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I’ve thought about doing a personal life weekly recap.  I have a lot of friends and family that read LOLZ blog, but I barely ever talk about my “real life.”  While this blog is heavily running focused, it isn’t everything I do.

Sometimes I think I’m living a double life: Blogging and the outside world.  I’m not hiding anything from blogging, but I tend to microblog on Instagram or Facebook.

I thought I would start adding more personal life updates as well.

This week was a great week. My sister in law Lindsay graduated with her master’s degree.  I made the quick trip down to the DC area to watch her graduation.  It was a very good time seeing my family, and I definitely miss them.

mastes graduation

Yesterday I got my blood drawn for Inside Tracker.  I was given a discount to talk about my experience. To be honest, I was nervous about the entire thing.  I scheduled the appointment just over two weeks ago, and I wanted it to be over sooner than later.  I’ve never dealt well with needles.  I  can’t relax enough for them to get into the vein.  I also pass out the majority of the time giving blood or getting shots.  Needless to say, needles are a big deal for me. I paid the extra fee to have a certified nurse come to my house and take my blood at 7 am.  Since we had to fast 12 hours beforehand and I wake up hungry in the morning, this was the best option for me.  The Nurse was kind and helpful, and I watched Netflix, which kept my mind off it.  Everything went smoothly, and I was shocked at how easy it was.

I decided to try Inside Tracker for a number of reasons.  Since we are in the military, I don’t have a Primary Care doctor. It would take a lot of hoops for me to get a “routine blood test” after just getting one from my fracture (only with a few minerals such as calcium and Vitamin D) and the results being normal.  The miliary has great insurance, but I have no life-threatening conditions and in fact, I am healthy.  My quality of life is fine and I wanted a blood test “just to know” and to make sure that my nutrients are appropriate for running.  InsideTracker, while expensive, was the best route for me to take.  I have also seen several bloggers and others use and have great success with it.  Plus, Insider Tracker gives out fun bandaids.


Since my fracture still doesn’t have an exact cause I’m hoping my blood work might reveal something.  Either way knowing that information will be good knowledge to have, and I’m looking forward to the results. Once I have the results, I’ll be sure to talk more about it.

Last night for work we also hosted our first “Paint Your Own Race Medal Holder” event.  It was a lot of fun, and we sold out the event.  They have painting parties, so we thought, why not a race medal painting party?

running co paint night

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Question for you:

How was your week?  Have you been busy? Quiet?


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  1. I’ve seen several bloggers talking about Insdie Tracker and I’ve been wanting to try it out, but it is so darn expensive and I’m not really having any specific health “issues” currently that I need remedies for, so I can’t justify it. It looks super interesting and very informative though. Have a great weekend!

  2. Is that the Gaylord Hotel outside of DC? I stayed there for a conference once and it was GORGEOUS. amazing views of the potomac. Inside Tracker sounds so interesting. I think bloodwork is so crazy because it is amazingly telling. super cool that you got that experience.

  3. The paint night idea is awesome! I’ve been curious about inside tracker but like you, I’m afraid of needles. I also almost don’t want to know what my bloodwork will say haha. The way they market it can come across as kind of gimmicky because they’re doing so much blogger outreach, but I do think it’s something everyone can benefit from. Maybe one day I’ll give it a try.

  4. I’m curious to know what you think about Inside Tracker! As a bioengineer, I love biometrics stuff 🙂

    And the paint-your-own race medal holder is such a good idea! I’ve seen them before at expos and on Etsy, but I never found one I liked enough to buy. I use a vintage coat hook thing that I bought at a craft fair to hold all of mine.

  5. I’m really interested in hearing more about Inside Tracker.
    I think it could be beneficial in helping with my fatigue.

  6. I’m not good with needles either! (I always come close to passing out when I have to get blood drawn!) But I need to get it done fairly regularly since I have high cholesterol. That service sounds really interesting!

  7. I too have seen inside tracker, but I just don’t have the money to shell out for blood tests. It would be interesting information to know, though. I can understand why it is hard for you to get a blood test without a PCP and how insurance works especially if you’re healthy. Insurances are crazy about what they pay for…

    Glad you had fun at the graduation and the medal painting party! That seems like a really fun event and fun thing to paint. Now I want to paint one!

  8. So, a nurse comes to your house, takes your blood, sends it off, and then you get results that show you how you should eat, train, etc? Looking forward to hearing more about this.

    1. It doesn’t really tell you how to train but it tells you what you might be deficient in or have too much of which can help training.

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