Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De)

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De)

I was excited to try Goobers Diner in Wilmington, De. It must be fairly new because I’ve been to Wilmington dozens of times when we lived in New Jersey and never heard of it. After some research, I discovered it opened somewhere between 2019-2020. A new diner within 45 minutes of my old house is rare!

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De)

Goobers Diner Atmosphere: A

If you are looking for a retro and fun diner, Goobers Diner is it. The outside is a big, metallic, retro-looking diner. It’s unique in the fact that it has two floors that customers can sit at. I honestly can’t remember if I’ve been to another diner with two floors. Inside is as retro as it comes with shiny red booths, the standard diner-style tables, a full-length bar, and a few tables too. There is also an outdoor seating area where you can sit by old-school cars. How fun. One thing to keep in mind about the outdoor seating is that they have transformed several parking spaces into seating, so there isn’t a lot of parking at Goobers Diner.

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De)

Coffee: X

I didn’t get any coffee this time around.

Goobers Diner Food: A

Goobers Diner is open Sunday-Tuesday from 9-3 and Wednesday-Saturday from 7-9. Interesting they aren’t open earlier on Sunday. Anyway, we arrived on a Wednesday for dinner. They serve breakfast all day and have several fun and unique lunch and dinner options.

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De) flatbread

A few things that caught my eye on the Goobers Diner menu:

  • Chicken and Waffles
  • Shrimp and Grits
  • Mushroom and cheese omelet with Kennet Square Mushrooms.
  • Old bay crab benedict
  • BLT double-decker club
  • apple and endive salad

You can see the full Goobers Diner menu here.

Ultimately we decided to get the buffalo chicken flatbread to start, and I got the chicken and waffles as my entree.

The buffalo chicken flatbread was good. There was plenty of cheese as well as buffalo chicken. It had a kick but wasn’t overwhelming, and you didn’t feel like it was ever “too much.” I was a big fan.

The chicken and waffles were one of the better chicken and waffles I’ve had recently. It wasn’t overpowering; the chicken was perfectly breaded, while the waffles weren’t soggy. The amount of soggy waffles I’ve had recently (like LOL, the waffle kitchen) have been gross. Anyway, my chicken and waffles at Goobers Diner was great. My entire meal was great, and I was extremely pleased with my choice.

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De) chicken and waffles

Goobers Diner Desert: A

I decided to order the confetti cake to go. It called my name when I saw it while walking in. The bright pink mousse and the fun confetti sprinkles told me to get it. I was happy with my selection when I brought it to our hotel. The cake tasted good, and the frosting and mousse were perfect. I could have used more frosting, but I can always use more frosting.

Goobers Diner (Wilmington, De) cake

Goobers Diner Service:

Our waitress was extremely friendly, and our food came out fast. We were in and out of Goobers Diner within 30 minutes. It was one of the fastest meals we’ve had. In all, it was perfect.

Cost: $

The flatbread, chicken and waffles, and confetti cake cost $30. It was a lot of food, and I think of the Jax Diner in Napa, where the chicken and waffles were $30.

Overall thoughts/Would I Come Back to Goobers Diner?

I enjoyed my experience at Goobers Diner, and I would definitely return. I wish they existed when we lived in New Jersey, and it’s a great option if you find yourself in Wilmington.

Atmosphere: A

Coffee: X

Food: A

Dessert: A

Service: A

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you ever been to Goobers Diner?

Do you enjoy chicken and waffles?