Powerbar Hydro Review

Powerbar Hydro Review

I was super curious about the Powerbar Hydro. Until recently, the only brand to use hydrogel technology was Maurten, and it felt like other brands were catching up. Is hydrogel the best and the end all? No, of course not but it does taste, feel, and perform differently than traditional gels.

Powerbar Hydro Review

About PowerBar:

Most people have heard of PowerBar. I’ve been a huge fan of their snack bars for who knows how long. I remember eating them in middle school before swim meets. PowerBar has been around for about 30 years and uses the highest quality ingredients.

The first PowerBar weighed 65 grams and was 12 cm tall. Since then, the ingredients have been adapted with more flavors. PowerBar now has several different flavors and options for all types of athletes!

About the Powerbar Hydro:

Like most gels, the PowerBar hydrogel is a sugar, but it doesn’t require you to drink water while consuming. Most people can always use more water, but the gel supposedly won’t give you cramps if you don’t consume it. The hydrogel is water-based, which makes it easier to consume. The hydrogel is “thicker” than traditional gels but it’s because it has more water volume.

What is the C2Max Additive?

When I first read that, I had no idea what it meant. The C2Max Additive contains both glucose and fructose. Most gels contain a 2:1 ratio of glucose and fructose.

Powerbar Hydro Review

My Experience with PowerBar Hydro:

I always get nervous to try any gel without any water. I know brands say “you can,” but my stomach does not always agree with that. If you want to skip the rest of the review, you can actually take the Powerbar Hydro Gels without any water.

Flavors of PowerBar Hydro I tried:

  • Mojito: I was excited for a Mojito flavor because very few gels have that flavor. It tastes similar to a Mojito but wasn’t too strong or weird. It is now one of my more favorite gel flavors.
  • Orange: I’ve tried a lot of orange-flavored energy gels lately, and this was one of my more favorite flavors.

I decided to first consume the PowerBar Hydro on a hike with water. I am a baby to just dive into doing a hard workout and consuming a gel without water. The hydrogel was slightly thicker than other gels, but it tasted fine. It did exactly what it claimed, and I had plenty of energy. Next, I tried the PowerBar Hydro during a longer and more challenging run. I did drink a little bit of water and tested it on the go. It held up in my stomach fine, and I felt a lot more energy. It quickly becomes one of my favorite gels. I’ve since tested it without water, and you can drink it without fear of stomach issues. I always prefer water because I always feel like I need it.

Powerbar Hydro Review
Larger than the average pouch

Cost: $51.49 for 24

It’s one of the cheaper options at just over $2 per pouch. The leading competitor, Maurten, is $3-$4 per pouch! So yes, it’s much cheaper.

PowerBar Hydro Conclusion:

I am a big fan of the PowerBar Hydro, and I’ll continue to use it. I didn’t think there would ever be another gel competing with Maurten, but the Hydro does a great job, and it’s nearly half the price. Plus, there are good flavors which are always fun too.

You can purchase the PowerBar Hydro here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried the PowerBar Hydro?

What is your favorite energy gel?