Enervit Energy Gels

Enervit Energy Gels

I must confess, it took me a long time of reading the label of Enervit Energy Gels to figure out how to spell them. Who knew it could be so complicated. I thought there was a “y” in it! Anyway, that is beside the point.

Enervit Energy Gels

About Enervit:

Typically brands don’t include much information about how Enervit founded them had a ton! Yay. I always enjoy reading history. In 1954, Maurizia, Giuseppe (“Pino”), and Alberto Also established Laboratories in Milan, specializing in physiotherapy products imported from Germany.

In 1976, Enervit was created, which combined the words Energia and vita, meaning “energy” and “life.” Since then, Enervit has worked with countless athletes across several different sports, including cycling, running, and more. They recently signed a 3-year deal with Pro Cycling Team UAE Team Emirates.

About the Enervit Energy Gels:

The Enervit Energy Gels are a carbohydrate-based product for endurance athletes. They contain both thiamine which contributes to providing energy during physical activity.

The pouch is more significant than other brands, so it can be heavy and bulky to carry on a run. I can see why cyclists are fans. The Enervit Energy Gels contain more liquid than many other brands, which I imagine contributes to their bulk.

Enervit Energy Gels

My Experience with Enervit Energy Gels:

I was wondering how I would do carrying a big bulky gel. While more used for cycling, I can see why many runners like them. Each energy gel contains 25 mg of caffeine, which can be a lot. I haven’t been consuming as much caffeine lately, so I was curious about how it would affect me. I haven’t been avoiding caffeine, just not consuming it as much.

Flavors of Enervit Energy Gels I tried: 

  • Citrus (with caffeine): I wasn’t expecting how sweet the citrus was. Most citrus flavors are pretty tart, but the Enervit was easy to consume and sweet. Not in an overpowering lovely way, just much sweeter than the typical citrus flavor.
  • Tangerine: The tangerine was equally sweet but, truthfully, my favorite of the two flavors I tried. It’s easy to consume, and you don’t feel like it’s overpowering.

First, I decided to use it before a run and see how it sat in my stomach. I consumed it 15 minutes before a long run and had water. It tasted fine, and I didn’t have any weird stomach issues. Another time, I used it during a long trail run and once again felt fine. I have used them a few times (mostly on trails because they won’t fit in my pocket), and they sit in my stomach well. I haven’t had any issues, and they work to the extent they claim. My concern is if I ever wanted to do a road workout and carry them, just how heavy and bulky there are. They would be fine in a situation I looped back around my house but not sure I want to carry them around without a pack.

Enervit Energy Gels

Cost: $2.90

Enervit falls in the median range of cost for energy gels.

Enervit Energy Gels Conclusion:

I do like the Enervit Energy Gels, and I do think they do what they say without being overpowering. My only issue is carrying them during a long run or race because they won’t fit into every shorts pocket you have. I like the flavor, and I’ll continue to use them for trail runs that I have a pack or maybe even hikes. I would say in, but my work commutes don’t need an energy gel.

You can purchase Enervit Energy Gels here and see all gear reviews here.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Enervit Energy Gels?

What is your favorite energy gel?