Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

I was intrigued about the Go Guarded Hand Held. What is it? This handheld device is designed to be portable a portable safety device while running. It provides pepper spray, an alarm, and a Go Guarded Knife. It’s been a hard few years of seeing what feels like case after case attacks on people while on the run.

It’s made me even more cautious to go out and make sure I’m being safe.

Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

From the Go Guarded Website: 

What is a Self-Defense Ring, and Why Would You Need One?

A self-defense ring is a tool worn on the finger that can make your strikes more effective at warding off an assailant. The purpose of any self-defense tool is to offer increased protection and peace of mind, and a ring is one option that offers unique benefits compared to other alternatives.

About the Brand Go Guarded:

Go Guarded was founded by Jodi Fisher. A few years ago, she was running solo in a park and took a wrong turn. She ended up in an unfamiliar and secluded part of the park. She felt uncomfortable and picked up the pace to find a more populated area. That was when her concern for her safety while running stuck. She hunted for safety products for runners but couldn’t find any that made sense. That was when the Go Guarded Ring Knife was born. Later more products were born such as the Go Guarded Hand Held.

About the Go Guarded Hand Held:

We know by now that attacks can happen anywhere. It doesn’t matter what the person is wearing, where they are going, or what they are doing. It doesn’t matter the time of day either.

The Go Guarded Hand Held contains a knife, pepper spray, and a personal alarm. It’s held so that it’s easy to use while on the go. You can carry it seamlessly while running. It does appear you’re “holding something,” but unless you are familiar with the Go Guarded Hand Held, it’s hard to tell what the product is.

Go Guarded Hand-Held Review
Personal alarm button

So what does the Go Guarded Hand Held Contain? 

  • Knife: The knife is made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon. This makes it lightweight, convenient, and comfortable. There is also a cover, so you aren’t running with an exposed blade (making it safer for you too).
  • Defense Pepper Spray: 1/2 oz. Streetwise 18 Pepper Spray Canister. (important to note they cannot ship to New York or Massachusetts). The pepper spray has a CHR of over 180,000 SHU (a lot). It also has a safe locking mechanism, so you don’t accidentally deploy it.
  • Alarm: 130-decibel personal alarm with LED light. You pull the pin to activate the alarm and push it back to silence. You must remove the small plastic tab on the side of the notice for it to function.
  • Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

My Experience with the Go Guarded Hand Held:

The Go Guarded Hand Held is one of those things you hope you never have to use. No one goes out for a run hoping they’ll be attacked, but that is just in case. I live in a reasonably remote area, and safety is a primary concern of mine, but it is more for desert wildlife. I’ve lived everywhere and done city running, suburb running, desert running, and forest running…and one thing is the same: safety is always the most important.

I was looking for two important vital attributes with the Go Guarded:

  • Was it easy to use? If I can’t use it efficiently, what is the point?
  • What is comfortable and feasible to wear on the run?

To my surprise, the Go Guarded met both. 

Learning to Use the Go Guarded Hand Held: I’m not a professional, and I simply read the directions and followed them. It was easy to activate the alarm, and learn to use the pepper spray without spraying myself, and the knife is fairly straightforward. What I like is the safety pieces around the knife so you don’t accidentally stab yourself while out.

Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

Running with the Go Guarded Hand Held: I was surprised that it is straightforward to hold, and you don’t have to worry about it “being a burden.” It has an easy-to-use hand strap that you can adjust to fit your needs. I don’t feel like it’s heavy and don’t accidentally worry about deploying the pepper spray or hitting someone with the knife.

The Go Guarded Hand Held LED light and alarm are easy to use. The warning is loud, and you won’t have an issue with people noticing. I was shocked by how loud it was. The bright LED light is another feature that brings attention to the situation.

In all, it’s an easy-to-use device that will only enhance your safety. The most important thing to consider is that these products are only as good as when you run with them. You can own a dozen “safety products,” but if you don’t take them on the run with you 100% of the time, the one time you’ll need it, you won’t have it. So yes, the Go Guarded line of products works, but that’s only if you bring them with you and take the time to learn all the features and how to use them.

Go Guarded Hand-Held Review

Go Guarded Hand Held Cost: $26

For the Go Guarded Hand Held that comes with the LED light, pepper spray, alarm, and knife, it’s $26. They have cheaper options with just the blade, knife, and pepper spray. I do think the alarm and pepper spray are worth it.

Go Guarded Hand Held Conclusion:

I’m a fan of the Go Guarded Hand Held and Go Guarded brands. While yes, it’s one of those things we hope we never need, it’s a good thing to have just in case. Of course, it’s only as good as if you run with it.

You can purchase the Go Guarded Hand Held and see all gear reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried the Go Guarded Hand Held?

How do you keep yourself safe on the run?




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