CookUnity Review

CookUnity Review

CookUnity is a chef-inspired meal delivery service. As my spouse is away, I’ve been looking for easier and more manageable ways to cook and enjoy meals. I don’t love going to the grocery store and by trying different meal delivery services, I’ve saved not only money but time too. How have I saved money? Meal delivery services might be slightly more expensive but without the endless browsing at the grocery store, I end up saving money because I’m not purchasing things I relly don’t need.

Each week meals are prepared fresh using sustainable resources. It’s no secret I’ve been enjoying meal delivery services and tried:

CookUnity Review

About the brand:

Founded in 2014, CookUnity is a celebrity chef collective that ships prepared meals straight to your door. They want you to experience the creation of talented chefs in your own home.

Choosing CookUnity Meals:

CookUnity delivers to 47 different states. It was surprising they delivered to the middle of the Mojave Desert. First, you put in your zip code, then choose your meals. You can choose between 4-16 meals a week. Like other meal delivery services, the more meals you choose, the cheaper it is. The price per meal ranges from $13.49-$10.49, depending on how many you choose. They also have A LOT of upgrades and premium meals that you can upgrade to. After choosing your meals, you can choose sides or more and then select your delivery date.

When choosing CookUnity meals, you will take a short questionnaire about your goals. Options include muscle gain, lighter meals, or just eating delicious food. You can also choose preferred protein sources; they have many vegetarian and vegan options.

Meals are from a chef-driven menu. They are unique, and there are options such as Bermuda and tofu. Of any meal delivery service, CookUnity has the most diverse menu. The two downsides are there is no customization of meals (if you like the sides and want a different protein), and you can’t view the CookUnity menu before.

CookUnity also has the most options for memorable meals and flavors of any meal delivery service. You can choose vegan, vegetarian, Asian cuisine, Mediterranean, dairy-free, and so on. I had a little bit of fatigue deciding which meals I wanted. Another plus of CookUnity is that their meals range in calories from 360 to 1200+. Many delivery services only offer a 400-600 calorie meal, which is fine, but I may want and enjoy something more as a runner. So I was excited to see some more hardy meals.

CookUnity Review

Delivery of CookUnity:

I noticed there wasn’t a lot of packing material to keep the food fresh. They came in a box with insulation and ice, but it wasn’t much compared to other meal delivery services. They all came new, and I had no issues with anything that had gone “bad,” but they weren’t as cold as I’m used to. I wonder if this will be a problem in August in the Mojave Desert, but I am only speculating.

Sustainability is essential to me; everything from CookUnity is recyclable, including the meal treys.


The CookUnity is easily reheated in the microwave or the “chef’s way” (IE, the oven). The microwave is self-explanatory. The chefs can take up to 30 minutes, including the stove or a steamer. I wonder how many cook CookUnity meals using the “chef’s way.” I’ve cooked them all through the microwave, and they tasted great.

CookUnity Food I Tried:

Mediterranean Chicken Thighs:

This caught my eye immediately. With the kale, feta, chicken, artichokes, and tomatoes, I knew it would be a meal I would like. And it is. It quickly became one of my favorite meals, and I’ve ordered it twice since.

CookUnity Review


I was worried that the gyro would be soggy when I went to cook it, but it tasted great, and I have no complaints. It was flavorful.

CookUnity Review

Chiplote Pork Chop:

I wasn’t excited that the chip lote pork chop came with sweet potatoes (not my favorite), but I was a huge fan when I tried it. The pork chop was still juicy (this is a problem I’ve found with some meal delivery services, the red meat or pork becomes overcooked). The sauce tasted so good, and I have no complaints.

I think Cook Unity is my favorite meal delivery service right now. There are many options, and everything I’ve tried has plenty of flavors and tastes good. They have plenty of exotic foods versus the same “chicken and rice” many brands have.

CookUnity Review


You can choose between 4-16 meals per week. For four meals the price is $13.59 and 16 is $11.09. It’s fairly similar to other meal delivery services, although the quality is a little bit higher.

CookUnity Conclusion:

Who should buy CookUnity? If you live in the meal delivery area and want good meals.

Who should not buy CookUnity? If you need meals in bulk, don’t live in a delivery area, or are looking for more comfort food. If you want more comfort food delivery service, try Metabolic Meals. If you are looking for meals that you prepare yourself, consider Home Chef

CookUnity is not like preparing your food, but it is one of the best meal delivery services I’ve tried. I appreciate I haven’t had any issues with soggy or wet meals. It stands out with its endless meal options and unique and tasty meals.

You can see more reviews here and try CookUnity for yourself here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried CookUnity?

What is your favorite meal delivery service?