Christmas in July 5k (21:00)

Christmas in July 5k (21:00)

I haven’t ever raced in Fresno, so the Christmas in July 5k sounded fun. Admittedly, I didn’t think the weather could be *worse* than the Mojave Desert, but I guess I didn’t know what the weather was like in Fresno in July.

Christmas in July 5k (21:00)

Before the Christmas in July 5k:

We arrived in Fresno the night before. For the most part, the drive was uneventful, and we arrived around 7 pm. At the hotel, I fell asleep within seconds of sitting on my bed. It was a long week, and I knew I was sleep-deprived. I had hoped I would catch up on sleep, but I didn’t. I don’t run *well* on minimal sleep, and I knew waking up, I didn’t feel the greatest. The Christmas in July 5k started at 7 am, which was welcomed due to the heat.

We arrived at the start around 6, got our packets, and did a quick 2-mile warmup. After a mile, I was completely drenched. It was around 80 degrees and humid.

Christmas in July 5k Race:

The Christmas in July 5k went off at 7:05. It was an easy out-and-back course. The course was completely flat, minus a tiny hill around the halfway point. The road was wide, and it was easy to pass people. You couldn’t find a faster course without a straight one-way race.

When the Christmas in July 5k started, people were cruising by me. I thought surely I was going at least 7 minute pace. Running felt hard, and I did not feel great. I wasn’t surprised, and everything from the week prior had caught up to me. I was shocked when I hit the first mile of the Christmas in July 5k in 6:34. It felt like I was working extremely hard. I knew I was not going to be able to maintain that pace.

The second mile went out to halfway, then turned around. I had a pretty good turn and headed back towards the start. I found myself as the third woman overall. A person was listening to loud music with no headphones, which annoyed me, so I kept trying to pick up the pace. I ran a 6:50 second mile. I didn’t feel as though I could hold that pace.

The last mile, I was concerned with getting away from the music. Truthfully I was cranky because it was so hot and the music was annoying. Everything seems dramatic in the heat (or at the end of a 5k?). So I just sprinted as hard as I could. I ran mile 3 of the Christmas in July 5k in 6:54, and I think the only reason I kept it under a 7-minute pace was trying to escape the person with their music.

I crossed the Christmas in July 5k in 21:00 precisely and as 3rd woman overall.

Christmas in July 5k (21:00)

Christmas in July 5k Thoughts:

While 21 minutes is not the time I hoped for, I am happy with my effort. I knew I didn’t feel great, and the last time I didn’t feel great was at the Orenda Winery 5k (21:27). I ran 27 seconds faster! I know I’m *making* progress in my fast-girl summer, but it doesn’t seem *fast enough*. I’ve also had a lot going on at work the last month, and I cannot say my sleep or recovery has been great.

I’m looking forward to running the next Twilight 5k and hopefully being closer to 20 minutes there!

Christmas in July 5k (21:00) Brittany and i

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Questions for you:

Have you run a Christmas in July 5k race?

What is the hottest race you’ve done?

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