Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Review

I was excited to try the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor. I’ve tried a few heart rate monitors and have found they chafe or don’t work well. As runners, we know that wrist-based heart rate is not as accurate as it locks onto your cadence. I was excited to explore Fourth Frontier because they are known as one of the best heart rate monitors, and I wanted to see my data.

Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Review

About the Brand Fourth Frontier:

Fourth Frontier is a health tech company that has created products and services for monitoring and improving heart health. As a public health major in college, I feel implored to tell you that Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of mortality. Despite this problem, there aren’t many affordable options to monitor heart health, and Fourth Frontier is committed to changing that. The X2 Heart Rate Monitor is designed to provide honest time feedback on heart health.

About the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor:

First, at $500+, you probably want to know: What makes the Frontier X2 so much better than a regular Heart Rate Monitor? I know this is the first thing I wanted to know. The Frontier X2 is the first intelligent heart rate monitor that allows you to record your ECG while working out. So?

Regular heart rate monitors only transmit heart rate, whereas the Frontier X2 accords, stores, and processes your ECG,  Heart Rate, Strain, Breathing Rate, and even cadence and body shock.

It can also give you real-time feedback, including vibration alerts when you cross certain thresholds for Heart Rate, Breathing Rate, and Strain. Finally, you can livestream your ECG to anyone at any time. While I don’t see myself live streaming heart rate, this is essential for those with heart rate problems or maybe even an athlete with a coach who wants to see their data.

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Optical Sensor Technology: The Fourth Frontier X2 has state-of-the-art optical sensors that deliver accurate and real-time heart rate data. It ensures precise tracking whether you are working out or need to monitor your heart for any reason.
  2. Multi-Sport Compatibility: This heart rate monitor is designed for versatility, making it suitable for various activities. From running and cycling to swimming, the Fourth Frontier X2 adapts seamlessly to your fitness routine.
  3. Water-Resistant Design: With an IP68 water resistance rating, the Fourth Frontier X2 can be worn during swimming sessions, providing continuous heart rate monitoring even in aquatic environments. I was shocked to read it could be used for swimming!
  4. Long Battery Life: The X2 boasts an impressive battery life, allowing for extended use without constant recharging. This feature is essential for endurance athletes.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The monitor features an intuitive interface, making navigating and customizing settings easy. The transparent display lets you quickly access and interpret your heart rate data during workouts.

What makes the fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Different?

  • Continuous ECG up to 24 hours: You can view the ECG in real-time.
  • View ECG Real Time, Live Streaming: You can share with family and friends.
  • Detailed ECG Graphs: The X2 Heart Rate Monitor gives you the unique ability to record up to 24 hours of data through any activity.
  • Route Maps with ECG: Correlate your ECG data with GPS data to gain insights into your ECG response to pace, elevation, intensity, and distance.
  • Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Review
    Heart rate from a very long slow, easy run (17 miles in the desert sand dunes)

Accuracy and Performance:

One of the most asked questions is: How accurate is the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor? We know by now that wrist-based heart rate monitors are not and they often lock onto your cadence.  The X2 Heart Rate is one of the most precise heart rate monitors I’ve ever tried. A huge strength is its ability to maintain accurate readings during intense intervals and workouts where rapid heart rate fluctuations will challenge the accuracy of most heart rate monitors.

Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Review
Results from a 5X1 mile workout I did with 2 minute walk rest in between

Usability and Comfort:

The monitor’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, allowing for unhindered movement during workouts. I was worried that it might chafe, as I’ve had with many other heart rate monitors but there is no chafing with the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor!

Setting up the X2 Heart Rate Monitor is easy. You let it charge and clip it into the strap. Then strap it on, and you are good to go.

I’ve now used the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor for many different workouts and found it’s always accurate. My wrist-based heart rate will usually read 15 beats per minute higher than the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor, so comparing the two has been interesting. I also enjoy using the live ECG to see my heart rate when just sitting or walking. I’ve never been super nerdy about data, but I’ve enjoyed seeing what my heart is doing. Honestly I want to wear it all of the time LOL.

Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor


The elephant in the room is the $549 price tag of the X2 Heart Rate Monitor. Is the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor worth the cost? I think so, especially if you want to monitor your heart or heart rate during workouts. There isn’t anything at this level for monitoring heart rate. They also have sales often.

Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor Conclusion:

The Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor combines cutting-edge technology with exceptional accuracy, making it a valuable tool for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Its versatility across multiple sports, water resistance, and long battery life make it a standout choice in heart rate monitors.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete seeking precise data for performance optimization or a fitness enthusiast looking to monitor your progress, the Fourth Frontier X2 offers a reliable and user-friendly solution.

Who should buy the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor? If you are looking for the best, most accurate, and comfortable heart rate monitor.

Who should not buy the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor? I haven’t found anything that is a definite not buy. The cost is one thing that will hold people back.

You can purchase the Fourth Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor here. Here are all the gear reviews.

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