Precision Hydration Review

Precision Hydration Review

I was excited to try Precision Hydration. I’ve seen them growing on social media and decided to pick some up to try myself. They have all sorts of products, from gels to electrolytes. Basically, they make anything you need to work out!

Precision Hydration Review

About the brand Precision Fuel & Hydration:

Precision Fuel & Hydration was launched in 2011 after years of working to develop a simple and effective way for athletes to manage their individual hydration needs. The founder, Andy Blow, graduated with a sport and exercise science degree and regularly placed in elite short-course triathlon racing.

His problem was he had poor results when racing longer IRONMAN distances and suffered severely from cramping and other hydration-related issues, including hyponatremia. This happened even after following the accepted hydration available. So Precision Fuel & Hydration was formed out of necessity.

Products I Tried:

Precision Hydration recommends dissolving each packet into 16 oz of water for the best results. What is the difference between each of the Precision Hydration PH products? The higher the number, the more electrolytes it has. Typically, athletes need more electrolytes in the hotter or more humid conditions. I always love simple products like that; it makes it much easier to figure without too much guessing. The products’ names feel trivial, but it’s nice when they make it easier to figure out.

Precision Hydration Review

PH 500

The Precision Hydration PH 500 is a lower-calorie electrolyte supplement for athletes who don’t sweat as much or aren’t working out in as inclement of weather. It contains 500mg of sodium, 260mg of potassium, 40mg of calcium, and 20mg of magnesium per 32 oz. It is usually used before or after exercise and for recovery.

PH 1000

Precision Hydration PH 1000 is a low-calorie electrolyte supplement for athletes with moderate to high sweat loss (i.e., running in hot and humid conditions).  It contains 1,000mg of sodium, 260mg of potassium, 40mg of calcium, and 20mg of magnesium per 32oz and is usually used before and after intense exercise.  The website says to dissolve one packet in 16 oz of water for best results.

Precision Hydration Review

PH 1500

The Precision Hydration PH 1500 is a high-strength electrolyte supplement for heavy sweaters or working out in inclement weather. (Inclement meaning hot). It can mean hot and humid or just very hot weather. Or even working out for long periods in the heat. It contains 1,500mg of sodium, 260mg of potassium, 40mg of calcium, and 20mg of magnesium per 32oz.

Precision Hydration Review

What makes Precision Hydration Different?

The Precision Hydration PH products have different strengths to match how much you sweat!

  • Informed-Sport certified
  • Mixes up to deliver a 3% carbohydrate solution
  • Vegan
  • All-natural (no artificial ingredients)
  • Convenient, waterproof single-serving packets
  • The hypotonic formula enhances the absorption of water during exercise

My Experience with Precision Hydration:

I was excited to try each. Living in the Mojave Desert in the summer, I think I qualify as an “inclement and challenging summer weather condition.” I am always looking for products that have more electrolytes. Sometimes, I need to take 5X the electrolytes of the lower-calorie products.

Each of the Precision Hydration PH products mixes well in water. I didn’t have to worry about it not dissolving. I followed the directions for mixing with 16 oz. They are all reasonably sweet but not overpowering, and I had no stomach aches after each. I first tried the PH 500 and felt better than having no electrolytes. I’ve found the PH 500 to be excellent to drink during the day, but I prefer the PH 1000 or PH 1500 for runs and challenging workouts. I generally use the PH 1500 for more complex or longer runs and keep the PH 1000 for daily runs or easy days. On the hotter days of the year or on days with longer workouts, I found the PH 1500 to be the best options. On “regular” summer days and easy runs I could get away with the PH 1000. I’ll likely use the PH 1000 for the colder months.


  • Eight packets $12.99
  • 40 packets $58.49
  • 80 packets $103.99

Like any brand, the more you buy, the less it is. It’s about the exact cost, if not slightly cheaper than other brands.

Precision Hydration Conclusion:

In all, I’m a fan of each of the Precision Hydration PH products. They all have different benefits depending on what you want or need in a workout. The Precision Hydration PH 1500 is one of the better options for working out in inclement weather.

Who should buy the Precision Hydration PH products? If you are working out in inclement weather or need more than usual electrolyte products. It’s surprising it’s not as expensive as many other brands.

Who should not buy the Precision Hydration PH products? It was hard for me to find a reason *not* to buy the Precision Hydration PH products other than they are more expensive than the average brand.

You can purchase Precision Hydration PH products here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you: 

What are your favorite electrolyte products?

Are you a heavy sweater?