OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

OneOdio OpenRock Headphones Review

I was excited to try the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones. Every runner knows the power of a good playlist. The proper rhythm can distinguish between giving up at mile 5 or pushing through to mile 10. But what’s a great playlist without a good pair of headphones to deliver it? Enter the OneOdio OpenRock Pro headphones.

I’ve tried many different headphones and even different types of bone-conduction headphones. The struggle most bone conduction headphones have is getting high-quality sounds.

OneOdio OpenRock Headphones Review

About the Brand OneOdio:

OneOdio has been around for over ten years and sold over 10 million pairs of headphones. They have everything from DJ to sports and any other headphones you might need. OpenRock is OneOdio’s Sub-brand that focuses on open-ear style earbuds.

What makes OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones good for runners?

1. Secure Fit

As a runner, one of the most frustrating experiences is constantly adjusting headphones. OneOdio OpenRock Pro headphones are designed with athletes in mind. The secure fit means no more fumbling around mid-stride. They stay put, whether you’re pacing on flat terrain or tackling uphill climbs. I’ve used them in races or easy runs with no issues.

They feature hooks that go right over the ear and cause the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphone to sit in front of your ear, not inside. This means the headphones allow you to ear outside noise like traffic or animals.

2. Sweat Resistance

These headphones are not just comfortable; they’re sweat-resistant. OneOdio seems to understand that a runner’s journey is not always in perfect running weather. If you’ve ever been in Mojave Desert in the summertime, you know how much you’ll sweat.

The OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones are rated IPX5 for water and sweat resistance. This means they’ll handle sweat and minor rain but don’t take them underwater.

OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

3. Sound Quality

One of the biggest struggles of bone conduction headphones is sound quality. They are designed to allow outside noises in to keep you safer, and they aren’t a noise-canceling headphones. As mentioned, the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones sit in front of the ear to allow that extra sound in.

Of any bone-conduction headphones, the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones have the best quality.  You can really hear it in the bass, and they are higher quality.

4. Battery Life: 

There’s nothing worse than your headphones giving up before you do. The OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones can play music or sounds with a fully charged case for 46 hours. I don’t know of any other headphone with that long of a battery life. I usually charge maybe once a month.

5. Ambient Noise Awareness

Safety is paramount, especially for those early morning or late evening runs. OneOdio design offers balanced noise isolation – enough to drown out distractions while letting in vital ambient noises like oncoming traffic. If you are looking for headphones to drown out the sounds of the gym, you may want to look for something that goes into your ears. As mentioned, the headphones sit in front of your ears, not inside of your ears, so you do hear your music well and outside sounds.

OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

My experience with OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones:

The package was simple and easy to understand. I opened it up and began charging the headphones. Immediately, I noticed how heavy the case was. The OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones are heavier than other headphones, but I haven’t had any issues with them feeling “too heavy” while running. After they were charged, they quickly connected to my phone, and I went off for a run.

While running, the OneOdio OpenRock Headphones are noticeable on but they don’t move. They aren’t the headphone that will disappear or be discreet but they are comfortable and don’t fall off my ears, allow outside sounds, and the sound quality is above other brands. I’m a huge fan, and I’ll keep using them.

Cost: $130

They are cheaper than other similar styles. Plus, right now (September 2023), they are $10 off.

OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

In Conclusion: Are the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Worth the Investment for Runners? 

Absolutely. For those serious about their running playlist, sound quality and overall comfort are a game-changer. They offer a reliable, quality experience that every runner – from casual joggers to marathon enthusiasts – can appreciate.

OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones Review

You can purchase the OneOdio OpenRock Pro Headphones here and see all gear reviews here.

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