Bob and Brad Leg Massager with Heat and Compression Review

Bob and Brad Leg Massager with Heat and Compression Review

I was excited to try the Bob and Brad Leg Massager; at just $110, this device is much cheaper than competitors. Recovery items are only trending upward in the fitness space, and hundreds of new products are coming out every year. It can be hard to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Or what is a waste of money? Some recovery boots cost over $2000. Some are less, but then you wonder: will they last? Are they good?

I was excited to try the Bob and Brad Leg Massager because I’ve seen their YouTube and enjoyed their content. (And it is SO HARD to get me to pay attention to YouTube videos).

Bob and Brad Leg Massager with Heat and Compression Review

About Bob and Brad:

It feels weird to say about the brand Bob and Brad because it’s just two people with the names (you guessed it) Bob and Brad. Just over ten years ago, two physical therapists decided to create the best collection of “get-fit, stay-healthy, and pain-free information” anyone could find. Now they have over 4 million youtube subscribers and a whole line of products.

About the Bob and Brad Leg Massager:

  • Developed by Famous Physical Therapists: If you wondered who “Bob and Brad” are, they are physical therapists! The Bob and Brad Leg Massager uses the latest air compression massage technology. This leg massager for circulation releases muscle tension, pain, and soreness and promotes blood flow. Unlike many massage boots, it does not vibrate or has interior rollers.
  • Heat Therapy Upgrade: The Leg Massager provides warmth for your feet and calves. This is great for restless leg syndrome relief and varicose veins treatment for legs. There are two heating modes available: low and high. The heating is optional and has an automatic shut-off switch for safety.
  • 4 Modes with 4 Intensities: The Bob and Brad Leg Massager simulate hand compressing and squeezing of a professional massage. You can massage feet, calves, and thighs or entire legs together. Separately or the whole legs together.
  • Adjustable Wraps: The compression boots have double-row velcro straps ranging from 19 inches for calves to 27 inches for thighs. The Leg Massager also has improved airbags with uniform pressure. The integrated air tubes are more rigid. This prevents air blockage due to bending. The goal for Bob and Brad Leg Massager is to provide a reliable device to help you recover quickly.

My Experience with the Bob and Brad Leg Massager:

I was excited to try the Leg Massager. A few things make it different, including being cheap and small. Unlike Normatec or Hyperice Boots, the Bob and Brad don’t go up your leg. They do have quad compression but it is not as intense as many other brands. This makes it much easier to travel with or store. Or use it wherever you want.

The Bob and Brad Leg Massager came in a neat box that was easy to unpackage and use within seconds of opening. I always like something easy to use! Using the device is easy. I put it on my calves, and I was good to go. I went through almost all the settings with and without heat to see how I liked each.

I prefer the most intense setting (LOL, don’t we always say that?), and my legs did feel slightly better after using it. Important to note the Bob and Brad Leg Massager isn’t going to fix injuries. It’s not a miracle worker, but you will feel better after using it, like all the other things you can do.

When using the heat setting, it didn’t get as hot as I was expecting. As someone who loves warmth, I expected it to be very warm. But it wasn’t, it’s more of a subtle addition. It does feel good, but I do wish it got warmer.

As far as the quad and upper though compression, the wraps feel good but you aren’t getting the same pump as brands that feature full boots up the leg. Is that alone worth the extra $500 for bigger and bulkier compression? I don’t think so. It might be nice the few days after a marathon, but I don’t think it’s necessary.

How does Bob and Brad Leg Massager compare to the bigger names? Honestly, it works just as well. While it doesn’t have the entire upper thigh, I haven’t noticed a difference in the compression for the calves. I’ve used it most days since the Los Angeles Marathon and I’ve found that it’s super easy and I do feel better afterward.

Bob and Brad Leg Massager with Heat and Compression Review

Cost: $

The Bob and Brad Leg Massager is just $110. Compared to similar products, it’s a steal. Many competitors cost $500-1000; so for one at $110 you can’t find a better deal.

The only “drawback” is that it is not as strong as other compression for the thighs. So if you are looking for a massager that does those, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Plus, on Amazon right now, they have $20 off.

So does the Bob and Brad Leg Massager work?

Yes, you will feel better when using it. It won’t fix significant issues or injuries, but it’s a great option if you’re looking for a way to recover faster. I usually use mine in the morning before work and have been very happy.

Who should buy the Bob and Brad Leg Massager? Anyone who is on their feet often just wants a recovery device so help promote blood flow to their legs.

Who should not buy the Bob and Brad Leg Massager? If you have a serious injury. It will not replace a doctor, physical therapist, or more intensive care. It does not work miracles but will help you recover from day to day life better.

You can purchase the Bob and Brad Leg Massager here and see all gear reviews here.

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