so cute in your gear!! I love those newtons & i also wear my spandex pretty damn high..bahaha. Congrats on the half!! So fun. -jamie

  11. Woohoo! That is an awesome time, and only 75% effort? You’re going to rock it in Rochester!
    I ran my first 5K this weekend & had a great time, so that took up pretty much all of my mental energy this weekend. 😉

  12. Woooo congrats girl!!! No matter how mediocre that seems to you, that is like, REALLY fast. Hahaha aka one day I really hope I can be that fast. I can’t wait to see you bright and early on May 1st!

  13. I love this recap! You are too funny!
    When I started reading this, I thought, “Oh my goodness, did she run the same race as me?!” because my race was freezing cold and quite windy as well…it wasn’t the same race though!
    Great job!!!

  14. Congrats on the run!

    I often did homework on Friday nights as well! It was the only time I had to do it with meets on Saturdays and long runs on Sundays.

  15. awesome job on your run! I am so proud of you~thats an amazing time. Its also great that you didnt have any heel pain.

  16. Congrats on the race, even if you didn’t go all out! At least had fun and looked adorable. I wear my spandex super high too 🙂

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